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  • Resistance by Germans to Anti-semitism Cited in Private Reports and Magazine Articles

    Jews, particularly skilled workers, are being reemployed in Germany because of the labor shortage, according to a release of the Friends of German Freedom entitled “Inside Germany Reports.” The organization, whose chairman is Prof. Reinhold Niebuhr and treasurer Adolph Held, is located at 112 East 19 Street. The Jews are subjected to various indignities, the… More ▸

  • Police Commissioner Names Committee to Probe Disturbances Arising from Sale of “social Justice

    Declaring the police department must be impartial in its handling of disturbances arising from sale of Father Charles E. Coughlin’s magazine Social Justice and rival publications, Police Commissioner Valentine today appointed a committee headed by Byrnes MacDonald, a former deputy police commissioner, to investigate the entire problem. Appointment of the committee followed receipt of many… More ▸

  • 11 Arabs Slain in Attacks Near Jewish Communities; Curfew Imposed

    Terrorists wielding gun, bomb and torch kept Palestine in continuing ferment today while the British military authorities took drastic measures to restore order. A new wave of violence was climaxed early this morning by the fatal shooting of 11 Arabs and wounding of five others in six attacks in the Southern District. An official communique… More ▸

  • Czech Newspapers Anxious over American Boycott

    Czech newspaper today voiced anxiety at the refusal of American firms to accept goods ordered in the “protectorate” prior to the German occupation. The newspapers also reported that the United States was insisting that Czech goods be labelled “Made in Germany,” which would necessarily extend the boycott to products made in the “protectorate.” The newspaper… More ▸

  • 8 Terrorist Leaders Support British Policy

    A manifesto of eight former Palestine terrorist leaders, including Mohammed Fahbi Arafat, general secretary of Palestine bands, endorsing Britain’s new Holy Land policy and charging the ex-Mufti of Jerusalem with continuing the disturbances for personal reasons and foreign interests was circulated today by adherents of the moderate Nashashibi group. More ▸

  • Otto Freund Reported Suicide in Prague

    The Times reported from Prague today that Otto Freund, former principal director of the Bohemia Union Bank, and a prominent Jewish leader and philanthropist committed suicide in prison Saturday. He had been held under arrest by the Gestapo, German secret police. More ▸

  • Hebrew Press Charges Race Discrimination in Land Ordinance

    The charge of racial discrimination was raised by the press today following publication of the edict empowering the High Commissioner, in accordance with the terms of the British White Paper on Palestine, to prohibit, restrict and regulate transfers of land in any part of the Holy Land. The newspapers pointed out that the measure will… More ▸

  • Ship with 742 Refugees Captured

    The two masted barque Narcis, with 742 Jewish refugees on board, was captured off Gaza today by the British sea patrol. The ship had tried to disembark its passengers illegally. More ▸

  • News Brief

    An Appellate Court has meted out increased jail terms to seven Nazis who had been convicted by a lower court of distributing seditious literature and sentenced to terms of two to five months. The court, rejecting their appeal, ordered them to serve sentences of two to three years. More ▸