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  • U.S. Zionists Quit Geneva Today As War Menace Grows; Agency Body Cancels Session

    Rumors that Swiss frontiers would be closed at midnight–denied by the Swiss authorities and French and Italian Consulates–today caused apprehension among delegates to the 21st biennial World Zionist Congress, many of whom hurried across the border into France without waiting for adjournment of the Congress. The 100-odd American delegates reserved a special train to take… More ▸

  • All Officials Recalled As Palestine Girds for War

    Europes war crisis today stirred activity in Palestine, strategic British-mandated territory on the Mediterranean. The leaves of High Commissioner Sir Harold A. MacMichael and other high Government officials were cancelled and they were ordered to return to Palestine immediately. MacMichael had left for a vacation in England. James S. McPherson, Government Chief Secretary, conferred with… More ▸

  • Jewish Boy, Man Slain by Terrorists

    A seven-year-old Jewish boy was fatally wounded, a Jewish woman was seriously injured and another slightly injured today when a bus en route from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was fired upon near Sarid. A Jew was fatally wounded and two were slightly injured last night when a bus en route from Haifa to the Nevei… More ▸

  • Illegal Entry Penalties Increased

    The Government announced today in the official Palestine Gazette a measure increasing the term of imprisonment from two to eight years for aiding, abetting or harboring illegal immigrants–the third such increase in the past two years. The measure also prohibits tourists from obtaining permanent visas while in Palestine. They are required to leave for abroad… More ▸

  • Pegler Predicts Anti-nazi Reds Here Will Quit Communist Party

    Westbrook Pegler, New York World-Telegram columnist, declared today that as a result of the Russo-German non-aggression pact, “these American Communists, particularly the Jews among them, who hate Nazism and hoped that Stalinism was somehow different, will begin to edge away from their affiliation.” “This deal between the two dictators will compel an honest examination of… More ▸

  • Tangier Group Maps Industrial Aid for Refugees

    A committee of prominent Frenchmen, Englishmen, Swiss, Moroccan Jews and new Jewish immigrants has been formed to study the establishment of new industries to provide work for a thousand Jewish emigres. The authorities have promised to support the project. More ▸

  • Fascist Here Warns of “jewish Plan” to Confuse Americans on Red-nazi Tie

    George E. Deatherage, of St. Albans, W.Va., head of the fascist Knights of the White Camelia, addressing several thousand persons last night at the Innisfail Stadium here, attributed the Russo-German non-aggression pact to “a great rebuilding of the Christian faith inside Russia,” as well as pressure from outside, and warned his listeners of a “Jewish… More ▸

  • Reich-soviet Pact Figures in Dies Probe; Silver Shirt Agent Entangled

    The Russo-German non-aggression pact was brought into a Dies Committee hearing today to embarrass an anti-Semite testifying that he favored militant action against “Jewish Communism.” Henry D. Allen, of Pasadena, Calif., already revealed as having connections with William Dudley Pelley’s Silver Shirts, was closely questioned by Chairman Martin Dies until he was forced to admit… More ▸

  • Late Geneva News

    The Zionist Congress was expected to close after a session late tonight. Resolutions adopted during the day urged the Zionist Executive to develop Jewish maritime activities and establish a national institute to sponsor Jewish navigation and aviation; and urged the Executive to take steps to reduce Jewish unemployment in Palestine and aid the unemployed from… More ▸