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  • Madrid Jewish Community Honors Memory of Spanish Catholic

    The memory of Dr. J. Pulido, a Spanish Catholic who devoted 50 years of his life to promoting the welfare of the Jewish community of Madrid, was honored here last night at a reception in the home of Daniel F. Baroukh, president of the Madrid Sephardic Community. Funds were raised at the reception for the… More ▸

  • Israel to Have Food for 2,000, 000 People, U. N. Expert Predicts

    Israel will be able to supply the food requirements of a population of 2,000,000 when its agricultural development program is completed, Dr. Arthur G. Black, chief of mission of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in Israel, declared here yesterday. Speaking at a press conference, Dr. Black suggested that Israel increase the size of its… More ▸

  • 60 Percent of Toronto’s Jewish Children Receive Jewish Education

    Sixty percent of the Jewish children of Toronto are receiving a Jewish education, it was revealed here by a survey. The poll, conducted by the Bureau of Jewish Education in Toronto, disclosed that of the 7,000 Jewish children of school age in the city, 4,500 of them were enrolled in some sort of a Jewish… More ▸

  • Israel Asks Armistice Commission to Act on Lebanese Attack

    Israel called for an emergency session of the Israel-Lebanese Mixed Armistice Commission today to deal with an attack on an Israeli bus in northern Israel late Friday. An investigation headed by a United Nations observer today uncovered two prepared positions some 20 yards north of the road where the attack occurred. Tracks from these sniping… More ▸

  • Eisenhower Seeks Egypt’s Promise Not to Attack Israel

    Informed circles here today indicated that President Eisenhower, in his talks with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill at Bermuda, suggested that Egypt must be put under a promise not to attack Israel, as part of the settlement of the British-Egyptian dispute over the Suez Canal. In return, Egypt would receive U.S. munitions and the State… More ▸

  • Jewish Congress Issues Analysis on German Compensation Law

    The first comprehensive analysis of West German Federal legislation providing compensation to victims of Nazi persecution, was issued today by the World Jewish Congress’ Institute of Jewish Affairs. The Federal Supplementary Indemnification Law, also known as the Federal General Claims Law, was enacted as a result of commitments in the so-called “contractual agreement” – the… More ▸

  • Israel Uneasy over Talks on Fate of Suez Canal

    Israel asked the British Government to obtain guarantees that Israel shipping would not be locked out of the Suez Canal and to dismantic and remove the weapons and other equipment at 17 airfields and ten military camps in the Suez area before Britain makes a final agreement with Egypt on the fate of the Suez… More ▸

  • Rumanian Jews in U.S. to Seek Release of Jews Arrested in Rumania

    Resolutions calling for the establishment of an “actions committee” to work for the release of arrested Jewish leaders in Rumania and the establishment of a Rumanian Jewish world organization, were adopted here today at the annual meeting of the United Rumanian Jews of America. The resolutions were adopted after an address by Idov Cohen, member… More ▸