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  • Nazi Party Leader Gets Ten-year Prison Term for Wartime Murder of 200 Jews in Poland

    Theodor Vogt, former Nazi district leader of the Stuttgart-Degerloch area who was charged with killing approximately 200 Jews during the German occupation of Poland, was sentenced to ten years imprisonment in a labor camp by a Ludwigsburg denazification court. Witnesses at the trial testified that the defendant “publicly horsewhipped Jews and treated them with great… More ▸

  • President Peron and Wife Attend Jewish Gathering in Argentika; Repudiate Racism

    Argentine President Juan Peron, Mrs. Peron and other high officials of the government were guests of honor at a reception arranged here last night by the Organizacion Israelita Argentina for Pablo Manguel, newly-appointed Argentine Minister to Israel, Mr. Manguel is expected to leave for Tel Aviv within a few months to take up his new… More ▸

  • Arab Threats to Renew War Taken Seriously by Israel; Accompanied by Was Preparations

    Arab threats to renew the war against Israel are being considered seriously by Israeli authorities, it was learned here. Official circles asserted today that the Arab threats “are not empty” because they are accompanied by military preparations. This activity can only be halted by a peace agreement and not by pressure on Israel, these same… More ▸

  • U.N. Conciliation Commission Decides to Suggest Two-week Recess of Lausanne Parley

    The United Nations Conciliation Commission today decided to suggest a two-week recess of the Arab-Israeli peace talks in Lausanne, Reuters reported today from Switzerland. The recess may begin early next week. The report added that it was understood that a breathing spell would be useful to enable both sides to think things over.” The recess… More ▸

  • J.D.C. Appoints First Director for Iran; Will Organize Aid for 90,000 Jews There

    The appointment of Stanley Abramovitch, veteran Joint Distribution Committee welfare worker in Europe, as the J.D.C.’s first director in Iran was announced today by Moses A. Leavitt, executive vice-chairman of the Committee. Mr. Abramovitch, a British citizen, will assume his new duties in Teheran, capital of Iran, within a week. Since 1945 he has supervised… More ▸

  • Export-import Bank Denies It Will Cancel Remainder of $1.00,000,0000 Loan to Israel

    A spokesman for the Export-Import Bank today denied a London report that the Bank would cancel further withdrawals from its loan to Israel because of American displeasure at Israel over the Arab refugee question. He said there was absolutely no foundation to stories that the Bank would withhold the remaining $49,000,000 of the $100,000,000 loan…. More ▸

  • Israeli Delegation Reviews Developments at Lausanne Conciliation Conference

    Without commenting directly on the progress report which the U.N. Palestine Conciliation Commission submitted this week to the Security Council, the Israeli delegation today made public its views on the developments at the Arab-Jewish negotiations taking place in Lausanne under the auspices of the Commission. The statement of the Israeli delegation, issued in New York… More ▸