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  • Palestine Commission Moves Closer to Establishment of Jewish Provisional Government

    Opening today’s session, Commission chairman Karel Lisicky of Czechoslovakia that the “body consider a plan “by Panamas Dr. Eduardo Morgan for the setting up of such a Council and “carry it to its logical conclusion.” All members of the Commission except Per Federspiel of Denmark agreed with the suggestion. At Federspiel’s insistence the Commission asked… More ▸

  • Harold Riegelman Awarded Highest Chinese Decoration for Services to Chinak

    Harold Riegelman, prominent Jewish leader, was decorated today with the Order of the Auspicious Star, China’s highest civilian award by Chinese Ambassador V.K. Wellington Koo, for services he has rendered the Chinese Government as legal adviser. Riegelman is chairman of the executive committee of the New York Chapter of the American Jewish Committee and a… More ▸

  • Arabs Shell Tel Aviv for Six Hours While Zionist Actions Committee is in Session

    Arabs launched a six-hour mortar attack on Tel Aviv from Jaffa last night while the 77-member Zionist. Actions Committee was discussing the attitude which Palestine Jewry is to take towards the American trusteeship 1 and debating whether the Jews of Palestine can depend on the good will of the Western Powers at the present time…. More ▸

  • “hebrew Month” Starts Today Throughout United States to Stimulate Education Program

    A “Hebrew Month” designed to stimulate Jews in the United Stated to actively support the program of promoting Hebrew culture in this country will be launched tomorrow by the Histadruth Ivrith, the Hebrew Federation of America. Hebrew educational institutions and Zionist groups throughout the U.S. will participate in the special observances arranged by the organization. More ▸

  • Italian Government Orders Evacuation of 15,000 Jewish Dp’s from North to South

    Evacuation of 15,000 Jewish refugees from DP camps ## northern Italy to camps in the southern part of the country was ordered today by government authorities. The order caused profound depression among the displaced ?ews who have adjusted themselves to conditions of life in the northern camps where they have been residing for many months…. More ▸

  • Jewish Veterans in Britain Intensify Fight Against Anti-semitic Street Rallies

    Adopting new tactics to combat anti-Semitism in this country, the British Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women today embarked on a campaign of erecting its own speakers platforms in all places where pro-fascist and anti-Semitic street speakers are accustomed to holding meetings. At several such street corners, where hundreds have usually turned out to listen… More ▸

  • Earliest Known Manuscript of Book of Isaiah Discovered by American Scholar

    The earliest known manuscript of the entire book of Isaiah has been discovered in palatine, it was announced today by Prof. Millar Burrows of Yale University, director of the American School of Oriental Research at Jerusalem. The manuscript was found in a well preserved scroll of parchment. Dr. John C. Trevor, also of the American… More ▸

  • Austria Arranges Special Shortwave Broadcast Thanking American Jewry for J.D.C. Aid

    Member of the Austrian Government today Joined Bronislaw Teichholz, president of the Committee for Refugees and Former Inmates of Concentration Camps, in broadcasting “a message of gratitude” to American Jewry for the aid sent to refugees in Austria through the Joint Distribution Committee. Teichholz revealed that more than 140,000 Jewish refugees have passed through Austria… More ▸