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  • Israel Government Grants Fellowships to Nine Foreign Scholars

    The Ministry of Education announced today the granting of nine fellowships to foreign scholars to study at the Hebrew University and the Israel Institute of Technology. Recipients of the fellowships, worth 1,200 to 2,000 pounds each, include nationals of the United States, India, Poland, Britain, Canada, Greece, Holland, Denmark and France. More ▸

  • Israel Seeks to Stimulate German Tourist Trade; Facilitates Visas

    In an effort to attract more German visitors, the Consular Department of the Israel Purchasing Mission here has notified travel agencies throughout the country that the granting of three-month tourist visas to Israel has been facilitated. Applicants must indicate how they fared at the hand of the postwar denazification courts and into which denazification category… More ▸

  • France to Grant $45,000,000 Credit to Israel; Cabinet Hears Report

    France has agreed to increase her original grant of $30,000,000 in credit to Israel to $45,000,000 and on more favorable terms. Finance Minister Levi Eshkol reported last night at the first Cabinet session since his return from the United States. En route home he stopped off in Paris. The original credit grant required Israel to… More ▸

  • Generalissimo Trujillo Presented by Israel with Hebrew Bible

    A Bible printed in Israel was presented to Generalissimo Rafael L. Trujillo today by a representative of the Israeli Government, the Dominican Republic Information Center reported. W. Zev Bairey Bronner, an official of the Israeli Treasury Department, said that the people of Israel were grateful for the friendship and assistance that Generalissimo Trujillo had rendered… More ▸

  • Survivors of Nazi Camps Outside Germany to Get “immediate Aid”

    The state of North Rhine Westphalia has issued instructions to pay a $1,425 “immediate-aid” indemnification allowance to German Jews who were shipped to such Nazi concentration camps outside Germany proper, such as Auschwitz, Theresienstadt or Mauthausen, and who returned to Germany after the war to settle here. All German states but one have now abandoned… More ▸

  • Prof. Gustav Klausner Dies in Los Angeles; Was Active in J. N. F.

    Gustav Klausner, life-long worker for the Jewish National Fund and a retired professor of accounting at St. Louis University, died here today at the age of 80. A native of Russia who came to this country in 1905, Prof. Klausner was also involved in communal and Jewish educational activities in St. Louis. More ▸

  • Ex-nazi Leader, Suspected of Killing Jews, Resigns Municipal Seat

    Herman Krumey, who is under investigation by the Frankfurt prosecutor on suspicion of being an accessory to the murder of hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews, has resigned his seat on the Waldeck County Council to which he was elected as a representative of the rightist BHE Refugee Party. Krumey, one-time major in the SS,… More ▸

  • Moscow Shake-up Will Affect Jews and Israel, Egyptian Radio Predicts

    The “Jewish aspect” of the political shake-up in Moscow was given today over the Cairo radio in a broadcast in Hebrew in which it was emphasized that the purged Soviet leaders are either Jews or pro-Jewish and that Nikita Khrushchev, the Soviet “boss” who directed the purge, “hates the Jews and supports the Arabs against… More ▸

  • Anti-nazi Actor Honored; Chose Death Rather Than Abandon Jewish Wife

    In the lobby of the municipal theater here, a bronze sculpture has been dedicated of Joachim Gottschalk, the German actor who committed suicide in 1941 rather than obey Nazi instructions to divorce his Jewish wife. Created by sculptor Knud Knudsen, the bust of Gottschalk commemorates a star of stage and screen whose life was portrayed… More ▸