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  • Brevities

    You all know the story of Sleeping Beauty. The bad fairy, not having been invited to the festival, decrees that the Princess shall prick herself on a spindle as soon as she reaches her eighteenth birthday and sink into a deathlike sleep. The King, her father, immediately banishes all spinning wheels from his country in… More ▸

  • Books

    “Hitler Over Europe” would be an astonishing piece of work if it were pure fiction. Coming to us as the statement of a situation, it has the characteristic of nightmare; it is, in effect, a fantasia of fact. Whoever the author, Ernst Henri, may be, his painfully annotated statement reduces all the novels that have… More ▸

  • Local Zionists Laud Stavsky Court Ruling

    Unanimous gratification at the setting aside Friday by the Palestine Court of Appeals of the conviction of murder against Abraham Stavsky was expressed by Zionist and Jewish communal leaders of the metropolitan area when they were asked by the Jewish Daily Bulletin for their reaction to the news flashed from Jerusalem. Some representative opinions voiced… More ▸

  • ‘camp Vacation’ Plans Fall Pageant

    The 200 children of “Camp Vacation,” originated here by Miss Belle F. Bernstein, YM-YWHA director of women’s activities, opens its third week of activities of a six-week period Monday. The activity of the camp is being directed toward a pageant to be held at the close of the season. The pageant will use a Hebrew… More ▸

  • Polish Jews Acclaim Freeing of Stavsky

    Following the receipt of Jewish Telegraphic Agency dispatches announcing the acquittal of Abraham Stavsky in Jerusalem, the Warsaw Yiddish dailies published special editions, which were snatched up by Warsaw Jews, who avidly read every scrap of news on the verdict. More ▸

  • Yeshiva Summer Session

    Yeshiva College is conducting a special session this summer whereby newly-admitted students or those admitted in February may obtain advanced academic standing. More ▸

  • Lafarge Tells Catholics to Curb Fascism

    American Catholics are advised to act promptly against the dangers of Fascism by John LaFarge, S.J., in an article entitled “Is There Danger of Fascism?” appearing in the current issue of the Catholic weekly, America. Not only does the writer urge steps against Fascism, which he believes is a sharp menace in the United States… More ▸

  • Congregations Body Protests Sept. 10 Opening of Schools

    Following the protests made early this month by the Jewish Sabbath Alliance of America against the scheduled opening of schools on the Jewish New Year, September 10, the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America on Friday announced that it has also filed protests with the Board of Education. The congregations body received the same… More ▸

  • Gossip Corner

    Full of human interest was the wedding of Miss Doris M. Cowen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Cowen of 320 West End avenue, to Morris Mandelbaum Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Mandelbaum of Des Moines, which took place last week at the Plaza. Rabbi Eugene Mannheimer of Des Moines had come specially… More ▸

  • Writer Traces Zion’s Growth to Hitler Hate

    A reaction favorable to the economic prosperity of Palestine can be traced directly to Hitler’s anti-Semitic persecutions in Germany, reports a writer in the July 21 issue of The Magazine of Wall Street. The article, which surveys present business conditions in the Holy Land, follows in excerpt: “While most countries of the world still suffer… More ▸