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  • British Policemen Blasted Offices of J.t.a. and Palestine Post, Haganah Establishes

    The Haganah announced tonight that it had completed an investigation which established that British police officers in Jerusalem were responsible for the bombing last Sunday night of the building in which were located the Jerusalem bureau of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and the English-language Palestine Post. The names of the Britons involved and the license… More ▸

  • Union of American Hebrew Congregations Adopts 10-point Program on Social Action

    A ten-point program on social action, rooted in the precepts of Prophetic Judaism, was adopted hers by the Joint Commission on Social action of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations and Central Conference of American Rabbis which met at the Standard Club today. The program envisages extensive education within and without the Liberal Jewish fold… More ▸

  • 38 Jews Arrested in Northern Palestine Following Battle Between British and Arabs

    Thirty-eight Jews were arrested and their arms confiscated last night and this morning following a pitched battle between British troops and an invading party of Arabs from Syria. Meanwhile, reports received here indicated that Fawzi el Kaukaji, Arab guerrilla leader, will arrive in Palestine today at the head of 1,000 Arab fighters. The 38 Jews… More ▸

  • U.S. Charged with Responsibility for Palestine Crisis; Change of Policy Urged

    American inactivity with regard to the implementation of the United Nations decision to partition Palestine is largely responsible or the development of the crisis in Palestine and in the Middle East, Mayor William Dwyer charged tonight addressing a mass demonstration here protesting the refusal of the United States to help the Jews of Palestine arm… More ▸

  • U.S. Asks Protection for Stateless Persons at Economic and Social Council Session

    Immediate measures for the protection of the rights of stateless persons, backed by a permanent international treaty, was proposed by the United Sates delegate to the U.N. Economic and Social Council. The American statement, made by Leroy Stinabower, advisor to the American delegation, was introduced in the Council debate amidst general acclaim of the principles… More ▸

  • Industrial Machines Stolen by Nazis Will Be Returned to Jews by Polish Government

    Industrial machines stolen by the Germans from Jewish concerns in Poland during the Nazi occupation will be returned to the Jews in Poland by the Ministry of Industry, it was announced here by the Central Jewish Committee. Consisting chiefly of textile and weaving machines, the loot will be assigned to Jewish workers cooperatives in Poland…. More ▸

  • 1,000th Baby Born at Belsen Dp Camp; Birth Rate Now Averages One Per Day

    The birth of the 1,000th baby at the Belsen DP camp, in the British zone of Germany, was celebrated today by the camp’s inmates, it was announced here by the Jewish Committee for Relief Abroad. The birth rate in the Jewish camp now averages one per day, the Committee said, while the infant mortality rate… More ▸

  • Hungarian Govt. Decorates J.D.C. Director; Premier Lauds Aid Given by American Jewry

    Acting on behalf of President Zoltan Tildy, Hungarian Premier Lajos Dinnyes today decorated to Joseph J. Schwartz, European director of the Joint Distribution Committee, with the Order of Cross and Star, Second Class, which until now has been bestowed only upon foreign ministers. The ceremony took place in the Premier’s off ice in the presence… More ▸