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  • U.J.A. National Conference Urges Communities to Defer Drives for Capital Funds

    The national conference of the United Jewish Appeal concluded here last night after adopting a resolution urging Jewish communities in the United States that “they endeavor, as an act of self-sacrifice on their part and as a contribution to the mobilization of maximum funds for emergency life-saving needs in the year 1950, to defer campaigns… More ▸

  • World Executive of Agudah Opens Five-day Parley in N.y.; All Sessions Are Closed

    The first postwar conference of the world executive of Agudas Israel opened here today at the Hotel Manhattan Towers. All sessions of the five-day meeting will be held in camera and will review religious problems in Israel and efforts designed to strengthen religious observance among Jewish communities throughout the world. Dr. Jacob Rosenheim, world president… More ▸

  • Mapam Rejects Proposals of Right-wing Socialist Group to Join Israel’s Cabinet

    Ninety-eight percent of the 200 delegates attending the national council of Mapam, the left-wing section of the Histadrut, rejected today the written proposals submitted Friday by Mapai, the right-wing section, as not offering an adequate basis for Mapam to join the Israel Government coalition. Mapam insisted, however, that it was prepared to give the fullest… More ▸

  • Jewish National Fund Conference in Britain Urges Expansion of Settlements in Israel

    A resolution urging British Jewry to help the Jewish National Fund expand its settlements in Galilee, in the Negev and in the Jerusalem “corridor,” was adopted here last night at the conclusion of a two-day conference of the J.N.F. of Britain. The conference also adopted a resolution emphasizing that the Jews in Jerusalem as well… More ▸

  • 1,500 Iraqi Jews Threatened with Expulsion from Iran over Dispute with Bagdad

    An Israel foreign official in Tel Aviv told newsmen that Israel is ready to accept 1,500 Iraqi Jews threatened with expulsion from Iran, Reuters reported today. press reports from Teheran said the Persian authorities were expelling Iraqi Jews in retaliation for “measures taken against Persian subjects in Iraq.” More ▸

  • Massachusetts Names Educator to Administer Law Barring Discrimination in School Entry

    Dr. Franklin P. Hawkes has been appointed director of Fair Education Practices by the Massachusetts State Board of Education and will administer the newly-enacted state law forbidding schools and colleges from practicing discrimination in admitting students because of race, religion, color, creed or national origin. Two other states where a similar law is now in… More ▸

  • Tel Aviv Spokesman Denies Reports Israel Officials Conferring with King Abdullah

    A spokesman for the Israel Government today strongly denied rumors which have been circulating here during the last few days that Israel officials have been meeting with King Abdullah of Transjordan. An office for foreign claims was opened here today. Henceforth registration will take place for Israelis’ property in the Arab countries, specifically Egypt, Saudi… More ▸

  • Seven Jews out of 78 Barred by Uruguay Allowed to Remain in Argentina

    Seven out of a group of 78 Jews who were unable to land in Uruguay although they had tourist visas were allowed to remain in Buenos Aires before their ship, the S.S. Florida, sailed today on the return trip to Europe. Those allowed to remain have relatives in Argentina and obtained permits to stay through… More ▸