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  • The Recommendations of the Evaluative Studies Committee

    The debate on the recommendations for implementation of the MacIver Report, as submitted by the N.C.R.A.C. Evaluative Studies Committee, is expected to continue through Monday. The recommendations do not cover the first section of the MacIver Report dealing with fundamental concepts of the nature of the Jewish community and Jewish life in America. They stress… More ▸

  • Z.O.A. Council Adopts $1, 750, 000 Program for Zionist Projects

    The National Administrative Council of the Zionist Organization of America, at a two-day conference here this week-end, adopted a program of projects in this country and Israel which will entail a budget of $1, 750,00.O00 Of this sum, $700, 000 will be needed for the American portion of the program. The program calls for the… More ▸

  • N.c.l.l Decides to Raise $10,000,000 for Histadrut Drive in U.S.

    The two-day national convention of the National Committee for Labor Israel concluded here today with a resolution to raise $10, 000, 00 for the Histadrut campaign in America during 1952. More than 5, 000 delegates “and guests from 250 cities and towns in the United States attended the convention. Joseph Schlossberg was re-elected general chairman… More ▸

  • $80,000,000 in Israel Bonds Sold in United States, Venetzky Reports

    A total of $80, 000, 000 in Israel Independence Bonds was sold in the United States from May 1 to November of this year, Julian B. Venetzky, of Peoria, III, chairman of the executive committee of the American Financial and Development Corporation for Israel, said here today. Mr. Venetzky arrived with Henry Montor, executive vice-president… More ▸

  • Israel Cabinet Discusses Soviet Warning on Middle East Command

    The Cabinet today discussed the Soviet note in which the Israel Government was warned that adherence by the Jewish State to the proposed Middle East Command now being organized by the Western powers would be considered by Moscow a hostile act against the Soviet Union. From London it was reported that it is understood there… More ▸

  • American Immigrants in Israel to Hold First National Conference

    The newly-organized Hitachdut Olei America, organization for the integration of immigrants from the United States and Canada, will hold its first national conference here next Tuesday. The organization was founded three months ago by a group of about 100. Plans for mobilization of support of American and Canadian Zionist organizations and groups will be submitted… More ▸

  • Six Die in Israel Plane Crash; Commission to Start Investigation

    A group of government and company officials left Lydda airport last night for Zurich to investigate the crash of an El Al EC-4 freighter plane three miles north of the Swiss city in which six of the seven crew members perished. Three of the dead and the survivor are Americans. The crash, which took place… More ▸

  • Gloria Rubin Elected President of Junior Hadassah

    Miss Gloria K. Rubin of Brooklyn was elected national president of Junior Hadassah, young women’s Zionist organization, at the closing session this week-end of the 28th annual convention of the organization. The three-day parley was attended by 500 delegates and guests from all parts of the country. More ▸

  • Weizmann Sworn in for Second Term As President of Israel

    While an Army artillery battery boomed out a 21 gun salvo in the background, President Chaim Weizmann was today sworn in for his second term as President of the Jewish state. Because of the President’s poor health and the statutory requirement that the loath of office be administered within seven days after the election, the… More ▸

  • Tense Situation at Port of Haifa; Strikers Refuse to Leave Ship

    The tense situation in the port of Haifa precipitated by the dispute between the Seamen’s Union and the Histadrut, continued today as sea men of the S.S. Artza were ordered by their union not to let volunteers recruited by the Histadrut aboard to man the ship. A speaker for the union warned at a mass… More ▸