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  • 30 Delegates from 9 Countries Named to Agency’s Council Session

    The organization department of the Jewish Agency for Palestine has announce election of 30 delegates from nine countries to the biennial meeting here of the Agency Council, opening August 30 following close of the World Zionist Congress. According to the Zionist Congress Bureau the British non-Zionist delegation of seven will include Lord Melchett, Lady Reading… More ▸

  • Mania Shochat, Palestine Pioneer, to Set Up Arab-jewish Amity Group Here

    Mania Shochat, famous as one of the first Jewish pioneers to settle in Palestine, announced today that she is going to New York to start a committee for Arab-Jewish unity in America. She addressed a reception given by the Independent Labor Party to mark British Imperialism and Arab Feudalisms.” Miss Shochat, speaking in Hebrew, expressed… More ▸

  • Poland Plans Intervention on Danzig Confiscation Decree

    The Polish Government will shortly intervene with the Danzing authorities regarding application to Polish citizens of the Free City Senate’s decree authorizing confiscation of Jewish property, the Polish-language Jewish daily, Nasz Prze glad, reported today. The Government is now studying the Danzing decree, the paper said. More ▸

  • Britain Does Not Plan Unilateral Financial Aid for Refugees, Winterton Tells Commons

    A warning that the British Government does not contemplate unilateral action in the matter of financial assistance for overseas refugee settlement projects was voiced in the House of Commons today by Lord Winterton, chairman of the Intergovernmental Refugee Committee. Speaking for the Government in a debate on the refugee question prior to adjournment of Commons,… More ▸

  • Aden Jews Seized in Police Raid During Tisha B’av Services

    Police accompanied by a number of Arab settlement clerks raided the Jewish quarter early on the morning of the Jewish fast-day of Tisha B’AV on July 25 and arrested a number of Yemenite Jews worshiping in a temporary synagogue, it was learned today. The arrests were stated to be part of a general hunt for… More ▸

  • Roosevelt Seen Ready to Rebuke Britain on White Paper

    ” Even officially, ” the writer continued, “he might yet swing a surprise on the world in this connection, as he sprang the other day with regard to Japanese aggression in China.” President Roosevelt may make official representations to the British Government with regard to its White Paper on Palestine when the six-power refugee conference… More ▸

  • Friedland, Noted Jewish Educator, Zionist Deader, Dead at 47

    Abraham H. Friedland, regarded as America’s most brilliant Jewish educator, died here last night after a long illness at the age of 47. He was director of the Bureau of Jewish Education of Cleveland, president of the Histadruth Ivrith, Hebrew Cultural organization, and head of the Ohio region of the Zionist organization of America. An… More ▸

  • 3 Jews Held in Palestine Radio Station Bombing

    Police today detained three Jewish control room employes of the Palestine Broadcasting Service for interrogation in connection with the bombing of the station on Wednesday in which a Jewish announcer and Arab engineer were fatally wounded. More ▸

  • Reich Allows Polish Jews’ Federation to Send Delegates to New York Congress

    Next Monday a delegation representing the Polish Jews in Argentina will arrive in New York on the S.S Republic. The German Government has given permission to the Federation of Polish Jews in the Reich toe send a delegation to the third biennial conference of the World Federation in the Polish Jews AA Abroad which will… More ▸

  • Promises Military Guard for New Colonies Started with Official Approval

    Colonial Secretary Malcolm MacDonald, in a written reply to a question by David Adams, Labor M.P., declared today that normal arrangements for military protection will be extended to all new Jewish settlements established in Palestine “with the prior consent of the Government. “ Mr. MacDonald refused to accept responsibility for finding havens for refugees not… More ▸