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  • Brooklyn Jews Plan Joint Appeal Drive

    The Jewish communities of Sea Gate, Coney Island and Brighton Beach have coordinated their activities on behalf of the United Jewish Appeal for German-Jewish relief and will have a joint dinner launching their drive on Wednesday evening, May 23, at the Half Moon Hotel, Coney Island, it has been announced by Dr. Leon S. Kaiser,… More ▸

  • Slants on Sports

    Tammany Young, One-Eyed Connolly, and your sports commentater met the other night behind one of those places where, despite repeal, you have to knock three times in order to get in. (In case any of the boys are interested, the joint is up on Fifty-second street. All you have to do is rap out the… More ▸

  • Westchester Calls Youth Conference

    A special committee of ten named by twenty-four youth organizations to formulate plans for a Central Youth Conference today called for an awakening by all Jewish young men and women to problems of the day. A report to be submitted by the committee at a youth mass meeting Sunday night in the Young Men’s Hebrew… More ▸

  • Wauchope Tells London Situation is in Hand

    The Colonial Office announced officially today the receipt of a cable from High Commissioner Sir Arthur Grenfell Wauchope that he was satisfied with the relief, medical treatment and the rationing of housing, clothing and food as administered by the Tiberias authorities. He also declared that the water system was functioning once more and that the… More ▸

  • Now-editorial Notes

    The open letter addressed to patriotic German Americans by Samuel Untermyer, president of the Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League To Champion Human Rights, is a dignified and impressive appeal to their Americanism and a fair warning not to permit themselves to be misled and misrepresented by Nazi agents and propagandists in various disguises. The letter points out… More ▸

  • Chicago Clerics Favor Boycott of Reich Goods

    Leading Protestant ministers of Chicago announced they would co-operate to their fullest ability with the boycott against German – made goods now being carried on by the Chicago Committee for the Defense of Human Rights Against Nazism, of which Dr. Paul Hutchinson, managing editor of the Christian Century, is president, and Salmon O. Levinson, chairman…. More ▸

  • Goebbels Talk Attacked on Air by Boycott Head

    Samuel Untermyer yesterday answered over Station WOR the international broadcast of Propaganda Minister Goebbels carried to the United States on May 11. Untermyer, quoting at length Goebbels charges against the Jews for boycotting Germany, declared that the propaganda minister’s speech was part of a campaign against Jewry for which $32,000,000 has been appropriated for this… More ▸

  • Sylvia Sidney Decision Pleases Bialy Stokers

    Sylvia Sidney, in “Thirty Day Princess,” gets her first opportunity to wear “gorgeous gowns,” according to her statement over the air in an interview. The local Bialystoker Society is happy and foresees happy days ahead. In the past, all of Miss Sidney’s slightly-worn gowns were sent to relatives here. The relatives, unable to use the… More ▸

  • Meeting Will Protest Counter Boycott Move

    The Emergency Defense Committee will hold a meeting of protest against Nazi and Fascist propaganda as well as against “subversive counter boycott activities of the Friends of the New Germany and the Dawa” tomorrow evening at York avenue and Eighty-fifth street, according to an announcement issued from the organization offices at 60 East Forty-second street. More ▸

  • Planned ‘economy in Thinking’ Only Nazi Achievement-mann

    That a planned “Economy in Thinking” is the only kind of achievement the Hitler regime has brought to Germany is the conclusion reached by Heinrich Mann in a symposium on the accomplishments of the Nazis, just published in the Revue des Vivants of Paris. “As to their original purpose, the establishment of a planned economy… More ▸