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  • Juniors to Conduct Services in Synagogue

    The junior congregation of Talmud Torah Adereth El, 133 East Twenty-ninth Street, will conduct Sabbath services in the synagogue tomorrow. The children will have their own cantors, readers of the Torah and speakers. More ▸

  • Nazis Can’t Discharge Doctors on Job Year

    Jewish doctors who have practiced for one year in German sick funds are not to be dismissed by local authorities, according to a decision of the Federation of Sick Fund Doctors in Germany, made public today. This decision will clear up many misunderstandings in numerous sick fund institutions where Jewish doctors who are veterans of… More ▸

  • List Samuel to Speak at Young Judea Session

    Maurice Samuel, author and lecturer, will speak at a panel discussion on Young Judea at the St. Charles Hotel, Atlantic City, tomorrow night in connection with the youth organization’s twenty-seventh annual convention, which will close Sunday. The convention opened today after a meeting of the national governing board. Special services will be held Saturday at… More ▸

  • Rabbi Urges Careful Study of Coughlin’s Social Justice Plan

    only possible places to which the German Jews can emigrate. In answer to Rabbi Samuel H. Goldenson’s statement at an earlier session that Judaism is a religion rather than a civilization, Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver of Cleveland tonight declared, “If we regard Israel as a religious community exclusively, there would be no room within its… More ▸

  • Belgian Exhibit Opens Pavilion for Holy Land

    In the presence of Mayor Max of Brussels and British Ambassador Sir Esmond Ovey, a Palestine Pavilion was opened here today at the World Exhibition. The pavilion will be known as “Israel in Palestine.” Mayor Max, in his opening speech, paid tribute to Jewish achievements in Palestine and emphasized that the Belgian people warmly sympathize… More ▸

  • Between the Lines

    If you’ve got something to sell, an excellent way of selling it is through the columns of the Jewish Daily Bulletin. Call AShland 4-3093 for rates. Many Jews in America will agree and many will disagree with the points of view expressed on the current economic problems in America at the convention of the Central… More ▸

  • Wise Sails Saturday on Palestine Trip

    Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, president of the American Jewish Congress, will sail for Europe and Palestine tomorrow on the Ile de France. He will spend a month in Palestine, following which he will attend the World Zionist Congress at Lucerne. Afterwards he will confer informally with a group of Jewish leaders under the auspices of… More ▸

  • Soviet Test Proves Young Jew Prodigy at Figures or Fiddle

    A prodigy with twin talents was discovered ##day in Kiev, Ukrainefi when an ### year old Jewish boy, Boris Korn###um, appeared before M. Zatonsky, ##he Ukrainian Soviet Commissar of ##ducation, to prove that he is one ##f the best violinists and mathe###aticians in the country. Within three minutes the Jewish boy solved an intricate mathematical… More ▸

  • World Press Digest

    The London Daily Herald, commenting editorially on the reception given to the German war veterans in England, says: If they do sincerely wish for the friendship and the goodwill of British ex-Service men and of the British nation, then they have indeed to rid our minds of certain memories. But these are not the memories… More ▸

  • Joint Fund Effort Urged in Palestine

    The need for coordination of social service and fund collection agencies in Palestine was emphasized by Mrs. Idelson of the Histadruth, Palestine labor federation, in an address to 200 persons who attended the Annual Conference of Social Work here under the auspices of the Vaad Leumi, Jewish representative assembly. It was pointed out by Mrs…. More ▸