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  • U.S. Delegation at U.N. Indicates Opposition to Delay on Israeli Membership Bid

    The American delegation at the United Nations today Indicated that it is opposed to any further delay in the admission of Israel into the world body. This sentiment was expressed in order to counteract maneuvers by certain countries unfriendly to Israel who are interested in having the U.N. postpone consideration of the Israeli application until… More ▸

  • Situation of Jews in Aden Reported Improved; Emigration Arrangements Completed

    The situation of Jews of Aden has “improved considerably,” Leon Kubowitzki, chairman of the World Jewish Congress Central Committee, said today following his return fron a one-month tour of the British protectorate. Kubowitzki stated that as a result of discussions with responsible British and Arab leaders in Aden, arrangements have been made for dealing with… More ▸

  • Israeli Delegation to Lausanne Parley Named; Armistice Commission Holds Session

    The composition of the Israeli delegation to the Jewish-Arab conference at Lausanne, Switzerland, under the auspices of the U.N., was officially announced here today. Headed by Dr. Walter Eytan, director-general of the Foreign Ministry, the group will also include Eliahu Sassoon, Dr. Leo Kohn, Shabtai Rosenne, Dr. Gershon Meron, Gershon Hirsch and Michael Comay, all… More ▸

  • Lowdermilk Plan Competed; Accepted by Sharett for Submission to Israeli Government

    The completed Lowdermilk plan for the creation of a Jordan Valley Authority for the development of irrigation and electric power in Israel and neighboring countries was today accepted “by Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe harett for submission to his government. The presentation of the plan, which calls for the expenditure of $250,000,000, was made by Dr…. More ▸

  • Canada Will Be Asked to Widen Existing Immigration Regulations for Jews

    The Canadian Government will soon be asked to widen existing immigration regulations on behalf of Jews, according to Saul Hayes, executive director of the Canadian Jewish Congress, who was the guest speaker at the 29th annual meeting of the Jewish Immigrant Aid Society of Canada. Although Canadian Jewry “intended in no way to sidetrack immigrants… More ▸

  • Israel Agriculture Ministry Studying New Irrigation Schemes; Huge Sums Required

    Twenty new irrigation schemes providing for an additional 850,000,000 cubic meters of water for irrigation which will make possible the establishment of 750 new settlements is now under consideration by the Ministry of Agriculture, it was reported here last night by Haim Halperin, director-general of the Ministry, addressing the National Agronomists Association. Halperin emphasized that… More ▸

  • U.S. School Textbooks Contain Inadequate Information About Jews, Survey Establishes

    Inadequate information, errors and myths characterize the treatment of Jews in many of our school textbooks, Dr0 Everett R. Clinchy, president of the National Conference of Christians and Jews, said today in connection with the release of results of a five-year study of the books used in elementary and secondary schools. The study, initiated and… More ▸