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  • Jews Evacuate Villages Eeld in Lebanon Following Agreement; Retain Security Strips

    Israeli forces today evacuated four villages they held in Lebanese territory in accordance with an agreement reached last week between Jewish and Lebanese representatives providing for the release of the villages but stipulating that the Jews would retain small strips inside Lebanon required for Israel’s security in that area, it was learned here. The agreement… More ▸

  • 23rd Annual Conference of Yiddish Scientific Institute Opens;delegates Greet Israel

    The 23rd annual conference of the Yiddish Scientific Institute–YIVO–opened here today with delegates from all sections of the United States and Canada in attendance, The parley opened after sending greetings to the state of Israel and voicing the hope that “a permanent peace will be established by the heroic fighters of the Jewish state.” A… More ▸

  • Bevin Sharply Attacked for Palestine Policy; Faces Stormy. Pari1amentary Session

    The sharp criticism leveled against Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin for his Palestine policy over the week-end foreshadows a stormy parliamentary session on Tuesday when the Palestine case is brought to the floor by ##P.’s from all parties, it was indicated here today. The Sunday Observer, after noting speeches made here yesterday by Clement navies, Liberal… More ▸

  • Cuba Recognizes Israel; Chances for Jewish State’s Admission to U.N. Held Enhanced

    The extension of recognition by the Cuban Government to the state of Israel–which was announced over the week-end in Havana by Minister of State Carlos Hevia–was hailed here today as the first major cleavage in the pro-Arab bloc at the United Nations. U.N. officials voiced the opinion that Israel’s chances for admission to the international… More ▸

  • British Section of World Jewish Congress Adopts Resolution Deploring Israeli Crisis

    An emergency resolution deploring the present crisis in British-Israeli relations was adopted here today at the national conference of the British section of the World Jewish Congress, attended by 350 delegates from all sections of England. The meeting went on record as stating that “good will and friendship between Britain and Israel are essential to… More ▸

  • Israeli Minister to Rumania Presents Credentials; Direct Rumania-israel

    Reuven Rubin, Israeli Minister to Rumania, presented his credentials over the week-end to Prof. Constantin Parhon, President ## the Prassidium of the Rumanian Republic. The ceremony was attended by members the Israeli legation and Rumanian Government officials. Direct shipping between Israel and Rumania will be resumed, following a six##ths interruption arising out of the Palestine… More ▸

  • Israel-bound Ship with 500 Jewish Passengers Permitted to Leave Crete Port for Haifa

    The “S.S. Tampa,” carrying 500 Israel-bound Jewish refugees, was permitted to leave Herakelion, Crete, today for Haifa by the port’s control board, it was announced here. The vessel had anchored in the port to refuel but had been detained by the Greek authorities on orders from Athens, until port officials could determine that there were… More ▸

  • First Air Evacuation of Jewish Refugees from Shanghai to Israel Announced by J.D.C.

    The first Jewish refugees to be flown from Shanghai to Israel have left by chartered plane, it was announced here today by Moses A. Leavitt, executive vice-chairman of the Joint Distribution Committee. The J.D.C, aided the International Refugee Organization to meet the costs of the air evacuation involving 60 persons–and worked closely with I.R.O. in… More ▸