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  • Jewish Property Will Not Be Returned in Austria Until Allies Decide on Reparations

    Until the Allied powers clearly define what they mean by “German industry”–that is industry subject to seizure for reparations–there can be no solution of the problem of restoration of Jewish property in Austria, according to officials of the Ministry of Property Custody. They stressed, however, that in any case special treatment for Jews is not… More ▸

  • American Jews Owning Land in Palestine Warned to Protect Their Property Rights

    Americans who own land in Palestine were warned today that their property can be lost to them under the present regulations of the Palestine Government, which provide that persons dwelling on or working uncultivated rural land for twelve consecutive months may receive squatters’ rights. The warning was issued by Dr. Abraham Granovsky, director of the… More ▸

  • Swedish Commission Rejects Appeal for Admission of 1,000 Jewish Children

    The Swedish radio today reported that the Commission on Aliens has advised against the admission to Sweden of 1,000 Jewish children from Poland and other European countries. An appeal for admission of the children was submitted to the Swedish Government by the Jewish Agency for Palestine and the World Jewish Congress. The Jewish Committee in… More ▸

  • Commission to Study Establishment of Discrimination-free University Asked by Dewey

    Gov. Thomas E. Dewey yesterday urged the New York State legislature to establish a commission to make a one-year study of plans for the establishment of a discrimination-free state university, and asked that $100,000 be appropriated to cover the cost of the inquiry. Following his message, Republican majority leaders in both houses introduced bills calling… More ▸

  • Unit of Anglo-american Inquiry Committee Expected to Arrive in Berlin Today

    A sub-committee of the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry on Palestine was expected to arrive in Berlin from London today or tomorrow, the British news service in Germany reported today. Other sub-committees will visit the British, United States and French zones. (The members of the committee were criticized today for the “arrogance” and “downright impoliteness” that… More ▸

  • Pro-nazi Hungarian Premier and Six Others Charged with Torture and Murder of Jews

    Seven prominent Nazis, headed by former premier Fereno Szelasi, went on trial here today for war crimes, including the torture and deportation of hundreds of thousands of Jews. All the defendants were charged specifically with responsibility for the death of many thousands of Budapest Jews and for their confinement in a ghetto. As the seven… More ▸

  • Hashomer Hatzair Decides to Become a Political Party; Calls Nation-wide Parley

    The Hashomer Hatzair, which has been a leftwing semi-political movement for many years, has decided to reorganize as a full-pledged political party, it was learned today. A country-wide conference has been called for Feb. 20, at which time the formal establishment of the party will take place. The Palestine Socialist League has already agreed to… More ▸

  • Dr. Herzl’s “judenstaat” Translated into Russian for Soviet Editors and Officials

    Dr. Theodor Herzl’s “Judenstast,” bible of modern Zionism, Dr. Leo Pinaker’s “Auto-Emancipation,” considered one of the first scientific, treatments of Zionism in relation to the Jewish problem, and a series of pamphlets dealing with the absorptivity of Palestine and the development of the country by Jews, are now being translated into Russian and will soon… More ▸

  • State Dept, Says Czech Government Ready to Give Information on Theresienstadt Victims

    Information regarding issuance of death certificates for persons who died in German concentration camps in Czechoslovakia, such as Terezin, is obtainable from the repatriation office of the Czechoslovak Ministry of Social Welfare in Prague, the State Department announced today. Applications for the death certificates should give the name of the deceased date and place of… More ▸