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  • Senate is Requested by Truman to Ratify U.N. Convention Outlawing Genocide

    A request by President Truman for Senate ratification of the U.N. convention on genocide vas referred today to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. In his message, the President said: “By the leading part the United States has taken in the United Nations in producing an effective legal instrument outlawing the world-shocking crime of genocide, we… More ▸

  • U.n Conciliation Commission Has a Plan for Jerusalem, Ethridge Reports to Truman

    Mark Ethridge, former U.S. representative on the U.N. Palestine Conciliation Commission, expressed pessimism today at the results of the Lausanne negotiations, following a White House meeting with President Truman.”The Lausanne talks are completely deadlocked unless they find a new approach this week, and I am not sure they will,” he stated. Agreement in principle has… More ▸

  • Israel’s Protest Will Not Affect Decision of British Government to Send Arms to Arabs

    Authoritative quarters said today that the Israeli Government’s protest against British arms shipments to some Arab states would not affect the British Government’s decision to make these shipments. A Foreign Office spokesman acknowledged receipt of the Israeli note protesting against the arms shipments. The possibility of Israeli objections to this move had been taken into… More ▸

  • Role of Jewish Social Welfare Organizations in United States Analyzed by Sobeloff

    The peculiar contribution of Jewish social welfare organization has been the organization within one community of “all the services which by common consent have a claim upon us, without arbitrary limitation of geography or nature of service,” Isidore Sobeloff, executive director of the Jewish Welfare Federation of Detroit, declared here at the National Conference of… More ▸

  • Israel Opposes Proposal to Include British Member in U.N. Group for Palestine

    Following conversations between the U.S. State Department and the British Foreign Office, the results of which have been communicated to the U.N. Conciliation Commission here, the Commissioners informed the Israeli delegation last night that they proposed to add a British member to the fact-finding committee scheduled to leave this weekend for the Middle East. The… More ▸

  • Britain Says She is Not Interested in Having Member in U.N. Group

    The British Government would not be interested in participating in the commission of experts being dispatched to the Middle East by the Conciliation Commission to investigate the Arab refugee situation, a government spokesman said today. The British viewpoint, he declared, was that position would be different if it were a question of participation in a… More ▸