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  • Zionist Propaganda Work in Colleges Here Planned Next Term

    Intensive Zionist cultural work has been planned for the coming year for New York Jewish college students. Joseph Kleinman of the Graduate School of Social Service was appointed chairman of a committee to arrange local chapter group activities and the issuance of Hebrew and English publications. A number of intercollegiate rallies will also be arranged…. More ▸

  • Berger, Jewish Boxer, to Represent Canada in Games at London

    Maxie Berger, 17-year-old Jewish boxing champion, was one of the four representatives of Canadian boxing clubs who carried off titles in the Canadian trials held here and becomes eligible for the Canadian team that is to compete in the British Empire games at London, England, next month. Berger, who is provincial flyweight champion, was the… More ▸

  • Hundreds with Marital Woes Find New Way to Cure Them

    Hundreds of families plagued with marital problems are receiving a new deal at the Court of Domestic Relations in Brooklyn through an experiment which may shortly be extended to similar courts throughout the city, it was announced by the Welfare Council of New York. The experiment was started by the Welfare Council committee headed by… More ▸

  • Jerseyites Will Serve on Dry Goods Group

    For years Jewish Daily Bulletin readers have turned to us for various types of information. Abraham Schindel. vice-president and general manager of the Kresge Department Store of this city, and B. F. Greenberger, of the M. P. Greenberger Company of Morristown, will serve on the National Retail Dry Goods Association protective committee in a nation-wide… More ▸

  • The Human Touch

    So many readers of this column have expressed interest and curiosity in the story of the young Jewish couple who were married in Scarsdale, N. Y., by a “reverend” of unknown, but not unsuspected, denomination, that I have contrived, at enormous trouble and expense, to obtain material for a postscript, in the effort to quench,… More ▸

  • Jewry Hails Release of Stavsky

    leaped to his feet and shouted “Long live Jabotinsky.” Stavsky and his friends immediately left the courtroom for the home of Dr. Avnieli, a Revisionist Zionist attorney. The news of the verdict spread like wildfire through the crowds which had surrounded the court-house since dawn. A heavy police cordon had been placed around the court,… More ▸

  • Jewish War Vets Plan Increased Renewal of U.S. Anti-nazi Boycott

    For years Jewish Daily Bulletin readers have turned to us for various types of information. An extensive anti-Nazi drive to avert any possible let-up in the force of the boycott is being planned by the Jewish War Veterans of the United States, it was announced Friday by Edgar H. Burman, national anti-Nazi chairman. Mass meetings… More ▸

  • Find 4,500 Germans Ready to Emigrate

    The committee of experts attached to the League of Nations German refugee body, met in London yesterday for a full survey of the situation, High Commissioner James G. McDonald informed the press today. The experts found, the High Commissioner said, that 4,500 of the refugees are fitted for immediate emigration. Their transfer overseas with maintenance… More ▸

  • Prospects of American Jewry Appear Bright to Sprinzak

    Exuding confidence and enthusiasm over the prospects of American Jewry, Joseph Sprinzak, one of the two delegates of the Histadruth sent here eight months ago to tour the country and spread Histadruth ideology and who departed for Palestine Saturday morning aboard the liner Rex, declared that he was greatly enamoured with possibilities of American Jewry… More ▸

  • Capital Comment

    Ballyhoo and excuses of governmental leaders are always poor substitutes with which hungry masses may fill their empty stomachs. Hungry people are a threat to the stability of any government. And when hunger is nation-wide, something is bound to happen. On top of all of her current difficulties resulting mainly from the self-centered policies of… More ▸