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  • Mizrachi to Meet in Switzerland to Discuss Revision of Organizational Structure

    At the request of the American Mizrachi movement, a special consultative conference of the General Mizrachi movement has been called for August (##) in Zurich, Switzerland, to formulate proposals for the creation of a new international organizational structure, it was announced today by Leon Gellman, national president of the Mizrachi Organization of America. The conference… More ▸

  • Unscop Secretariat Instructed by U.N. to Protest Refusal to Admit Frank

    United Nations officials said today that further instructions were being sent to the UNSCOP secretariat in Jerusalem in connection with the Lebanese discrimination against Gerold Frank, special correspondent of (##) Jewish Telegraphic Agency, in the granting of a visa to accompany the inquiry (##) mission to Palestine. The United Nations is taking the position that… More ▸

  • Jews Transferred to Deportation Vessels in Haifa Port As U.N. Probers Watch

    Forty-five hundred visaless Jewish immigrants, the (##)st single group to attempt to run the British blockade on one ship, were today (##)shipped to deportation vessels in the harbor here under the eyes of U.N. inquiry Committee chairman Emil Sandstroem and Yugoslav alternate delegate Vladimir Simitch. During a battle when the refugees’ vessel, “Exodus 1947” was… More ▸

  • Ston Leader Says Refugees on Cyprus Kept Alive by U.S. Jews Through U.J.A.

    Fred Monosson, prominent Boston Jewish leader and chairman of the national rainwear division of the United Jewish Appeal, reported (##)re upon his return from Cyprus that the 16,000 Jewish refugees detained on that (##)land are alive and healthy today because of the U.J.A. One of the few American Jewish leaders permitted to visit the Mediterranean… More ▸

  • Briton Killed, Eight Persons Wounded in Third Day of Attacks in Palestine

    One British soldier was killed and at least eight (##)er persons, including a Jewish bystander, were wounded today in a new series of (##)acks on British military personnel. This is the third successive day of raids (##)ce Nathanya was placed under martial rule. The fatality occurred when a military truck was blown up by an… More ▸

  • American Jewish Conference Interim Body Recommends Postponement of Fourth Session

    The Interim Committee of the American Jewish Con(##)nce announced today that it has recommended postponement to November of the (##)rth session of the Conference, which was slated to be held on Labor Day week-end discuss conversion of the organization into a permanent body. The announcement said that several organizations affiliated with the Conference (##) requested… More ▸

  • Hearings on Stration Bill Conclude with Testimony by Attorney-general Tom Clark

    House hearings on the Stratton Bill ended this (##)ning with testimony by Attorney-General Tom Clark, who strongly supported the measure. Clark told the House Sub-Committee on Immigration that “practically every person who appeared in support of this bill presented his facts and views on the bas(##) of actual experience or first-hand acquaintance with the subject,”… More ▸

  • Iam Tuck, U.S. Nominee, Named Head of International Refugee Organization

    William H. Tuck, of the United States, was today (##)ted executive secretary of the Preparatory Commission of the International Refugee Organization, succeeding Arthur J. Altmeyer, who resigned this week. Proposed by (##) American delegate, George L. Warren, Tuck was elected unanimously. Sir Arthur (##)ber, deputy secretary of the British Ministry of Health, was appointed deputy… More ▸

  • Gates from Nine Countries to Study Ways of Combatting European Anti-semitism

    An attempt to formulate a “cure for anti-Semitism” will be made at the Conference of International Experts on the Resurgence of Anti-(##)tism in Europe, scheduled to be held in Switzerland from July 30th to Aug. 5th, (##)ording to Dr. Everett Clinchy, president of the National Conference of Christians (##) Jews in the United States. Describing… More ▸