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  • Huge Throng Goes Wild with Joy at News

    Abraham Stavsky, convicted of the murder of Dr. Chaim Arlosoroff by the Criminal Court of Assizes, was acquitted today by the Palestine Court of Appeals, which set aside the verdict of the lower court and ordered the immediate discharge of Stavsky from custody. After more than a year of imprisonment Stavsky stepped out of the… More ▸

  • Princeton Man Sheds Light on Bible Mystery

    “The Torah Shrine in the Ashburnham Pentateuch” by Joseph C. Sloane Jr. of Princeton University is the leading article in the July issue of the Jewish Quarterly Review, publication of the Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning, edited by Dr. Cyrus A. Adler. Other contributors to the present number include Prof. Solomon Zeitlin of… More ▸

  • Jabotinsky Lauds British Justice

    fense counsel Horace Samuel and his colleagues, Drs. Binyamini and Kaiserman; Chief Rabbis A. I. HaCohen Kook and Jacob Meier; Mayor Dizengoff of Tel Aviv, Ben Zen Zion Katz, Professor Joseph Klausner, Moshe Smilansky, Druyanov, Ravnitzky and all other religious and lay leaders in Palestine, who raised their voices in the name of truth. LAUDS… More ▸

  • Mrs. Vogelman Gives $1,000 to Refugee Aid on Eve of Departure

    A contribution of $1,000 toward the maintenance of German Jewish children in Palestine was announced by Mrs. Philip Vogelman, treasurer of the Women’s Emergency Council, on the eve of her departure Saturday for Europe to make a study of the refugee situation. A luncheon given Mrs. Vogelman by the Council, of which Mrs. Louis Lipsky… More ▸

  • Used Mail to Gain Entry

    Three Jews who tried to enter Palestine in the overland desert mail from Baghdad via Amman, in Transjordania, while sewn up in mail bags, were arrested at the frontier. More ▸

  • Mrs. I. Kahn, P. Dworsky, Two Jewish Pioneers of Minneapolis, Die

    Two pioneers of the Minneapolis Jewish community died here this week. Peter Dworsky, 64, a resident of this city for the past fifty years, died at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Gustave Frankel, while Mrs. Ida Mary Kahn, 70, a Minneapolis resident for twenty-nine years, succumbed at her home. Both had been extremely interested… More ▸

  • Brevities

    You all know the story of Sleeping Beauty. The bad fairy, not having been invited to the festival, decrees that the Princess shall prick herself on a spindle as soon as she reaches her eighteenth birthday and sink into a deathlike sleep. The King, her father, immediately banishes all spinning wheels from his country in… More ▸

  • Books

    “Hitler Over Europe” would be an astonishing piece of work if it were pure fiction. Coming to us as the statement of a situation, it has the characteristic of nightmare; it is, in effect, a fantasia of fact. Whoever the author, Ernst Henri, may be, his painfully annotated statement reduces all the novels that have… More ▸

  • Local Zionists Laud Stavsky Court Ruling

    Unanimous gratification at the setting aside Friday by the Palestine Court of Appeals of the conviction of murder against Abraham Stavsky was expressed by Zionist and Jewish communal leaders of the metropolitan area when they were asked by the Jewish Daily Bulletin for their reaction to the news flashed from Jerusalem. Some representative opinions voiced… More ▸

  • ‘camp Vacation’ Plans Fall Pageant

    The 200 children of “Camp Vacation,” originated here by Miss Belle F. Bernstein, YM-YWHA director of women’s activities, opens its third week of activities of a six-week period Monday. The activity of the camp is being directed toward a pageant to be held at the close of the season. The pageant will use a Hebrew… More ▸