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  • Canada Will Be Asked to Widen Existing Immigration Regulations for Jews

    The Canadian Government will soon be asked to widen existing immigration regulations on behalf of Jews, according to Saul Hayes, executive director of the Canadian Jewish Congress, who was the guest speaker at the 29th annual meeting of the Jewish Immigrant Aid Society of Canada. Although Canadian Jewry “intended in no way to sidetrack immigrants… More ▸

  • Israel Agriculture Ministry Studying New Irrigation Schemes; Huge Sums Required

    Twenty new irrigation schemes providing for an additional 850,000,000 cubic meters of water for irrigation which will make possible the establishment of 750 new settlements is now under consideration by the Ministry of Agriculture, it was reported here last night by Haim Halperin, director-general of the Ministry, addressing the National Agronomists Association. Halperin emphasized that… More ▸

  • U.S. School Textbooks Contain Inadequate Information About Jews, Survey Establishes

    Inadequate information, errors and myths characterize the treatment of Jews in many of our school textbooks, Dr0 Everett R. Clinchy, president of the National Conference of Christians and Jews, said today in connection with the release of results of a five-year study of the books used in elementary and secondary schools. The study, initiated and… More ▸

  • Ort Training Program is Extended to Non-jews in Italy Under Agreement with I.r.o.

    Displaced persons of all nationalities and denominations residing in I.R.O. Italian Mission installations will be eligible for training in ORT centers, it was announced today by George Backer, president of American ORT Federation. “The extension of the activities of ORT, which has, for the past 69 years, provided Jewish refugees with invaluable opportunities for vocational… More ▸

  • American Mizrachi Organizations Mourn Rabbi Berlin’s Death

    Leon Gellman, president of the Mizrachi Organization of America, and leaders of he Hapoel Hamizrachi of America today Issued statements mourning the sudden death of Rabbi Meir Berlin, asserting that he “sacrificed his life for the ideal of religious Zionism. The religious colonies established by Hapoel Hamizrachi, which Rabbi Berlin strongly supported, will perpetuate ##s… More ▸

  • Jewish Refugees in Italy Receive Five-pound Passover Matzoh Ration from J.D.C.

    The Joint Distribution Committee distributed Passover foods to all Jewish refugees living in DP camps and in Kibbutzim, it was reported here. The average Passover ration was five pounds of Matzoh and one bottle of holiday wine. In addition, the J.D.C. distributed Passover sugar, cocoa, chocolate and tea, as well as pocket money. Dr. Reuben… More ▸