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  • News Brief

    The Avukah will hold a theatre party Wednesday night at the Playhouse, Forty-eighth street east of Broadway, to raise funds for the maintenance of the national office. “Moor Born,” a play based on the lives of the Bronte sisters will be seen. More ▸

  • Circus at Garden Plays to Thousands Daily

    Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus is play ## thousands daily in Madison ## Garden. Never before has “The Greatest Show on Earth” given New York so many new features. In one number there are ## clowns. The air, the rings, the stages and the hippodrome track all are filled with the world’s newest… More ▸

  • Austria Orders Dissolution of Labor Groups

    The Dollfuss government today ordered the immediate dissolution of the self-help organizations of the Jewish workers of Vienna. The authorities announced that the organizations were ordered disbanded as part of the campaign against all groups connected with the outlawed Social Democrats. Immediately after the crushing of the Socialist party, the Dollfuss regime passed a law… More ▸

  • Prison Chaplain Condemns Lewisburg Passover Ruling

    A vigorous attack on the ruling of the Department of Justice forbidding the receiving of Passover food supplies by Jewish prisoners at the Lewisburgh Federal Penitentiary was made here today by Rabbi Charles Mantinband, Jewish chaplain of the prison, in an exclusive statement to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. He characterized the danger of contraband being… More ▸

  • News Brief

    RABBI HERBERT S. GOLDSTEIN, West Side Branch, Institutional Synagogue, 148 West Eighty-fifth street: “The world is surely in need of the Passover message. Passover means a revolt against dictatorship. Dictatorship ultimately leads to oppression. Democracy is in great danger everywhere, even in our own United States. The heads of the local and national government are… More ▸

  • Life of North American Jewry is in Review

    Rhode Island’s boycott of Nazi-made goods has received ## impetus with the announcement that The Outlet Company has broken off all business relations with Reich concerns. Col. Joseph Samuels, millionaire Jewish philanthropist and president of The Outlet Company, declared: “This policy will continue indefinitely, if need be, until Hitler’s inhuman persecution. of helpless minorities and… More ▸

  • News Brief

    WHEREFORE was last Friday night distinguished from all other nights on Ellis Island? ON any other night the Jewish immigrants and deportees eat their meals alone, but on this first night of Passover, 200 friends and members of HIAS came to join them. ALL other nights there are usually many more Jewish immigrants on Ellis… More ▸

  • ‘she Loves Me Not’ Goes to London Soon

    Dwight Deere Wiman and Tom Weatherly announce that rehearsals for the London production of “She Loves Me Not” will begin here Monday under the direction of Howard Lindsay, author and director of the comedy. Following two weeks of rehearsals, the company will sail for England, opening at the Adelphi Theatre the latter part of April…. More ▸

  • Schlesinger Dead; Vienna Physician

    Professor Hermann Schlesinger, world famous physician, is dead here at the age of sixty-eight. Professor Schlesinger, who was the physician of Theodor Herzl, father of modern political Zionism, was born in Pressburg on June 2, 1866. Since 1905 he was head of the general hospital here. Professor Schlesinger was the author of some 300 publications,… More ▸