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  • Des Moines, Ia.

    E. P. Adler, publisher of the Davenport Times, was given a silver plaque by the Iowa Press Association in recognition of “preeminence in newspaper work.” He has served as second vice-president of the Associated Press and as president of the Inland Press Association. More ▸

  • Buloff’s Artistic Performance is Feature of ‘60,000 Heroes’

    A new play “60,000 Heroes,” from the pen of Benjamin Ressler is on display at the Yiddish Folks Theatre, where the New York Art Troupe makes its home. Whatever opinion there may be about the play itself, one thing is certain. It does show that Joseph Buloff is a superb actor and that without his… More ▸

  • Junior Federation Lists Charity Ball Patrons

    An impressive list of patrons and patronesses, headed by Governor and Mrs. Lehman, and including Mayor and Mrs. LaGuardia, leading members of the judiciary and many other men and women prominent in Greater New York has been announced by the Junior Federation of the Brooklyn Federation of Jewish Charities for its sixth annual Charity Ball… More ▸

  • Czech Leader Who Took His Own Life is Buried

    Dr. Alexander Weiss, head of the Trencin Jewish community, who committed suicide by leaping from a mountain rock, was buried Friday. The funeral was conducted from the Trencin synagogue, with thousands, including representatives of government authorities, in attendance. Dr. Weiss recently suffered a nervous breakdown, said to have been induced by financial reverses. Elisha Ben… More ▸

  • JNF Institutes $500,000 Drive for Land Fund

    A campaign to raise $500,000 in the United States during 1935 to be used in the acquisition and reclamation of land in Palestine as national Jewish possessions was inaugurated last night by the Jewish National Fund of America at a Palestine Land Redemption dinner in the ballroom of the Hotel Astor. More than 1,200 guests… More ▸

  • The Oil Pipeline

    Haifa. A vivid description of the Mosul oil pipeline recently opened between Kirkuk and Haifa was given here by Sir John Cadman, chairman of the Iraq Petroleum Company, which built the line. Describing the problems encountered and the precautions taken in building the twin lines of pipes, Sir John said: “The ceremony inaugurating the pipeline… More ▸

  • Detroit

    The late Mrs. Sarah Goldberg, widow of Jude L. Goldberg, left the sum of $3,000 for nine institutions by the terms of her will, made public here last week. More ▸

  • “60,000 Heroes”

    Play in three acts and nine scenes by Benjamin Ressler. Direction, Joseph Buloff. Music by Jacob Fischer, arranged by N. Kornspan. Settings according Lino Palazzio, executed by Michael Saltzman. Dances arranged by Lillian Shapero. Performers (In order of their appearance) Borech, the rag-man…Reuben Wendorf Enzelle, the shochet…Ben Basenko Gershon, the shoemaker…Wolf Mercur Zorach, the teacher…Judah… More ▸

  • ‘two Years of Hitler’ to Be Luncheon Topic

    “Two Years of Hitler: Germany at Home and Abroad” will be the topic of a public luncheon discussion sponsored by the Foreign Policy Association at the Hotel Astor Saturday. Dorothy Thompson (Mrs. Sinclair Lewis), journalist and lecturer, formerly chief of the New York Evening Post Central European Press Bureau in Berlin, will speak. David Fresco,… More ▸

  • 7 Poles Jailed for ‘insults’ to Pilsudski

    Advocate Kowalski, president of the local National Democratic (Endek) party, who was accused, with eleven others, of having insulted Marshal Jozef Pilsudski, Polish dictator, and of having carried out anti-Semitic attacks last Summer, was acquitted yesterday, with his alleged accomplices, on both charges. Seven others being tried on similar charges were sentenced to from ten… More ▸