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  • Adjusting Our Lives

    The following is the first of a series of articles, to appear on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the Jewish Daily Bulletin, dealing with the problems of Jewish life in America, by Dr. Herman Frank. A brief biographical sketch of Dr. Frank appears elsewhere on this page. With immigration restrictions remaining as strong as in… More ▸

  • Herr Hitler Learned Lessons Well, Says Bulletin Observer

    Perhaps the most salient feature of the “Second Revolution” is the fact that Hitler has learned at last a lesson well known to all revolutionists, a rule that one cannot gain and maintain power by the same means. Hitler has been brought to see that he can not make administrational policies of his personal fetishes…. More ▸

  • Michigan Zionist Head Scores Sherman Statement

    Simon Shetzer, president of the Michigan State Zionist Federation, on the eve of his departure for Atlantic City, attacked the statement by Carl Sherman last week in which he pointed out “the disparity between the strength of Zionist sentiment and the weakness of the Zionist Organization.” “Mr. Sherman proceeds,” stated Shetzer, “to place by innuendo… More ▸

  • Jewish Forum Issues Youth Number for June

    The June issue of the Jewish Forum has been designated a Youth Number and contains a variety of articles on important problems in American Jewish life, with emphasis on their effect upon youth. Heads of national Jewish youth organizations are among the contributors. More ▸

  • Expect 100,000 to See Pageant at Chicago Fair

    History will repeat itself at Soldier Field here on July 29, when the spectacle known as the “Epic of a Nation” will climax the second celebration of Jewish Community Day at a Century of Progress. Technicians, trained in the mechanics of large-scale theatrical production, are already at work assembling casts, choruses, symphonic groups, costumes and… More ▸

  • Woolworth Head Silent on Nazi Boycott

    Byron D. Miller, president of F. W. Woolworth Co., sailed early yesterday aboard the Bremen, North German Lloyd liner, for Europe. He left without clearing up two questions on the status of the Woolworth concern regarding the Hitler government. When accosted by the Bulletin reporter shortly before sailing time, Miller was profuse in thanking this… More ▸

  • Austrian Jews Anxious over Nazi Situation; Fear Repercussions

    A state of watchful anxiety prevailed here today as the Vienna population awaited much feared repercussions of the stormtroop mutiny in Germany. The Jewish community was feverishly excited, a fearfulness prevailing akin to the days of 1914. Memorial meetings for Theodore Herzl, founder of the Zionist movement, were interrupted by audiences which demanded news from… More ▸

  • Now-editorial Notes

    The mutiny against the Hitler regime and the shooting and suicide of leading conspirators form the second act of the German drama which is sure to end with the collapse of Hitler. The first act was the von Papen speech delivered with the sanction of President von Hindenburg. Von Papen himself is an unscrupulous politician…. More ▸

  • Slants on Sports

    If we had our way we’d be up in the New Hampshire mountains covering the sking carnival that takes place in about two weeks. Instead of sitting at ringsides under hot are lights and getting a heave and grunt rassler thrown into our laps we’d be wiring the office from the Canadian Rockies telling you… More ▸

  • Preached in City Pulpits

    Rabbi Nathan A. Perilman, Temple Emanu-el—If in Hitler’s Germany the leaders had given the people justice how much better it would have been for the German people and the whole world. Let the men who have power take off their masks of deceit. Let us turn from our twentieth century existence and turn to the… More ▸