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  • Massachusetts Names Educator to Administer Law Barring Discrimination in School Entry

    Dr. Franklin P. Hawkes has been appointed director of Fair Education Practices by the Massachusetts State Board of Education and will administer the newly-enacted state law forbidding schools and colleges from practicing discrimination in admitting students because of race, religion, color, creed or national origin. Two other states where a similar law is now in… More ▸

  • Tel Aviv Spokesman Denies Reports Israel Officials Conferring with King Abdullah

    A spokesman for the Israel Government today strongly denied rumors which have been circulating here during the last few days that Israel officials have been meeting with King Abdullah of Transjordan. An office for foreign claims was opened here today. Henceforth registration will take place for Israelis’ property in the Arab countries, specifically Egypt, Saudi… More ▸

  • Seven Jews out of 78 Barred by Uruguay Allowed to Remain in Argentina

    Seven out of a group of 78 Jews who were unable to land in Uruguay although they had tourist visas were allowed to remain in Buenos Aires before their ship, the S.S. Florida, sailed today on the return trip to Europe. Those allowed to remain have relatives in Argentina and obtained permits to stay through… More ▸

  • Progressive Faction Walks out of National Conference of General Zionists in France

    The Progressive faction walked out today at the national conference of the General Zionist Party of France in protest against attacks made at the conference by Dr. Fritz Bernstein, leader of the General Zionists in Israel, who declared that the Progressives in Israel were “in the process of liquidation.” The split in the General Zionist… More ▸

  • Jewish Leaders Ask Argentina to Vote at U.N. for Inclusion of Jerusalem in Israel

    President Juan Peron was urged last night to instruct the Argentine delegation to the United Nations to vote for the inclusion of Jerusalem in the territorial limits of Israel. The appeal to the Argentine President was made at a meeting marking the second anniversary of the original U.N. Palestine partition decision and was attended by… More ▸