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  • 50 Jews and Poles Dying Daily in Nazi Concentration Camp in Poland

    At least 50 prisoners die every day in the notorious Nazi concentration camp at Oswiecim, southern Poland, where thousands of Jews are confined, it was learned today by Polish circles here, from a prisoner who succeeded in escaping from the camp. Jews have been grouped in special penal sections, he reported, and are assigned to… More ▸

  • Nazis Establish New Concentration Camp for Jews in Belgium

    Nazi administrative authorities in Belgium have established a new concentration camp for Jews, according to information reaching Belgian circles here today. The camp, modeled along the lines of the notorious Dachau concentration camp, in Germany, is located in Breendonik, near Antwerp. Conditions in this “Jewish camp” are so bad that seven internees are reported to… More ▸

  • Only 46 Jewish Lawyers Permitted to Practice in Paris; 246 More Debarred

    Only 48 Jewish lawyers will be permitted to practice in the Paris courts under an order issued today. The order debars an additional 246 Jewish counsellors. The Paris bar association wanted special dispensations granted to an additional 50 Jews who were ex-servicemen but the French officials objected to having more than 44 – two percent… More ▸

  • Settlers in Jca Colonies in Argentina Adapt Themselves to War Conditions

    The progress made by some 4,000 Jewish colonists and their families settled on the land of the Jewish Colonization Association in Argentina, was reviewed here today by Mr. Louis Oungre, general manager of the JCA, upon his return from an inspection trip to the Argentine settlements. Pointing out that the property owned by the Jewish… More ▸

  • Zionist Labor Group Affiliates Itself with British Zionist Federation

    The Poale Zion Organization of Great Britain has affiliated itself with the British Zionist Federation in a move towards Zionist unity, it was announced here today. The Poale Zion group will be a subsidiary body of the Zionist Federation subject to the constitution and by-laws of the latter group. The labor body, however, will retain… More ▸

  • Anti-semitic Organizations in U.s.a. to Be Watched Following F.d.r.’s Warning

    Anti-Semitic organizations in America will be taken under special observation, it was indicated here today as a result of President Roosevelt’s message yesterday to the reassembled seventy-seventh Congress, in which the President went out of his way to emphasize that this country “must be particularly vigilant against racial discrimination in any of its ugly forms.”… More ▸

  • U.S. Embassy in Russia Studies Report of Nazi Massacres of Jews, Russians in Ukraine

    Officials of the American embassy in Soviet Russia today studied detailed figures on the mass-executions by German military authorities in the Ukraine of some 100,000 civilians, the majority of them Jews. The figures are contained in an official note submitted to the embassy yesterday by Vyacheslav Molotoff, Soviet Commissar for Foreign Affairs. The note, which… More ▸

  • 40th Anniversary of Jewish National Fund Celebrated in Palestine Today

    The 40th anniversary of the Jewish National Fund will be celebrated here tomorrow throughout the Yishuv in a modest way, since the war situation prevents the celebration of the occasion in the elaborate manner in which it would have been observed under normal circumstances. The Jewish National Fund was established on Jan. 8, 1902 by… More ▸

  • Jewish National Fund Anniversary Month Proclaimed in America

    The period between January 15 and February 15 will be observed in many Jewish communities throughout the United States as “Jewish National Fund Month” in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the JNF, Dr. Israel Goldstein, President of the Fund, announced today. More ▸