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  • Reich Bans C.-v. Zeitung 3 Months

    The Central-Verein Zeitung, the official organ of the leading Jewish organization in Germany known as the Central Association of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith, was suspended today by the German authorities for a period of three months. No reason was given for the action against the publication, which has been in existence for fourteen… More ▸

  • Nazi Ban on ‘mixed’ Marriages Brings London Wedding Boom

    A marriage boom between German “Aryans” and “non-Aryans” is being experienced here by the Registry Offices, according to a report in today’s Evening Standard. Forbidden to wed in Germany, the couples are coming to London to marry. There have been 150 such marriages registered so far in different Registry Offices in London. The Registrar of… More ▸

  • Mizrachi to Hear Chicago Educator

    About 375 delegates from various parts of the country are expected to attend the thirteenth annual convention of the Mizrachi Youth of America which opens today at the Yeshiva College auditorium, 186th Street and Amsterdam Avenue. Rabbi Saul Silber, president of the Chicago Hebrew Theological Seminary, will be the principal speaker. Other speakers will be:… More ▸

  • Urge British Tourists to Avoid Germany

    British tourists are advised by the Manchester Guardian today not to go to Germany unless the Nazi government removes the offensive anti-Jewish posters which are displayed all over the Reich. The Guardian, in publishing the appeal to tourists today, states that anti-Jewish propaganda posters are put up in Germany along the road to Garmisch-Parterkirchen, where… More ▸

  • The Daily News Letter

    Chief of European Service, J.T.A. London. Some time ago I had occasion to write on British public sentiment and pointed out that, at the time, it had just veered away from a point close to acceptance and toleration of Nazi Germany. In the month that has elapsed since that writing, the tide has swung and… More ▸

  • Juniors to Conduct Services in Synagogue

    The junior congregation of Talmud Torah Adereth El, 133 East Twenty-ninth Street, will conduct Sabbath services in the synagogue tomorrow. The children will have their own cantors, readers of the Torah and speakers. More ▸

  • Nazis Can’t Discharge Doctors on Job Year

    Jewish doctors who have practiced for one year in German sick funds are not to be dismissed by local authorities, according to a decision of the Federation of Sick Fund Doctors in Germany, made public today. This decision will clear up many misunderstandings in numerous sick fund institutions where Jewish doctors who are veterans of… More ▸

  • List Samuel to Speak at Young Judea Session

    Maurice Samuel, author and lecturer, will speak at a panel discussion on Young Judea at the St. Charles Hotel, Atlantic City, tomorrow night in connection with the youth organization’s twenty-seventh annual convention, which will close Sunday. The convention opened today after a meeting of the national governing board. Special services will be held Saturday at… More ▸

  • Rabbi Urges Careful Study of Coughlin’s Social Justice Plan

    only possible places to which the German Jews can emigrate. In answer to Rabbi Samuel H. Goldenson’s statement at an earlier session that Judaism is a religion rather than a civilization, Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver of Cleveland tonight declared, “If we regard Israel as a religious community exclusively, there would be no room within its… More ▸

  • Belgian Exhibit Opens Pavilion for Holy Land

    In the presence of Mayor Max of Brussels and British Ambassador Sir Esmond Ovey, a Palestine Pavilion was opened here today at the World Exhibition. The pavilion will be known as “Israel in Palestine.” Mayor Max, in his opening speech, paid tribute to Jewish achievements in Palestine and emphasized that the Belgian people warmly sympathize… More ▸