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  • Protests on British Plan Continue

    Foreign Minister J.E. Erkko, receiving a Jewish delegation which called to protest against Britain’s Palestine policy, has promised sympathetic consideration of the problem by the Cabinet, declaring that Finland has always regarded with sympathy the Jewish aspirations in Palestine. At the same time, a protest memorandum was submitted to the British minister here by the… More ▸

  • News Brief

    The British Agudath Israel has informed the Colonial Office of its inability to accept Britain’s Palestine policy because it would “terminate the millennial association of the Jewish people with the Jewish homeland. More ▸

  • Reich Renews Expulsion of Polish Jews; May Force 17,000 to Leave in Month

    A drive has been launched to expel approximately 17,000 Jews of Polish nationality from Germany within the next month, the Jewish Refugee Committee here learned today. (The first group of 4,000 reached Polish territory Saturday morning from the German town of Kassel, according to the Warsaw correspondent of the London Daily Telegraph. They were driven… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Jewish leaders today proclaimed a $5,000 fundraising campaign for the Zionist cause as an answer to Britain’s Palestine policy and sent a delegation to the British Ambassador to present a memorandum protesting against the British plan. More ▸

  • Negotiations for Admission of Refugees Go on As St. Louis Waits Outside Cuban Waters

    The Hamburg-American Liner St. Louis, with its cargo of 907 Jewish refugees dreading return to the Reich, lay outside the twelve-mile limit today while negotiations proceeded for possible admission to Cuba or to the Dominican Republic. A committee of Cuban Cabinet members and other prominent persons planned to lay before President Federico Laredo Bru and… More ▸

  • Jewish Students Proclaim Mourning in Poland over Lwow Murder

    Jewish students’ organizations today proclaimed six days of mourning throughout Poland for Marcus Landesberger, Jewish student who was slain by anti-Semites at Lwow Polytechnic Institute several days ago. Meanwhile, a conference of professors of the Institute applied to the prosecutor of the Lwow Appeals Court, asking him to take measures for security of human life… More ▸

  • Refugee Ship Turns Back to Reich

    The German liner Orinoco, turned back from its course to Cuba by radioed instructions from Berlin, was scheduled to arrive tonight in Hamburg with more than 200 German Jews aboard — the first large group of refugees to be returned to the Reich. Many of the refugees attempted to jump overboard in Cherbourg waters when… More ▸

  • Continued Terrorism Reported in Bohemia-moravia

    Continued terrorism was reported today in former Czechoslovakia. Nazis set fire to and destroyed the Cafe Opera in Maerisch-Ostrau, one of the two remaining cafes where Jews were allowed entry. In Prague, special police guards were posted before Jewish quarters to prevent anti-Jewish excesses when Fascist demonstrators tried to organize anti-Semitic disorders. The Municipality of… More ▸

  • Albania Orders Refugees to Leave

    The Italian administration of Albania has ordered all Jewish refugees to leave by June 17, Jewish relief organizations here were advised today. The refugees, numbering about 100, are concentrated mostly in Tirana and Durazzo. They had enjoyed complete freedom under King Zog. They now face deportation to the Reich. More ▸

  • Sir Philip Sassoon Dead in London at 50

    Sir Philip Sassoon, since 1937 First Commissioner of Public Works and former Undersecretary for Air, died yesterday at his residence. His death, at the age of 50, followed a two months’ illness. Sir Philip’s father was the second Baronet Sassoon and his mother was the daughter of Baron Gustave de Rothschild. Sir Philip, known as… More ▸