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  • Gov. Lehman Joins Committee Planning Dinner for Dr. Eddy

    With Governor Lehman as a member and the Rev. Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick, pastor of the Riverside Church; Judge Irving Lehman, of the Court of Appeals, and Dr. Mary E. Woolley, president of Mount Holyoke College as honorary chairmen, the committee arranging a testimonial dinner in honor of Sherwood Eddy to be held Tuesday evening,… More ▸

  • Nazis, Communists in Chile Condemned

    A resolution condemning the activities of both Nazis and Communists in Chile was adopted by the Chile parliament. The resolution, which was adopted with only two of 58 votes dissenting, reads as follows: “The Chamber of Deputies condemns the activities of the Nazis and the Communists who endeavor by revolutionary measures to change the political… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Rabbi Abraham L. Lassen of B’nai Zion Congregation, was elected president of the Chicago Rabbinical Association at the first meeting of the year, held at the Covenant Club. He succeeds Rabbi S. Felix Mendelsohn. More ▸

  • Gov. Lehman Joins Dr. Eddy Committee

    against the German persecution of Jews. Honorary vice-chairmen of the committee include Dr. Emanuel Libman, James Marshall, Hon. Joseph M. Proskauer, Dr. Nathan Ratnoff, James N. Rosenberg, Paul Block. Morris Rothenberg and Roger W. Straus. Frank L. Weil is chairman of the committee. Among those who have recently joined the committee are Professor Israel Davidson,… More ▸

  • Hitler Turns G. K. C., Once Anti-semitic, into Friend of Jew

    An admitted turnabout in his sentiment toward Jews, a sentiment hitherto described as anti-Semitic, was expressed by Gilbert K. Chesterton, versatile man of letters and philosopher, in an interview with The London Chronicle of Sept. 22. “I am quite ready to believe,” said Mr. Chesterton, “that Belloc and myself will die defending the last Jew… More ▸

  • Mere Fact of Being Jew, Court Affirms, Justifies Dismissal

    A verdict of the Berlin Labor Court here recently indicates that Jewishness, the bare and simple fact that a man is a Jew, is sufficient to deprive him of his employment. The Karstadt Concern, one of the largest department store chains in Germany, dismissed an employee. He was a Jew. The man took the case… More ▸

  • Far East Cities Hold Many Opportunities for Exiled Doctors

    The Jewish bodies in the Far East are being inundated with inquiries from Europe as to the possibilities of settling Jewish refugees from Germany there. In general these possibilities are limited, but in certain professions the prospects are good. The first of these is the medical profession. Owing to climatic conditions, bad sanitary arrangements and… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Mrs. Lena Goldbas, widow of S. Goldbas, is assured of reelection as alderman of the second ward of Utica, which contains many Jewish residents. She has been endorsed by both Democrats and Republicans. More ▸