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  • Austrian Socialists Kill Hope of Early Restitution Settlement

    The Austrian Social Democratic Party has torpedoed the already dim prospects of an early settlement of Jewish claims for restitution, which have been under negotiation between the Austrian Government and world Jewish organizations since last year, by demanding inclusion of benefits for Socialists persecuted by pre-Anschluss regimes in Austria in the overall scheme. Dr. Reinhardt… More ▸

  • Israel-german Talks to Begin on 1955 Reparations Deliveries

    Hillel Dan, chairman of the Israel Government corporation which handles all matters pertaining to German reparations goods, arrived here today to participate in talks with German Government representatives for the schedule of goods Israel will receive from Bonn in the year commencing April 1, 1955. Preliminary talks between Israeli and German experts on the purchasing… More ▸

  • Death Sentence Demanded for Eleven Jews Arrested in Egypt

    The death sentence has been demanded for the eleven Jews arrested in Cairo and Alexandria on charges of alleged “espionage,” the Manchester Guardian reported today. The Guardian dispatch noted that neither the lawyers for the accused nor anyone else has been permitted to see the Jews, and that one of them was reported to have… More ▸

  • Israel, Wjc Delegations Arrive in Montevideo for UNESCO Session

    Dr. Arieh Kubovi, Israel Minister to Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, will head the Israel delegation at the annual meeting of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization which opens here tomorrow. Deputy delegation head will be Dr. Mordecai Avida, secretary of the Israel legation in Buenos Aires. The World Jewish Congress delegation attending the… More ▸

  • Security Council Sends ‘bat Galim’ Complaint Back to Mixed Unit

    After a brief twenty-minute meeting on Israel’s complaint about Egypt’s seizure of the freighter Bat Galim, the Security Council today requested Maj. Gen. E. L. M. Burns, Chief of Staff of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization in Palestine, to “stint no effort” to hasten a report on the incident, if possible “before the end… More ▸

  • Dutch Television Presents Story of Jewish Life

    A Protestant-sponsored program on the Dutch Television Service for the first time in the history of Dutch television presented today a feature on a Jewish subject. The program, “The Life of the Jews in the Netherlands,” included scenes of prewar Jewish life in the ancient ghetto of Amsterdam, and recalled the terrible days of the… More ▸

  • Delegate Says Iraq Will Not Use U.S. Arms for Aggression

    Any American arms that may be furnished to Iraq “will never be used for aggressive purposes” and statements to the contrary are “Zionist propaganda which does not serve either American interest or world peace,” Dr. M. F, Jamali, chief of the Iraqi delegation at the United Nations, declared here today, Dr. Jamali said that “a… More ▸

  • Jewish Life in Kenya Not Affected by Emergency Situation

    Jewish communal life in Kenya has not been affected by the state of emergency proclaimed by the British Colonial Government in Kenya in its campaign against the Mau Mau, the Board of Kenya Jewry reported today. The board informed the World Jewish Congress that a foundation has already been laid in Nairobi for a new… More ▸

  • U.S. Jewry Faces Ma Job Responsibilities in Israel, UJA Mission Says

    American Jewry must prepare itself for great and inescapable responsibilities facing it in relation to the rescue of Jews from tension-ridden countries in the coming year, the United Jewish Appeal’s study mission of 35 American Jewish leaders declared today in a statement just prior to leaving Israel. The mission firmly believes, the statement went on… More ▸

  • Attorney General Brownell Announces New Immigration Policy

    Attorney General Herbert Brownell announced today at mass naturalization ceremonies here the new pre-inspection policy under the immigration laws. The new procedures, which call for inspection of aliens at their point of origin and reject the ineligibles there, will serve a two-fold purpose, according to Mr. Brownell: First, inadmissibility of any alien will be determined… More ▸