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  • Delegate Says Iraq Will Not Use U.S. Arms for Aggression

    Any American arms that may be furnished to Iraq “will never be used for aggressive purposes” and statements to the contrary are “Zionist propaganda which does not serve either American interest or world peace,” Dr. M. F, Jamali, chief of the Iraqi delegation at the United Nations, declared here today, Dr. Jamali said that “a… More ▸

  • Jewish Life in Kenya Not Affected by Emergency Situation

    Jewish communal life in Kenya has not been affected by the state of emergency proclaimed by the British Colonial Government in Kenya in its campaign against the Mau Mau, the Board of Kenya Jewry reported today. The board informed the World Jewish Congress that a foundation has already been laid in Nairobi for a new… More ▸

  • U.S. Jewry Faces Ma Job Responsibilities in Israel, UJA Mission Says

    American Jewry must prepare itself for great and inescapable responsibilities facing it in relation to the rescue of Jews from tension-ridden countries in the coming year, the United Jewish Appeal’s study mission of 35 American Jewish leaders declared today in a statement just prior to leaving Israel. The mission firmly believes, the statement went on… More ▸

  • Attorney General Brownell Announces New Immigration Policy

    Attorney General Herbert Brownell announced today at mass naturalization ceremonies here the new pre-inspection policy under the immigration laws. The new procedures, which call for inspection of aliens at their point of origin and reject the ineligibles there, will serve a two-fold purpose, according to Mr. Brownell: First, inadmissibility of any alien will be determined… More ▸

  • J. D. C. Opens New Home for Aged at Nathanya

    A new home for aged people in Israel was opened at Nathanya yesterday by the Malben, the Joint Distribution Committee’s social welfare program in Israel, in the presence of President Itzhak Ben Zvi, members of the Cabinet and Parliament and of the United Jewish Appeal study mission. There are already 513 elderly people established in… More ▸

  • Drive for 190,000 Members Launched by Christian” Jewish Conference

    A campaign for 100,000 new members for the National Conference of Christians and Jews was launched today when Ben Duffy, chairman of the 1955 Brotherhood Week, spoke at a Veterans Day luncheon closing the 26th annual meeting of the NCCJ, held here the past three days. “The concept of brotherhood is so much a part… More ▸

  • Gordon Clapp Sees Peace As Middle East’s First Need

    Nature’s gifts to man can be “organized to produce a creative system of life and living” in the Middle East only through peace between Israel and her neighbors, Gordon Clapp, New York’s Deputy City Administrator, declared at the annual American Technion Society’s founders’ dinner here tonight. Mr. Clapp, who headed a United Nations mission which… More ▸

  • B’nai B’rith Women Hit Communism, “climate of Fear” in U.S.

    The executive committee of the B’nai B’rith Women’s Supreme Council, at a meeting in Washington today, adopted a report recognizing “the Communist threat to human freedom and dignity” –but asserting the threat can only be met and overcome by those who are devoted to the “moral basis of our religious and political traditions. “ The… More ▸

  • Labor Peers Hit British Govt. on Role in Arab-israel Issue

    Labor peers put the government on the defensive yesterday over its handling of the Arab-Israel conflict, while Lord Reading, the government spokesman in the House of Lords, repeated statements made earlier in Commons by Foreign Secretary Sir Anthony Eden and Minister of State Anthony Netting to the effect that conclusion of the Anglo-Egyptian pact on… More ▸

  • Trade Union Development in Israel Leads Middle East

    Israel is the only country in the Middle East where the development of trade union and employer movement has reached a level which, in practice, embraces all forms of occupational life. This was reported in an International Labor Organization survey of freedom of association and industrial relations in the Middle East, distributed here today. In… More ▸