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  • Rise of Anti-semitism Noted at South African Jewish Congress

    The serious situation caused by the growth of anti-Semitism in South Africa since 1933 was stressed today by the Executive of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies in its report to the board’s twelfth annual congress. The report called attention particularly to the anti-Semitic policy of the Nationalist Party headed by Dr. D.F. Malan…. More ▸

  • Anti-soviet Paper Reports Jewish Dramatists Arrested

    Arrest in Moscow of the director of the Moscow Theatre, Arkadaieff, and of the chief of the repertory staff, Litovski, both Jews, for attempting to assist Jewish friends to flee from Russia, was reported in dispatches to the Morning Post today from Helsingfors, Finland, a center of anti-Soviet propaganda. The Post said Akradaieff and Litovski… More ▸

  • Exchange of Workers Among Nations Proposed to I.l.o.

    An exchange of skilled workers among nations needing laborers which other countries can supply was proposed by M. Escabar, the Cuban representative, addressing the directors of the International Labor Office. Mr. Escabar read the text of a resolution adopted by the Cuban Congress proposing the establishment of an international organization to draft measures regulating international… More ▸

  • Hightstown Garment Cooperative Gets Private Support

    Jewish garment workers from New York City, settled in the Government-built community here, were enabled to continue operation of their garment factory by an arrangement completed today substituting private financing for Resettlement Administration support. Five consumer cooperative associations are advancing $50,000 as operating capital for next season, Benjamin Brown, executive director of the Workers’ Aim… More ▸

  • Butcher’s Son Sentenced to Death for Murder of Polish Policeman

    Wolf Szcerbowski, 18-year-old Jewish butcher’s son, was under sentence of death today for the slaying of a Polish policeman that set off anti-Jewish riots in this city on May 13 in which about 50 Jews were wounded, three of them fatally. The verdict, which came late last night the conclusion of a one-day trial in… More ▸

  • New German Transfer Regulations for Palestine Immigrants

    The Currency Control Office of the Reich has issued new regulations dealing with emigration to Palestine. The new regulations do not change the old order that permits of the transfer of capital to Palestine and are to be issued only to persons between the ages of 16 and 55. It will no longer be necessary… More ▸

  • News Brief

    In the face of general Arab opposition in Palestine to partition of the country with the Jews, the followers of Ragheb Bey Nashashibi, former Mayor of Jerusalem, were reported today by the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz to be increasing their agitation for partition. Meetings in Bethlehem, called by the prominent Arab leader Isaac Bendak, have been… More ▸

  • Zionist Political Position Weak, Ussishkin Warns

    Emphatic rejection of any proposal for partitioning Palestine between Jews and Arabs was demanded at the annual national conference of the General Zionist organization, Group A, which opened here last night. A warning that “our political stand is now weaker, regardless of the fact that our practical power has increased,” was voiced by Monachem M…. More ▸