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  • News Brief

    Park Avenue Synagogue, 50 East 87th Street; Rabbi Milton Steinberg on “Happiness Through Renunciation, as Exhibited in Buddha and Medieval Monasticism”; 8:15 P.M. More ▸

  • Holy City Will Erect Policemen’s Barracks

    A rumor is rife in police circles that the government is considering a plan to build a special police residential quarter in the vicinity of the Holy City, probably in a western suburb. Building will commence this year. Low rentals will be charged. More ▸

  • Labor Shortage Has No Effect on Entry Bar Against Aliens

    While it controls Jewish immigration on the one hand owing to its plea of the satiation of economic absorption in the country and declares that there is widespread Arab unemployment, must on the other hand admit a grave shortage of labor. Such as the anomaly reported by “Davar” in connection with the position in Jaffa… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Congregation Shaari Zedek, Kingston Avenue and Park Place, Brooklyn; Rabbi Harry Weiss, on “The Pillar of Cloud a the Column of Fire”; 10:30 A.M. More ▸

  • Women Instructed on Care of Infants

    More than a thousand mothers last year attended the school for mothers operated by the Bronx Hospital, Fulton Avenue and 169th Street, William B. Seltzer, superintendent announced yesterday. Classes are held once a week for the purpose of giving instruction to mothers in the care of bathing their babies. They are under the direction of… More ▸

  • R. W. Straus Succeeds Toch

    Roger W. straus was elected zone chairman for New York of the bard of finance of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations to succeed the late Henry M. Toch. David A. Brown is chariman of the finance board. Mr. Straus also succeeds Mr. Toch as chairman of Temple Emanu-El Committee for the Union. Frederick F…. More ▸

  • Edwin Emerson Makes Hasty Exit; Propagandist “just Went to Europe”

    “Where did the Colonel and his lady go last Saturday night?” This question piqued the curiosity of New York’s anti-Nazi factions yesterday when it became known that Colonel Edwin Edwin Emerson, onetime prisoner of war in Germany, post war repatriate to the United States, and present-day Hitlerite propagandist, sailed with his wife aboard the Bremen… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Special meeting of Metropolitan Association of Jewish Center Workers at the Y.M.H.A. 31 West 110th Street. morning. Israel S. Chipkin to speak on “Religion and Education as Effectuating Forces in Jewish Communal Life”. Morning. More ▸

  • Belgian Socialists Fight Libel Charge Against Jewish Aliens

    The Socialist deputis in the Belgian parliament today began an action against the notorious anti-Semitic news-newspaper Lassaut because the paper charged that the Socialist deputies headed by Mayor CAmile of Antwerp had formed a naturalization office where “every foreign Jew, on payment of money, obtains Belgian citizenship rights.” Belgian Jewry is awaiting the trial with… More ▸

  • New Orleans Relief Quota Set at $10,000 in Intensive Drive

    A $10,000 quota for the emergency campaign to settle German Jewish refugees in Palestine was accepted last bight by New Orleans Jewry at one nitht by New Oleans Jewry at one of he largest mas meetings held here in recent years. An intensive drive to reach the objective set by the meeting got under way… More ▸