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  • The Bulletin’s Day Book

    By special dispensation from Herr Hitler himself, a few prominent and formerly powerful Jews have been awarded the “Aryan” diploma or “Aryan” racial certificate, Thus the offspring and heir of Abraham Mendelsohn, head of the old German Jewish banking firm, carries a diploma today assuring one and all, whomever it may concern, that 100 per… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Berthold Guggenhime, campaign director for the coming annual appeal of the Jewish National Welfare Fund, which opens April 16, has appointed Harry Camp as vice chairman of the campaign committee in charge of the organization of workers. More ▸

  • News Brief

    The Jewish inmates of the Lewisburg penitentiary, who threatened to go on a two-day hunger strike if they could not get Passover food, have their Matzoth and other Pesach food. The whole affair assumed a ludicrous aspect. It is assumed that the Jewish inmates of the penitentiary are there not for having said their Hebrew… More ▸

  • Preached in City Pulpits

    “Hitlerism stands for what Pharaoh stood for–the enslavement of man, for what Pontius Pilate stood for–despotism and the degradation of a race, declared Rabbi Stephen S. Wise in his Passover-Easter sermon at the Free Synagogue. “Hitlerism means hate, not love, enmity, not brotherhood, subjugation, not freedom. “Against Hitlerism, the Jew has only one weapon–not hate,… More ▸

  • Buenos Aires Anti – Semitic Plot Revealed

    Police investigations of the throwing of three bombs in a synagogue during services Friday night have revealed what appears to be a well-organized anti-Semitic campaign here. A group of six men and boys have been arrested charged with complicity in the throwing of the bombs. Other ## rests are expected shortly. No one was hurt… More ▸

  • News Brief

    “As our brothers in Germany are reduced to the level of pariahs and untouchables, so must we declare untouchable all the goods and services of Nazi Germany,” Jacob Chaitkin, speaking under the auspices of the American Jewish Congress, declared over Station WEVD. He urged re-enforcement of the boycott movement because of new anti-Semitic outbreaks in… More ▸

  • Rabbi Calls for U.S. Censure of Hitlerism

    A call for official American condemnation of Hitlerism was sounded by Rabbi William Margolis of Congregation Ohab Zedek at the Passover festival of the Jewish Fellowship held last night at the Y. M. H. A., Ninety-second street and Lexington avenue. “Our Government must set this edifying tone–not merely for the benefit of the persecuted German… More ▸

  • Woman Brings Suit for Jewish Divorce in Maryland Court

    For the first time in Maryland court history, proceedings were brought here by a divorced woman to have by a divorced woman to have the court require her legally divorced husband to give her a separation under the Jewish religion through their religious institutions. Rose Zerlin filed the proceedings in the Circuit Court against Isidor… More ▸

  • Kilocycles

    THE LEADERSHIP of the International Ladies Germent Workers Union is to be congratulated for its resourcefulness and pioneering spirit. The organization has grown in numbers until its membership totals 180,000. No arena could be a meeting place for so vast a number of people. What better way to reach them, than to bring a message… More ▸

  • Cooperation Urgedamong All Faiths

    Sunday, April 29, has been set aside as national “Brotherhood Day” by the National Conference of Jews and Christians. The day had been designated for this purpose in response to widespread demands on the part of leaders of all religious affiliations. The announcement was made yesterday by Rev. Dr. S. Parkes Cadman, chairman of Brotherhood… More ▸