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  • Gendarmes Accused of Torturing Bronstein Get 7th Trial Delay

    For the seventh time the trial of the Roumanian gendarmes accused of torturing Samson Bronstein has been postponed, this time until December 5. The postponement was announced after the Czernowitz court heard a number of witnesses who testified about the torturing of Bronstein and the dangerous injuries that resulted. The excuse used by the court… More ▸

  • Sammy Reshevsky, Chess Prodigy, Now College Graduate, in Come-back

    After 10 days of playing the thirty-fourth annual Western Chess Congress closed with Reuben Fine, 19-year-old New Yorker, retaining the title for a second year. Samuel Reshevsky, Detroiter, who several years ago gained international renown as a child chess prodigy, was the only player who defeated Fine. But Reshevsky had allowed four tie games and… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Any change in the political complexion of Germany will be along the lines of Russian Communism, Dr. Hans Neisser, recently appointed Professor of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania, declared here. Dr. Neisser, formerly of the University of Kiel, is a refugee. More ▸

  • Pressure on Jews Renewed in Berlin

    Jewish New Year, all the Jews were rounded up in their homes and in the local synagogue and were marched through the streets under a Nazi guard to the town hall. There they were made to apologize to the mayor collectively for the slight to the Nazis. More ▸

  • Statue of Liberty Sold in Ten-cent Replicas, “made in Germany”

    American liberty; manufactured in Germany, can be bought for ten cents. Local manufacturers have been obviously remiss in encouraging the industry. Statue of Liberty souvenir replicas which are on sale on the government reservation at Bedloes Island were manufactured in das Vaterland. The legend “Made in Germany” appears in small print beneath the base of… More ▸

  • Pro-nazi Letter Stirs Protests in Syracuse

    The appearance of the Hitler issue on the Syracuse University campus which was raised last week by the publication of a letter in the Daily Orange, college paper, from John S. Hamilton to Dean Karl C. Leebrick of the College of Liberal Arts, in which he praises tactics of the Nazis, brought such a storm… More ▸

  • London Daily Urges British to Withdraw from Trans-jordan

    The British government was urged to abandon her mandate in the Trans-Jordan tonight by The Evening Standard in an editorial. In view of the considerable sums of money contributed annually by the government to maintain the mandate and because the Trans-Jordan is retained solely as a buffer state to Palestine, the government is asked to… More ▸

  • News Brief

    The thirty-fourth annual Western Chess Congress, in session at Hotel Tuller here all this week focused attention again on one of the world’s most interesting child prodigies—Sammy Reshevsky. A noted chess prodigy at the age of six, Sammy has not been heard from for several years. Now he is back again, playing with the greatest… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Rabbi Moris Silverman of Emanuel Synagogue will be honored at a testimonial dinner to be given him by members of the congregation to mark the tenth anniversary of his induction as rabbi of the synagogue. Rabbi Silverman, who is a graduate of the Jewish Theological Seminary, is president of the Connecticut branch of the United… More ▸