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  • News Brief

    Union Temple of Brooklyn, 17 Eastern Parkway; Rabbi Sidney S. Tedesche, on “Birth Control as a Moral Issue”; 8 P.M. More ▸

  • 400 Women Groups to Unite on Boycott of German Products

    Four hundred women’s groups from New York and nearby states will be represented by three delegates each at the quarterly conference of the women’s division of the Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League to Champion Human Rights to be held at the Hotel Plaza on Monday afternoon, January 29. A number of sympathetic non-Jewish women’s groups are expected… More ▸

  • Life of North American Jewry in Review

    An organization adequate to insure kashruth in Detroit will be formed here by a council of local synagogues organized as result of a series of meetings held under the chairman Rabbi A. M. Hershman. Definite decision to form such a central organization was reached at a meeting of representatives of twenty-two synagoues held at Congregation… More ▸

  • Dr. Panofsky is Named to N.y.u. Fine Arts Chair

    Professor Erwin Panofsky, formerly of the University of Hamburg, Germany, an eminet authority in the field of Northern European Paintings, has been appointed visiting professor of Fine Arts in the Graduate School of New York University. He will lecture under the auspices of the University at the Metropolitan Museum of Art during the coming semester,… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Dr. Joshua Bloch, chief of the Jewish Division of the New York Public Library, speaks at the Hamiltion Fish Park Library, 388 East Houston Street, “Josephus and His Time.” More ▸

  • Honord by Italy

    Rosa Raisa, world famous opera singer, was presented with a gold medal from the Italian government between the acts of the performance of “Aida” at the Chicago Opera House. Mme. Raisa had the leading role of the opera. The medal, which was presented by Giusseppe Castruccio, Italian Consul in Chicago, on behalf of his government,… More ▸

  • Rabbi Levels Attack at “deadest” Jews

    Springfield was characterized as the “deadest Jewish community in the country” by Rabbi David M. Eichhorn of Mount sinail Temple, the only reform congregation in the city, in an appeal for the support fo the World Jewish Congress. As president of the Springfield Branck fo the American Jewish Congress, he scored local Jews for their… More ▸

  • Vilno Jews Oppose Use of Cemetery for Games

    The Haint, Warsaw Jewish daily, reported today that the Vilno Jewish community is up in arms against the proposal of the local military authorities to convert the historic Jewish cemetery there into an athletic field. Jewish leaders are exerting every effort to have the decision set aside. Aside from the sacrilege involved in the destruction… More ▸

  • Rents High in Jerusalem

    Increasing rates of rentals in the new Jewish suburbs of Jerusalem are forcing many Jewish tenants to take up residence once more in neglected portions of the walled Old City, and many families are going back there. More ▸

  • Bernhard Lampoons Persecution Illusion

    The illusion that the Jewish persecution in Germany will gradually diminish is ridiculed here by the Pariser Tageblatt, German language paper published in Paris and edited by GeorgBernhard. Streesing that Hitler is determined to completely annihilate the German Jewish population, the Tageblatt quotes as proof an article in this week’s Deutsche Wochenschau, an important Nazi… More ▸