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  • Jewish Refugees from Eastern Europe Piling Up in Austria; Fear to Enter Germany

    Jewish refugees from Poland and Rumania are beginning to pile up here just one week after the U.S. Army announced that it would no longer permit “infiltrees” to enter DP camps in Germany. As of today there are about 500 “infiltrees” in Vienna and another 1,000 are reported to be at the Rumanian -Austrian frontier… More ▸

  • Attorney General Backs Bill Easing Immigration Laws for Aliens Here over Five Years

    Attorney General Tom Clark, testifying before the House Judiciary Committee today, gave his full support to the Fellows Bill, which would grant him broad discretion in certain cases involving deportation of aliens. Clark told the committee that he was very anxious that it should design some legislation which would allow him broader discretion in adjusting… More ▸

  • U.S. Opposes, Soviet Backs Arab Plea for Full Debate; Poland Asks Jewish Representation

    The U.S.-Soviet cleavage on international affairs was reflected at the General Committee of the United Nations today when the American delegate opposed and the Russian representative endorsed the Arab request for addition to the General Assembly agenda of a special item calling for the termination of the Mandate and the proclamation of Palestine’s independence. The… More ▸

  • Congressman Charges Campaign of Distortion on Dp Immigration to the United States

    In a speech to the House today, Rep. Arthur G. Klein, Democrat, of New York, pointed out that there is “apparently a conspiracy of distortion and misrepresentation” now under way to confuse the public and Congress on the subject of displaced persons. Speaking in support of the Stratton Bill, recently introduced in the House, which… More ▸

  • Britain and France to Hold Further Discussions on Curbing Immigration to Palestine

    A Foreign Office spokesman today announced that Anglo-French discussions “on a technical level” will be held soon to discuss French “cooperation” with the British drive to cut off visaless immigration to Palestine. It is expected that the parley will be held in Paris. Although the spokesman still declined to release the contents of the French… More ▸

  • Lively Debate on Palestine Expected at British Labor Party Annual Convention in May

    A lively debate on the Palestine issue at the forthcoming annual meeting of the British Labor Party which is scheduled to open at Margate May 26 was foreshadowed here today with the publication of proposed resolutions. Included among them are demands for the abrogation of the White Paper, ending of land purchase restrictions and surrender… More ▸

  • British, Egyptian Agents in Egypt Searching for Reported Palestine Extremists

    All hotels and boarding houses in Cairo, Alexandria and Port Said are being closely watched by British and Egyptian agents following receipt by political police of information that alleged Palestine extremists have entered the country. It is understood that after the execution of Dov Gruner, the underground threatened to retaliate against British officials in Egypt…. More ▸