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  • Fusionists Pick Inselbuch to Run in Brooklyn

    Samson Inselbuch, Brooklyn attorney, has been nominated on both the Republican and Fusion tickets, for Assemblyman of the 6th District, Brooklyn, which includes a large part of Williamsburg. Mr. Inselbuch is the son of the well-known rabbi and Mizrachi leader, Rabbi Eli Inselbuch, who is prominent in Zionist and Orthodox activities in America. More ▸

  • Jewish Education Week is Planned to Foster the Observance of Sabbath

    Intended to give emphasis to more widespread observance of the Jewish Sabbath, Jewish Education Week will be shortly sponsored through the country by the Jewish Education Association of New York. Plans were laid for the celebration at a recent meeting of the Executive Committee of the Association. Members also arranged to hold an annual Chanukah… More ▸

  • German-jewish Immigrants Form Building Labor Group

    Seven German-Jewish immigrants have organized a building laborers’ group and are receiving training from two specialists in the craft by the Jerusalem Workers’ Council. The group will start on construction operations at Beth Hakerem, western Jewish suburb in the near future. More ▸

  • Imagine Herr Schmidt in the White House!

    This is the fifth, and last, of a series of articles, based on an investigation of Nazi Germany, conducted for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. In Germany any good Nazi will say, “Ah, you Americans! You had better hold your tongues about Nazi Germany. Some day you will have the same thing over there. Wait and… More ▸

  • Gov. Lehman Joins Committee Planning Dinner for Dr. Eddy

    With Governor Lehman as a member and the Rev. Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick, pastor of the Riverside Church; Judge Irving Lehman, of the Court of Appeals, and Dr. Mary E. Woolley, president of Mount Holyoke College as honorary chairmen, the committee arranging a testimonial dinner in honor of Sherwood Eddy to be held Tuesday evening,… More ▸

  • Nazis, Communists in Chile Condemned

    A resolution condemning the activities of both Nazis and Communists in Chile was adopted by the Chile parliament. The resolution, which was adopted with only two of 58 votes dissenting, reads as follows: “The Chamber of Deputies condemns the activities of the Nazis and the Communists who endeavor by revolutionary measures to change the political… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Rabbi Abraham L. Lassen of B’nai Zion Congregation, was elected president of the Chicago Rabbinical Association at the first meeting of the year, held at the Covenant Club. He succeeds Rabbi S. Felix Mendelsohn. More ▸

  • Gov. Lehman Joins Dr. Eddy Committee

    against the German persecution of Jews. Honorary vice-chairmen of the committee include Dr. Emanuel Libman, James Marshall, Hon. Joseph M. Proskauer, Dr. Nathan Ratnoff, James N. Rosenberg, Paul Block. Morris Rothenberg and Roger W. Straus. Frank L. Weil is chairman of the committee. Among those who have recently joined the committee are Professor Israel Davidson,… More ▸

  • Hitler Turns G. K. C., Once Anti-semitic, into Friend of Jew

    An admitted turnabout in his sentiment toward Jews, a sentiment hitherto described as anti-Semitic, was expressed by Gilbert K. Chesterton, versatile man of letters and philosopher, in an interview with The London Chronicle of Sept. 22. “I am quite ready to believe,” said Mr. Chesterton, “that Belloc and myself will die defending the last Jew… More ▸