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  • Pro-nazi Hungarian Premier and Six Others Charged with Torture and Murder of Jews

    Seven prominent Nazis, headed by former premier Fereno Szelasi, went on trial here today for war crimes, including the torture and deportation of hundreds of thousands of Jews. All the defendants were charged specifically with responsibility for the death of many thousands of Budapest Jews and for their confinement in a ghetto. As the seven… More ▸

  • Hashomer Hatzair Decides to Become a Political Party; Calls Nation-wide Parley

    The Hashomer Hatzair, which has been a leftwing semi-political movement for many years, has decided to reorganize as a full-pledged political party, it was learned today. A country-wide conference has been called for Feb. 20, at which time the formal establishment of the party will take place. The Palestine Socialist League has already agreed to… More ▸

  • Dr. Herzl’s “judenstaat” Translated into Russian for Soviet Editors and Officials

    Dr. Theodor Herzl’s “Judenstast,” bible of modern Zionism, Dr. Leo Pinaker’s “Auto-Emancipation,” considered one of the first scientific, treatments of Zionism in relation to the Jewish problem, and a series of pamphlets dealing with the absorptivity of Palestine and the development of the country by Jews, are now being translated into Russian and will soon… More ▸

  • State Dept, Says Czech Government Ready to Give Information on Theresienstadt Victims

    Information regarding issuance of death certificates for persons who died in German concentration camps in Czechoslovakia, such as Terezin, is obtainable from the repatriation office of the Czechoslovak Ministry of Social Welfare in Prague, the State Department announced today. Applications for the death certificates should give the name of the deceased date and place of… More ▸

  • U.S. Committee Arrives in Germany to Facilitate Immigration of Refugees

    The special committee established to carry out President Truman’s directive that the immigration of displaced persons and other refugees be facilitated has arrived here, and has begun to set up emigration machinery. The committee, which held two meetings over the week-end, conferred with representatives of UNRRA, the Intergovernmental Refugee Committee and voluntary agencies. Further meetings… More ▸

  • Swiss Government Orders Jewish Producer of Film on Refugees to Leave Country

    Leopold Lindberg, an Austrian-born Jew and producer of the Swiss film, “The Last Chance,” has been ordered to leave Switzerland by July 15. Until his departure, Lindberg is forbidden to lecture, make broadcasts, or produce new films without prior authorization from the police. The Swiss press is criticizing his expulsion. “The Last Chance,” which is… More ▸

  • Armed Jews Attack Police Headquarters at Safad; Are Repelled by Guards

    A party of armed Jews made an abortive attack on police headquarters at Safad at 3 o’clock this afternoon, police announced tonight. The raiders penetrated the grounds through a hole in the barbed-wire fence. An Arab sentry challenged the attackers who replied with fire wounding the sentry. Several grenades were also thrown at the guards…. More ▸

  • Rumania Permits Transfer of Jewish Property to Palestine on Exchange Basis

    The Rumanian Government today announced that it will permit the transfer to Palestine of property belonging to Jews who emigrated from Rumania to Palestine since the pro-Nazi government of former Premier Ion Antonescu came into power in September 1940. The transfer will be effected chiefly by exporting to Palestine Rumanian products purchased with funds secured… More ▸

  • Ort Trains 80 Instructors in Switzerland for Work Among Jews in Liberated Countries

    The headquarters of the ORT organization in Switzerland has trained 80 instructors for various ORT institutions abroad, the organization has announced here. In addition other instructors in watchmaking, electrical mechanics dental mechanics, machine repair, and knitting have been hired in camps in Germany. The Swiss ORT has established a school for orthodox Jewish toolmakers and… More ▸