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  • Linen Shower Helps Fit out Exiles’ Haven

    Linen to help fit out the new Congress House, center for German-Jewish refugees, was obtained last night through a shower held by the Brooklyn division of the Women’s Association of the American Jewish Congress. Mrs. Shephen S. Wise, who recently returned from a tour of Europe, said one of the most important problems facing American… More ▸

  • Bargain Hunt

    At least one of the group of three with whom we’re going to be concerned is Jewish. He happens to be one of the two painters; the third person is a patron of art, so-called, a physician, a man of means, well-to-do in any event. This Jewish artist had brought along his doctor friend to… More ▸

  • Now- Editorial Notes

    Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, President of the Deutsche Reichsbank and economic dictator, is reported to have ordered the elimination of the Nazi propaganda abroad. According to Berlin representatives of the London press, Dr. Schacht informed Dr. Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment, that no more funds would be available for propaganda purposes in other lands…. More ▸

  • Four Youths Sentenced for Stavsky Disorder Following His Acquittal

    Four of the seven youths who were charged with causing a disturbance in the Great Synagogue here when Abraham Stavsky, acquitted in the Arlosoroff murder, was called up to give the “Gomel blessing,” recited by one delivered from a catastrophe, have been sentenced to various fines with the alternative of prison sentences. A boy of… More ▸

  • Mexico Would Welcome Jews, Says Publisher

    That Mexico would welcome Jewish immigrants providing they did not meddle in Mexican affairs is suggested in a leading editorial in the Mexican weekly, Todo, signed by the publisher, Felix Palvicini, and entitled “His Excellency Bernard Deutsch, Israelite Ambassador.” The editorial, which appeared yesterday, describes the recent visit of the New York City Aldermanic President… More ▸

  • Holy Days Postpone Penn. Legislature

    Owing to the fact that the Jewish High Holy days begin on September 10, the special session of the Pennsylvania legislature, hurriedly called for that date, has been postponed until Wednesday noon, September 12. Governor Gifford Pinchot called a special session of the legislature after Federal Relief Administrator Harry Hopkins refused to advance funds for… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Moslems continue to build at Wailing Wall with government’s permission. More ▸

  • Herzliah School Opens

    Herzliah Teachers Seminary and High School, 187 East Broadway, is now open for registration, it was announced yesterday. Enrollment will close tonight at ten o’clock. More ▸

  • Chicago Rabbi on Air

    Rabbi Louis L. Mann, of the Chicago Sinai Congregation, will speak from the studios of Station WBBM in Chicago over the WABC Columbia network, Wednesday, September 19, from 1:00 to 1:30 P.M. New York daylight saving time. His remarks will be broadcast as a feature of the D## of Atonement services. More ▸

  • Nazis Rebuff French Saar Suggestions

    The Nazi government today officially replied to the French memorandum submitted yesterday to the Council of the League of Nations asking for protection of minorities in the Saar. The Nazi regime rejected all suggestions that the Saar region be treated as an international territory after the plebiscite, if the territory votes to return to Germany,… More ▸