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  • Anglo-americans Celebrate

    The Anglo-American Benevolent Association, a Jewish group, will hold the twenty-fourth annual ball at the Free Sons Building, 257 West Ninety-third street, on November 10. A committee including Irving Silverman, William J. Solomon, Edward A. Lipton, Lew Sharp, I. Hyams and George Mervish are in charge of the arrangements. More ▸

  • Shop Talk

    Something pretty earth-shaking has happened again. If you never liked your face any too well under a flat little pancake of a hat then please, #ul-lease see Rose Saphire’s alternatives — the high-hatted hats. All we lookers-on got a brand new thrill when we saw them. Are they Cossack caps snitched from the Czar’s old… More ▸

  • Five Years Ago in the Jewish Daily Bulletin

    Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald, enroute to the United States aboard the Berengaria, in a wire to Felix M. Warburg, chairman of the Administrative Committee of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, agreed to receive a representative Jewish deputation in New York on October 11. More ▸

  • Hebrew College Librarian

    Max Schloessinger, born at Heidelberg, Germany, September 4, 1877, was appointed librarian and instructor in Biblical exegesis at the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati in 1904. More ▸

  • Dutch Open Colony for Reich Refugees

    Wieringermeer Polder, German Jewish refugee colony on land reclaimed by the Dutch from the Zuyder Sea, was officially opened here today. Speeches were delivered by James G. McDonald, League of Nations High Commissioner for German refugees; Dr. Bernard Kahn, director of the American Joint Distribution Committee, and Dr. Van der Bergh. The Dutch government was… More ▸

  • Women’s Clubs Here to Push Anti-nazi Work

    Leading women’s organizations throughout the city will join this fall in the work of the Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League, of which Samuel Untermyer is president, it was announced yesterday by Mrs. Mark Harris, chairman of the Women’s Division. A meeting of all community and club leaders of greater New York has been called by Mrs. Mary… More ▸

  • Kaplan Urges Youth to Probe Jewish Life

    “As Jews we have to know what’s wrong with Jewish life and how we can help to set it right,” declared Professor Mordecai Kaplan, dean of the Jewish Theological Seminary Institute and the Israel Friedlander classes, at the third annual opening of classes last night. “The purpose of youth and adult education should be to… More ▸

  • Sees ’emperor’ Hitler Retaining Grip on Reich for Long Time

    “How Long Will Hitler Live?” That is the question Fred C. Kelly, traveling correspondent of Today, attempts to answer in this week’s issue of the magazine edited by Raymond Moley, on the newsstands today. In the first of two articles on the subject, Mr. Kelly, who has spent considerable time in Germany lately and has… More ▸

  • News Brief

    A disavowal of Zionism and of Palestine work was made by a group of Liberal Jews in Germany in a statement published as a full page advertisement in various German newspapers. The statement bore the signatures of Herr Wolff, president of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Prussia and Dr. Weiss, vice-president of the Berlin… More ▸

  • Greenberg Homers—in Vain

    What the only Jewish baseball player in the World Series did yesterday: AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI PO A E 4 2 2 0 0 1 1 8 1 1 Hank Greenberg, the only Jewish baseball player in the World Series this year and star first baseman of the Detroit Tigers, blew up… More ▸