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  • Efforts to Break Deadlock on Jerusalem Issue Mark Deliberations of U.N. Body

    Efforts to break the deadlock on the Jerusalem issue were made today by delegates of the Netherlands, Sweden and Uruguay at the U.N. subcommittee on Jerusalem which met all day with a view to coordinating the various proposals introduced at the U.N. Special Political Committee with regard to the status of the Holy City. (At… More ▸

  • Sir Normal Angell Warns Israel Against Nationalism; Addresses Council for Judaism

    Declaring that he had been an ardent Zionist for a quarter of a century because he shared a Christian’s sense of guilt for the persecution of the Jews, Sir Norman Angell, British author and Nobel Peace Prize winner, declared yesterday that the state of Israel can become “a true bastion of western civilization” provided it… More ▸

  • Israel and Transjordan Discuss Opening of Jerusalem Roads; Reach Other Agreements

    A special committee on Jerusalem made up of an Israel and a Transjordan representative conferred for two hours today on Article VIII of the Israel-Transjordan armistice agreement which provides for the maintenance of open roads between Jerusalem and the surrounding area. The clause deals with the opening of the road to Jerusalem from the Damascus… More ▸

  • Jews in Jerusalem Tensely Following United Nations Debate on City’s Fate

    The Jews of Jerusalem are tensely following the discussions in the United Nations General Assembly on the fate of this city. The man-on-the-street wholeheartedly endorses the statement by Aubrey S. Eban, Israel delegate to the U.N., that a Jewish underground movement would develop in resistance to any United Nations international regime established here. Meanwhile, Brig…. More ▸

  • U.N. Experts. Israel Officials Discuss Financial Problems of Immigrant Absorption

    The financial problems connected with the absorption of immigrants into the Israel economy were discussed today at a conference between Israel Government representatives and a group of U.N. exports connected with Clapp economic survey mission. The Israel delegation was headed by David Horowitz, director-general of the Treasury, while the U.N. body consisted of two Americans–one… More ▸

  • Ancient Manuscripts Reveal History of Jewish Community on Island in Nile River

    A series of documents dating back to the fifth century B.C. bringing to light the record of the ancient Jewish community that existed on the island of Elephantine in the upper Nile in Egypt have been reconstructed and translated at the Brooklyn Museum here, from the Aramaic, it was disclosed yesterday. Prof. Emil G. Kraeling,… More ▸

  • First Group of Jews to Leave Poland Under New Emigration Policy Arrives at Haifa

    A group of 55 Polish Jews, the first to arrive since the institution of the new Polish Government policy facilitating emigration of Israel-bound Jews, landed at Haifa this morning where they were greeted by a large crowd of relatives, friends and representatives of various institutions in Israel. Some of the immigrants declared that half of… More ▸

  • Truman Sends Autographed Photo to Jewish Boy Who Was Attacked by Anti-semites

    President Truman has sent an autographed photograph to Larry Goldstein, 11-year-old Lynn, Mass., boy who was recently beaten up by older boys and called a “dirty Jew.” The boy, whose father was killed in action during World War II, asked the question, “Why did my daddy have to die?” David K. Niles, administrative assistant to… More ▸