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  • U.S. and Britain Agree to Bring Pressure to Bear on Israel Before U.N. Session

    A tacit Anglo-United States agreement has been leached, according to an authoritative United Nations Source, “to put Israel into a more reasonable frame of mind” during the interregnum while the U.N. Security Council is in transit from Lake Success to Paris. The main instrument for this purpose, it was learned today, is direct U.S. intervention… More ▸

  • Israel to Grant France Same Rights for Institutions As Held Under Mandatory Regime

    Extension by Israel of the same rights and privileges which France enjoyed under the Mandatory regime for French-protected institutions such as hospitals, schools and convents is about to be granted by the Israeli Government, it was learned here today. In official quarters, it is believed that granting of these rights would remove the main stumbling-block… More ▸

  • Israeli Purchasing Mission Arrives in Warsaw; Will Secure Building Materials, Glass

    An Israeli commercial mission arrived here this weekend to obtain building materials and glassware for the Jewish state. Polish Government officials are studying the possibility of increasing the export of foodstuffs to Israel. The Polish Literary Federation last night adopted a resolution urging its members to extend support to the young Jewish state.” The resolution… More ▸

  • Anti-semitism Condemned at World Church Parley; Religious Leaders Discuss Israel

    Anti-Semitism was condemned this week-end by a number of speakers at the meeting here of the World Conference of Churches. The formation of the state of Israel and its relationship to the problem of anti-Semitism and the Christian world was also reviewed by several church leaders and a special sub-committee on Israel has been formed…. More ▸

  • Red Cross Legal Committee Decides to Protect Civilians in All Conflicts

    The legal committee of the 17th International Red Cross Conference meeting’ here this week-end adopted an important change in the draft convention for the protection of civilians in wartime so as to extend the protection of the international relief agency in “all cases of armed conflict which are not of an international character.” The committee,… More ▸

  • Rumanian Academy of Science Admits Jews As Active Members for First Time in History

    For the first time in Rumanian history, Jews have been admitted as active members of the Rumanian Academy of Science, it was reported here over the week-end. An announcement reported the reorganization of the institution which henceforth will be known as the “Academy of the Rumanian Popular Republic,” with the appointment of neurologist Arthur Kreindler,… More ▸

  • Israelis Fear U.N. Not Checking Arabs on Truce Compliance; Meirson Leaves for Moscow

    Jewish spokesmen here today indicated their suspicions that the U.N. mediator and the truce observers have given the Arabs in Gaza, am important invasion base, and elsewhere a free hand while keeping a strict watch for truce violations in Jewish areas. These sentiments were expressed following the fatal shooting yesterday of two French truce observers… More ▸

  • Israeli Soldiers Protecting Christian Holy Places, U.p.a. Head Reports

    Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem are protecting Christian Holy Places “marked off by Hebrew signs, Dr. Israel Goldstein, United Palestine appeal national chairman attending the Zionist Actions Committee sessions and currently making an on-the -scene survey of needs in Israel, declared in a cabled report received here this week-end. Of Jewish life in Jerusalem, the U.P.A…. More ▸