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  • Z.O.A. Golden Jubilee Convention to Be Held in New York City July 3-6

    The 50th annual convention of the Zionist Organization of American will be held at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City, July 3 through July 6, according to a decision by the National Administrative Council of the organization. The Palestine situation in all its aspects, particularly in the light of the discussion by the U.N.,… More ▸

  • Argentine Foreign Office Denies Report Consuls Ordered Not to Issue Visas to Jews

    A spokesman for the Foreign Office today denied reports that Argentine consuls have been instructed not to issue visas to Jews wishing to enter the country for business or other reasons. Ernesto Campolongo, director of the administrative department of the Foreign Office, said rejection of visa applications was never due to racial reasons. More ▸

  • Rabbinical Council of America Calls on U.S. to Press Jewish Cause at U.N. Session

    The United States was urged to take the initiative in championing the Jewish cause at the U.N. session on Palestine in a resolution adopted here today by the 11th annual convention of the Pabbinical Council of America. The resolution also called on the U.S. Government to insist that the Jewish Agency be accorded full representation… More ▸

  • China Signs Iro Constitution; Will Send Delegate to Preparatory Commission in Lausanne

    In a ceremony at Flushing Meadows today, Dr. P.C. Chang, Chinese representative on the U.N. Economic and Social Council, signed the constitution of the International Refugee Organization and the interim arragements for a preparatory commission to bring the I.R.O. into operation as soon as possible. He announced that China would send a delegate to the… More ▸

  • Break Ground in Palestine for Building of New Hadassah-university Medical School

    James G. MacDonald, former U.S. member of the Anglo-American inquiry committee, participating today in the groundbreaking ceremonies for the Biology building of the Hebrew University-Hadassah medical school, lauded the project as an “exceptional contribution toward lifting the health standard of millions of people.” Representatives of the University and Hadassah also participated in the ceremony. More ▸

  • Palestine Jews Ask U.N. to Ratify International Obligations to Jews on Palestine

    A plea to the United Nations to support the Jewish demand for a national home was yesterday sent the international organization the DAIA, central representative body of Argentine Jewry. The cable said: “Argentine Jewry hopes that the United Nations will ratify the ##torical and political rights of the Jewish people to Palestine and will impose… More ▸

  • Jewish Refugees from Eastern Europe Piling Up in Austria; Fear to Enter Germany

    Jewish refugees from Poland and Rumania are beginning to pile up here just one week after the U.S. Army announced that it would no longer permit “infiltrees” to enter DP camps in Germany. As of today there are about 500 “infiltrees” in Vienna and another 1,000 are reported to be at the Rumanian -Austrian frontier… More ▸