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  • Ort Training Program is Extended to Non-jews in Italy Under Agreement with I.r.o.

    Displaced persons of all nationalities and denominations residing in I.R.O. Italian Mission installations will be eligible for training in ORT centers, it was announced today by George Backer, president of American ORT Federation. “The extension of the activities of ORT, which has, for the past 69 years, provided Jewish refugees with invaluable opportunities for vocational… More ▸

  • American Mizrachi Organizations Mourn Rabbi Berlin’s Death

    Leon Gellman, president of the Mizrachi Organization of America, and leaders of he Hapoel Hamizrachi of America today Issued statements mourning the sudden death of Rabbi Meir Berlin, asserting that he “sacrificed his life for the ideal of religious Zionism. The religious colonies established by Hapoel Hamizrachi, which Rabbi Berlin strongly supported, will perpetuate ##s… More ▸

  • Jewish Refugees in Italy Receive Five-pound Passover Matzoh Ration from J.D.C.

    The Joint Distribution Committee distributed Passover foods to all Jewish refugees living in DP camps and in Kibbutzim, it was reported here. The average Passover ration was five pounds of Matzoh and one bottle of holiday wine. In addition, the J.D.C. distributed Passover sugar, cocoa, chocolate and tea, as well as pocket money. Dr. Reuben… More ▸

  • Chevra Kadisha of Buenos Aires Changes Name to Ashkenazi Community; Has 150,000 Members

    The Chevra Kadisha, largest Jewish fraternal organization in this country, has decided to change its name to the Ashkenazi Community, it was announced here today by the organization. The group, which has a membership of 35,000 families–approximately 150,000 persons–has assumed the full functions of a community rather than those of a burial or fraternal society,… More ▸

  • Berlin Jews Ask Extension of American, French Restitution Laws to C

    A demand for the extension of restitution laws in effect in the American and French seen of Germany to the U.S. and French sectors of Berlin was voiced here today in Der Weg, organ of the Berlin Jewish Community. The publication also requested the extension of the benefits of the proposed British restitution statute to… More ▸

  • News Brief

    The Central committee of the Jewish Democratic committee of Rumania has elected a new executive board following changes in the organization resulting from Comminute Party criterion of its to oppose Zionien ##mong Jews of the country. Heading the board are Barbu Lazarcanu, a member of the Rumanian Academy, who ##e named president, and Bercu Feldrann,… More ▸