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  • A Brotherly Welcome

    The Jewish press of Germany, which has just reached the United States shows a division in the ranks of German Jewry as to the problem of the Saar Jews. While the non – Zionist papers welcome the return of the Saar to the Reich, the Zionist organ there states very definitely that “the manner in… More ▸

  • Great Teams at Chelsea

    teams have been Jewish. Last year Chelsea high school won the state title. The captain Steve Stavisky, and Sol Nechten, another Jewish basketeer, were named all-New England. “This year’s team is composed of an all-Jewish five. Thus far it has defeated the best teams in this section of the country. It has suffered much abuse… More ▸

  • Says Poland Fosters War on Its Jews

    The rapid pauperization of Polish Jewry is due not only to the economic crisis, but also to the attitude of the Polish government which is seeking to eject the Jews from the economic life of the nation, Deputy Henryk Rosmarin, charged today during discussion of the budget for the Ministry of the Interior by the… More ▸

  • Nazis Continue Anti-semitism, Belie Reports

    Despite frequent reports that the Nazi party and government intend to liberalize their attitude toward the Jews, no official sign has been forthcoming to show that the Nazis have undergone a change of heart in their racial stand. On the contrary, recent events and the utterances of Nazi leaders have shown clearly that the Nazis… More ▸

  • Margolis Brands Legal System Corrupt, Conducive to Crime

    The high crime rate is the result of a corrupt legal system, Rabbi William Margolis charged in his sermon yesterday at Congregation Ohab Zedek, 118 West Ninety-fifth street. “The courts ol law, which ought to be shrines of honor, are controlled by creatures of politics, selected by simony and intrigue,” he said. “Knowledge and experience… More ▸

  • Guard Wawer Jews Against Nara Raids

    The Jewish population of Wawer, near this city, breathes easier today, following the stationing there of augmented military detail whose task it will be to provide special protection to the Jewish inhabitants against the activities of the anti-Semitic National Radical (Nara) youth. Wawer recently was the scene of bloody anti-Jewish attacks, which caused the Jewish… More ▸

  • Revisionists Accuse Reich Zionist Paper

    The Executive of the Zionist Revisionist party today indicted the Judische Rundschau, organ of German Zionists, for having allegedly carried false and libelous statements about the recent Revisionist conference at Krakow. Complaining that the peace between the factions was broken by this act, the Revisionists submitted the indictment to the World Zionist Executive and demanded… More ▸

  • Paradoxes of the Reich

    Berlin. Present-day Germany is a land of economic contradictions. Claims are laid to an economic recovery unparelleled in postwar records and probably in any other—an officially recorded increase in employment of something like 4,000,000 in less than eighteen months,—yet Germany is unable to pay her foreign debts. She has a gold currency, but little gold… More ▸

  • Dates and Places of Maccabi Competition

    Make a habit of glancing through the classified advertising columns. They may have a surprise in store for you. Wrestling—Saturday, 8 p. m. Feb. 9, Bronx Y. M. H. A. Boxing—Saturday, Feb. 16, 8 p. m. Newark Y. M. H. A. Tennis—Week of Feb. 17, Hamilton Tennis Courts. Swimming—Sunday, February 17, 8 p. m. Women’s… More ▸

  • Stahlhelm Man is Boston Nazi, Paper Shows

    Proof that Walter Kuhring, commander of the Boston Stahlhelmbund, German veterans’ group, is directly associated with the German Nazi movement, despite his frequent denials that he is a Nazi, was offered here today by Maxwell Cohen, national adjutant of the Jewish War Veterans of the United States. Kuhring was also shown to be soliciting aid… More ▸