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  • Goebbels Fires Opening Shot in Referendum

    Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda, tonight officially launched a six-day campaign of oratorical bombast that is certain to culminate on Aug. 19 in an overwhelming majority vote approving Adolf Hitler’s seizure of presidential powers following the death of Paul von Hindenburg. In his speech the Propaganda Minister declared that next Sunday’s plebiscite… More ▸

  • Syracuse Junior Hadassah to Send 3 Delegates to Parley

    Local delegates to the eleventh annual convention of Junior Hadassah, which will open at the Hotel New Yorker in New York next Sunday, will include Dora Menter, president of the Syracuse chapter, Frances Love and Irene Roth. Alternates are Molly Menter, Eva Stuckmeister and Esther Pasmanick. More ▸

  • 1,274 Cologne Jews Flee Nazi Scourge

    Officials of the city of Cologne today reported that 1,274 Jews had emigrated from the city since the ascent of the Nazis to power. According to the latest figures available Cologne had a Jewish population of more than 12,000. There has been a Jewish community in the ancient city of Cologne ever since the time… More ▸

  • Capetown Jews

    In 1820, when the British government inaugurated a regular system of colonizing the Eastern frontier of South Africa, there were three Jewish families which settled in Capetown. More ▸

  • Hail 10 Years Since Founding Child Village

    More than five hundred persons came from all parts of Palestine this week to participate in ceremonies commemorating the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Children’s Village of Meir Shfeyah. The institution, situated in a nearby suburb, is the principal project of the Junior Hadassah society in America, from which it receives its chief… More ▸

  • Jack Harris to Wield Baton at Central Park Mall Dancing Tonight

    G. A. Baldini, director of the Concert Division of the city’s musical activities, will present Jack Harris as guest conductor of the Gotham Dance Orchestra this evening on the Central Park Mall. Other dance music for the evening will be played by the University Dance Orchestra under the baton of Sammy Rosenbaum, at Fort Greene… More ▸

  • German Culture

    Teacher: What happened in 1888? Pupil: Adolf Hitler was born in that year. Teacher: And what happened in 1892? Pupil: Der Fuehrer was then four years old. —Die Zeit, London, July 25, 1934. More ▸

  • Polish Bakers Attack Ruling on Old Plants

    The convention of Jewish and non-Jewish bakery owners in Poland, which has been meeting here, closed today after demanding that the government suspend enforcement of a recently-passed law ordering all bakeries in Poland to install mechanical equipment. The convention also asked the government not to permit the opening of any new bakeries in the country… More ▸

  • Sees a ‘violent Crisis’ for Reich if Schacht’s Economic Policies Fail

    If the “orthodox” economic policies of Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, president of the Reichsbank, do not succeed, then Germany will go into some form of “violent economic crisis,” Laird Bell, Chicago attorney, predicted in a talk here before the Milwaukee Bond club. Bell was a representative of the foreign bondholders’ protective council, a quasi – governmental… More ▸

  • Zionists Agree at Jerusalem Parley

    An agreement on current political questions was reached here today at a meeting participated in by representatives of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, the Vaad Leumi, the Jewish National Council of Palestine, and the political inquiry commission appointed by the Actions Committee of the World Zionist Organization in Jerusalem last March. Among the speakers at… More ▸