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  • Continued Terrorism Reported in Bohemia-moravia

    Continued terrorism was reported today in former Czechoslovakia. Nazis set fire to and destroyed the Cafe Opera in Maerisch-Ostrau, one of the two remaining cafes where Jews were allowed entry. In Prague, special police guards were posted before Jewish quarters to prevent anti-Jewish excesses when Fascist demonstrators tried to organize anti-Semitic disorders. The Municipality of… More ▸

  • Albania Orders Refugees to Leave

    The Italian administration of Albania has ordered all Jewish refugees to leave by June 17, Jewish relief organizations here were advised today. The refugees, numbering about 100, are concentrated mostly in Tirana and Durazzo. They had enjoyed complete freedom under King Zog. They now face deportation to the Reich. More ▸

  • Sir Philip Sassoon Dead in London at 50

    Sir Philip Sassoon, since 1937 First Commissioner of Public Works and former Undersecretary for Air, died yesterday at his residence. His death, at the age of 50, followed a two months’ illness. Sir Philip’s father was the second Baronet Sassoon and his mother was the daughter of Baron Gustave de Rothschild. Sir Philip, known as… More ▸

  • Mrs. Hoster, English Women’s Leader, Dead

    Mrs. Constance Hoster, a leader in women’s work, died yesterday at the age of 74. She was a pioneer in the training of women for secretarial and other positions and was one of the first women to be elected to the London Chamber of Commerce. She was the daughter of Dr. Marcus Kalisch, distinguished Talmudic… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Word was received here today that six of the 21 refugees aboard the German liner Cap Norte were permitted to land at Buenos Aires on Friday and the rest were forced to return to Europe. The 21 were refused permission to disembark at Montevideo on May 23 when Paraguay, their destination, cancelled their entry permits. More ▸

  • 300 Scholarships for Refugees Created at American Colleges

    During the academic year now ending, 200 colleges have created some 300 scholarships, worth over $200,000, for refugee students, it was announced today by Catherine Deeny, executive secretary of the Intercollegiate Committee to Aid Student Refugees. This will enable the most outstanding students of Central Europe, whose studies have been interrupted and whose lives have… More ▸

  • Jewish, Arab Delegations Converge on Geneva for Mandates Commission Session

    Many Jewish and Arab delegations are expected to come here for the opening Thursday of the session of the League of Nations Mandates Commission, which will examine Britain’s new Palestine policy. An Arab delegation headed by Jamal el Husseini, cousin of the exiled ex-Mufti of Jerusalem, has already arrived. The Jewish Agency for Palestine has… More ▸

  • Court Martial of Moseley for Insubordination Sought

    Representative John M. Coffee (Dem., Wash.) has asked President Roosevelt and Secretary of War Harry H. Woodring for a court martial of Major-General George Van Horn Moseley, retired, on the ground of “insubordination.” Mr. Coffee said General Moseley deserved to be court martialed because of references to President Roosevelt before the Dies committee. He charged… More ▸

  • Goldmann Sees Commission Rejecting British Policy

    Belief that the Mandates Commission next week will reject Britain’s Palestine policy was expressed today by Dr. Nahum Goldmann, Zionist representative at Geneva, addressing the annual conference of the French Zionist Federation. The meeting closed tonight with the delegates from 20 cities adopting resolutions in protest against the British policy. More ▸