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  • Heavens Frown on Nazi Rallies and Washout Completes ‘flops’

    Nazi activities in the Queens hinterlands are being seriously hindered by the weather, weather doubtless controlled by a Jewish Jehovah and part of a supernatural Semitic plot, Friends of the New Germany bewailed yesterday. It appears that what was advertised in advance as a monster outing and jubilee (membership drive rally to unser Nazi bruder)… More ▸

  • Founded Jewish Society

    Henry Berkowitz, who was the founder of the Jewish Chautauqua Society, was a member of the first class of Jewish ministers that graduated from the Hebrew Union College of Cincinnati, Ohio. More ▸

  • Revisionists Planning Non-jewish Petition Against British Rule

    Vladimir Jabotinsky, leader of the Zionist Revisionists, is contemplating the creation of a second petition movement for non-Jews who desire to protest against the anti-Jewish measures adopted by the British administration in Palestine, it was announced today at a press conference of the Revisionist party. At the same time it was disclosed that Revisionists have… More ▸

  • Pelley Announces New Weekly, Airily Discounts Fraud Charge

    Undaunted by the sad termination of his previous journalistic ventures at the hands of the law, William Dudley Pelley bobbed up again today with the announcement of a new Silver Shirt publication, Pelley’s Weekly. The head of the anti-Semitic, pro-Nazi Silver Legion, in a form letter sent out to those on “a new list from… More ▸

  • Synagogues, Asylums Rackets’ Prey

    Synagogues and orphan asylums in dire financial straits fall easy prey to the so-called charity promotion agencies. A promoter calls at the office of a synagogue. He says he will undertake a campaign for funds. There will be no trouble or expense to the institution. The promoter will give a percentage to the synagogue and… More ▸

  • Palestine Trains Athletic Teachers

    About twenty Jewish men and women teachers from all parts of Palestine are attending a rally here at which courses are offered in physical training and instruction. Organized by the education department of the Vaad Leumi, the rally is being held in one of the big Levant Fair buildings. Mr. Aloof, athlete and physical training… More ▸

  • Nazis Ban Troupe, 2 Are ‘non-aryans’

    The German concert troupe, “Comedian Harmonists,” was today prohibited from giving public concerts because two members of the group are Jewish. Die Deutsche Zeitung, one of the most important Nazi papers, demanded that the government prohibit the showing of old films in which Jewish actors have a part. There is a widespread revival of old… More ▸

  • Teacher Feeds Hungry Pupils; Loses Position

    A soft heart has no place in the public school system of the greatest city in the world. Miss Sylvia Ettinger, a qualified but unemployed school teacher who had been serving in the temporary post of lunchroom supervisor at Public School 36, Brooklyn, today is convinced of it. A package of red tape, Miss Ettinger… More ▸