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  • Jewish Leaders Ask Argentina to Vote at U.N. for Inclusion of Jerusalem in Israel

    President Juan Peron was urged last night to instruct the Argentine delegation to the United Nations to vote for the inclusion of Jerusalem in the territorial limits of Israel. The appeal to the Argentine President was made at a meeting marking the second anniversary of the original U.N. Palestine partition decision and was attended by… More ▸

  • London Parley Discusses Defense of Jewish Rights Before United Nations

    Various problems in connection with the defense of Jewish rights before the United Nations were discussed at the annual meeting of the Consultative Council of Jewish Organizations which took place here over the week-end. The Council includes the American Jewish Committee, the Anglo-Jewish Association and the Alliance Israelite Universelle. One of the main subjects discussed… More ▸

  • U.N. Body Opens Debate on Inviting Non-member States to Sign Pact on Genocide

    The U.N. Legal Committee commenced debate today on the question of sending invitations to non-member states to become signatories of the Convention on Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. The Committee rejected a French proposal to defer action on genocide until the next Assembly session. Meanwhile, the Committee passed a resolution referring the… More ▸

  • U.N. Body Decides to Draft Single Resolution on Jerusalem; Will Name Subcommittee Today

    Discussions at the U.N. Special Political Committee on the future status of Jerusalem took a new turn today when Nasrollah Entezam, of Iran, chairman of the Committee, appointed a three-member group consisting of Mexico, India and Denmark to propose–by the end of tomorrow’s session–a subcommittee which will be charged with drafting a single resolution on… More ▸

  • U.J.A. National Conference Urges Communities to Defer Drives for Capital Funds

    The national conference of the United Jewish Appeal concluded here last night after adopting a resolution urging Jewish communities in the United States that “they endeavor, as an act of self-sacrifice on their part and as a contribution to the mobilization of maximum funds for emergency life-saving needs in the year 1950, to defer campaigns… More ▸

  • World Executive of Agudah Opens Five-day Parley in N.y.; All Sessions Are Closed

    The first postwar conference of the world executive of Agudas Israel opened here today at the Hotel Manhattan Towers. All sessions of the five-day meeting will be held in camera and will review religious problems in Israel and efforts designed to strengthen religious observance among Jewish communities throughout the world. Dr. Jacob Rosenheim, world president… More ▸