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  • Times Criticizes Reich-inspired Plan to Transfer Jews

    Criticism of the reported plan to expatriate German Jews with the financial aid of British and American Jews by increasing German exports was voiced today in an editorial in the New York Times, which originally reported the plan from London yesterday. The scheme was scored as “further evidence of her (Germany’s) disregard of fundamental decency… More ▸

  • 19 German-jewish Families Sail for Argentine Ica Farms

    The first nineteen Jewish families have left Germany to be settled on Jewish Colonization Association land in the Argentine, it was announced today. Families applying for settlement on this tract are required to have a minimum of five members, two of whom must have been carefully trained for farming. The association collaborated with the Reich… More ▸

  • Jerusalem Health Dep’t Approves Chlorinating Plant for New Water System

    The Municipal Health Department has given its long-awaited approval to plans for constructing a chlorinating plant to purify the water in Jerusalem’s new water supply system. The action follows the connecting of the newly constructed pipe lines between the Ras-el-Ain watershed and the 10,000,000 gallon Ramoma reservoir. For the first time in history Jerusalem will… More ▸

  • Reich to Issue New Exchange Rules on Palestine-bound Money

    The Government bureau which regulates currency exchange officially announced today that new regulations will shortly be issued changing the regulations governing transmission of money to Palestine. present regulations are to remain in effect until the amendments are announced. More ▸

  • Sokolow Urges Increased Use of Hebrew

    A warning against the danger of creating in Palestine a German-Jewish community divorced from Jewish traditions was issued here last night by Dr. Nahum Sokolow, honorary president of the World Zionist Organization, in an address to the Tarbuth Association, Hebrew education organization which conducts schools in the Holy Land. He stressed the need of increased… More ▸

  • 70,000 Jews Given Winter Relief by Reich Jewish Body

    More than 70,000 Jews have to date received Winter relief from the Jewish relief organization, it was announced today at the central headquarters here. Jews are barred from participating in the official Nazi relief. Among the recipients of the relief, it was stated, were many “non-Aryans” who are not completely Jewish according to the Nazi… More ▸

  • Socialists in Poland Launch Drive Against Anti-semitism

    The party council of the Fund, Socialist organization, decided in a resolution today to launch a campaign against the wave of anti-Semitism in Poland. Mixed committees were established in conjunction with Polish, Ukrainian, Socialist and labor organizations to defend Jews. More ▸

  • Report Reich Would Demand 50% Commission on Goods Exported Under Plan

    Reports of the impending visit of three British-Jewish leaders to the United States have aroused considerable interest here, but it was indicated to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in the most authoritative government quarters that the trip will be fruitful only if Germany receives at least a fifty percent commission in foreign currency on the goods… More ▸

  • U.p.a. Drive for $2,500,000 Under Way

    The United Palestine Appeal campaign for raising $2,500,000 to maintain rebuilding work in Palestine is under way today following issuance of a manifesto by campaign Leaders Leaded by Rabbi Stephen S. Wise calling upon communal leaders to launch their campaigns immediately. The manifesto termed “the rebuilding of the Jewish national home the primary activity of… More ▸

  • Palestine Pushes Anti-noise Drive

    Taking a leaf out of the notebook of Mayor La-Guardia of New York, the Holy Land has launched an anti-noise crusade. Haifa, the Mediterranean seaport, is the latest city to join the drive with a municipal ordinance prohibiting the creating of a disturbance in the streets by the use of cud speakers and megaphones on… More ▸