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  • Many Nazi Leaders Die in ‘plot’

    meetings. Goebbels, whose position yesterday was one of doubt, triumphantly broadcast tonight that “Hitler never was so much the master as now. The whole world,” he said, “can see Germany calm and in order.” It is understood that following references to an unnamed power supporting von Schleicher and Roehm in their alleged “conspiracy,” the French… More ▸

  • Reich Zionists Given Permission to Open Offices and Clubs

    The German Zionist Federation has been notified by the Gestapo (State Secret Police) that it may reopen its offices and clubs on condition that the Federation prevent the recurrence of events as resulted in the recent suspension of Zionist activities in Germany, it is reported here from Berlin. Suspension of Zionist clubs followed the use… More ▸

  • Bentwich Challenges Reich Professor on {span}n###{/span} Academic Freedom

    Norman Ben###ch, representing the Hebrew University in Palestine at the Ox###for International University Con###fer, challenged Professor Fis### president of the German ### Organization today a### academic freedom in Germany. ###awing himself up to his full ###t, with his swastika conspicu### displayed, Professor Fischer ###ered a pedantic address de###ing Germany academic poli###“With its long traditions of… More ▸

  • Inquiry Body Ready to Probe Legal Conditions in Nazi Reich

    Following weeks of preparation, witnesses for the American Inquiry Commission will face batteries of newspaper cameras, newsreel cameras and microphones in the opening this morning of the Commission’s probe into legal conditions in Nazi Germany at the New York County Lawyers’ Association, 14 Vesey street. Several witnesses, fearing Nazi reprisals, have been assured that their… More ▸

  • Rumor Hindenburg Critically Ill

    Among the rumors that gained wide circulation and some credence here last night were rumors that the aged President von Hindenburg was critically ill at his Neudeck estate and that Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, Reichsbank head and virtual financial dictator of Germany, was dead. Hindenburg, however, was seen today several times by his neighbors, walking on… More ▸

  • Secret Hearings on Nazis Open

    Private hearings by a sub-committee of the Congressional committee to investigate Nazi propaganda will be conducted today, Tuesday, and Wednesday in the Bar Administration Building on West Forty-fourth street. Neither the press nor public will be admitted. John W. McCormack, chairman, will be in charge of the hearings. It has not been revealed whether or… More ▸

  • Hitler Learned Lessons Well, Says Observer

    The “Second Revolution,” heralded almost since the ascension of Hitler to power in Germany, has come and gone. The Third Reich has been purged of a number of its minor blemishes, but the purgative must be applied over a much larger surface on the Nazi perspective, if Hitlerism is to remain in Germany. In fact,… More ▸

  • AJC Will Help Place Refugee Reich Doctors

    Establishment of a central information and placement center for German refugee physicians by the American Jewish Congress was announced yesterday by Dr. Stephen S. Wise, Bernard S. Deutsch and Nathan Dr. Perlman, respectively honorary president, president and vice-president of the Congress. The information center, one of the projects of the American Jewish Congress Physicians’ division,… More ▸

  • London Sees Hitler Weakened Despite Success of ‘coup’

    Adolf Hitler has successfully suppressed a “revolt” of his followers but today was weaker than at any time since he seized supreme power in Germany. By his refusal to follow to its conclusions the National Socialist program, Hitler alienated the most devoted supporters he had and by employing against his storm troop leaders the forces… More ▸

  • The Bulletin’s Day Book

    This department, for one, mourns the death of that brilliant Nazi, Ernst Roehm, whose moral quirks, incidentally, Herr Hitler winked at while his loyalty to Der Fuehrer was unquestioned, but which became a cataclysmic crime the moment the fanatic militarist engaged in a bit of braying that annoyed His Nibs. The mourning will be the… More ▸