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  • Bulletin Calendar of Events

    Thursday, October 4 New School for Social Research, 66 West Twelfth street “Progressive Education in Europe,” Eva Wunderlich, 4:20 p. m.; “Replanning of Old Cities,” Werner Hegemann, 5:20 p. m.; “Fascism in England,” Delisle Burns, 8:20 p. m.; “Dominant Ideal of Western Civilization,” Horace M. Kallen, 8:30 p. m. Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, direction of Otto… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Statement of the ownership, management, circulations, etc., required by the act of congress of march 3, 1938, Of the Jewish Daily Bulletin, published daily at 221 Centre St., New York, N. Y., for October 1, 1934. County of New York ss.: State of New York Before me a notary public in and for the State… More ▸

  • Says Clean Film Drive May Turn Anti-semitic

    campaign grew,” he said, “it might develop into an anti-Semitic drive. I have feared that the blame for obscenity in moving pictures might fall on the heads of Jews. “I must admit that such blame in a sense would be justified.” SOLUTION UP TO FANS The solution, Mr. Skirball feels, lies in the refusal of… More ▸

  • Throngs Migrate to Biro-bidjan Area

    Five thousand Jews migrated to Biro-Bidjan, Jewish autonomous territory, during the first eight months of 1934, official figures show. The quota for the year is 9,000 persons. During the month of August 865 persons passed through Moscow on their way to Biro Bidjan and twenty-five were returned to their homes from this city, having been… More ▸

  • Demand Jew As Mayor of Jerusalem

    Daniel Auster, Abraham Elmaleh, Samuel Eden, Isaac Ben Zvi, Joseph Hachmashvilli and Haim Solomon, newly-elected Jewish municipal councillors, today met with representatives of leading Jewish institutions here and decided to demand the appointment of a Jewish mayor for this city. The defeat of Ragheb Bey Nashashibi by Dr. Hursein Fakri El Khaldi has created a… More ▸

  • Appeal Opens Fund Campaign in Delaware

    The present situation of the Jew in Germany was graphically and authoritatively presented by the Rev. Henry S. Leiper, secretary of the American Christian Committee for German Refugees tonight at the opening of Delaware’s United Jewish Appeal drive. The meeting was non-sectarian in character, with David Snellenburg as chairman. The vice-chairmen are Bishop Philip Cook… More ▸

  • Dr. Feinberg Frownson League Entry

    (Dr. Feinberg is the author of several books on mandates and national minorities problems and is an authority on international jurisprudence. He has lectured on national minority rights at the University of Geneva and has served as professor at the Hague Academy of International Law. He was one of the experts who successfully presented the… More ▸

  • Gradner Again Elected Mayor of Cape Town

    The people of this, the mother city of South Africa, have again elected Louis Gradner as mayor. His skillful management of municipal affairs evoked praise from the press and all sections of the population. Mayor and Mrs. Gradner are keenly interested in Jewish affairs. He has taken an active part in every meritorious Jewish movement… More ▸

  • Critical Moments

    Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman are considered exceedingly clever and bright by those who set the smart style in thinking, writing and acting. Their success as playwrights, both as a team and as individals has been almost uncannily consistent. Last Saturday night the town’s literati, and those who pay their way headed towards the… More ▸

  • Complaint is Filed by London Bakers

    A complaint that Jewish bakers working on Saturday night are not supplying Jewish customers only but are also sending supplies of new bread into general distribution on Sundays is reported in the London Times. As this has forced Gentile bakers to work during Saturday night and Sunday morning for a seven-day week, they have complained…. More ▸