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  • $2,000,000 Rothschild Foundation Announced in Israel; to Advance Science

    The establishment of a $2,000,000 Baron Rothschild Foundation for the Advancement of Science in Israel was announced today by Prime Minister David Ben Gurion’s office. The Foundation, which is registered in the United States, was created through the generosity of Miss Batsheeba de Rothschild, daughter of the late head of the French branch of the… More ▸

  • Israeli Wins International Bible Quiz; France and Brazil Runners-up

    Amos Haham of Israel was the winner today of the International Bible Quiz, scoring 42 out of a maximum possible 45 points before a huge audience in the Hebrew University open-air amphitheater and a 700,000 radio audience. Simone Dumont of France was second with 29 points and Mrs. Irene Santos of Brazil was third with… More ▸

  • 500 Teachers in Jewish Schools in Buenos Aires Declare Strike

    All Jewish schools in Buenos Aires were closed today as the result of a strike by some 500 teachers in a bid for higher salaries. The Jewish Teachers Organization, in calling the strike yesterday, said the walk-out was due to the low salaries paid teachers for many years, and a conviction that responsible Jewish educational… More ▸

  • U.S. Delegates to International Israel Bond Parley Leave for Jerusalem

    The first contingent of American delegates to the International Mobilization Conference for State of Israel Bonds left for Israel today aboard an El Al Israel Airlines plane. The group of 52 Jewish leaders is the first of more than 350 men and women who will attend the meeting in Jerusalem, which will highlight the key… More ▸

  • Chamber of Commerce Sees Israel’s Economy Unaffected by Mid-east Crisis

    Reports from all fields of economy activity in Israel continue to indicate normal conditions in industry, agriculture, foreign trade, transportation and finance, with no visible effect on the Israel economy by the Middle East crisis, the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce reported today. “Even the sensitive field of tourism has been unaffected,” the report said. “As… More ▸

  • American Zionist Fund Reports Raising $406,000 for Z.O.A. Projects

    Dr. Morton J. Robbins, national co-chairman of the American Zionist Fund, financial instrument of the Zionist Organization of America to finance the major projects of the organization, announced today that a total of $406,000 has been raised to date in the current fiscal year for the Fund. The major Israeli projects are the ZOA House… More ▸

  • Jewish Congress Opposes Religious Census in New Jersey Public Schools

    The American Jewish Congress requested the County Superintendent of Schools of Jersey City to restrain the public schools under his jurisdiction from taking a religious census. The AJC also filed a complaint with the N.J. Commissioner of Education charging that a religious census was being taken in a public school in Jersey City. The Congress… More ▸

  • B’nai B’rith Girls Open Five-day Annual Convention; to Discuss Judaism

    The 14th annual International Convention of B’nai B’rith Girls opened here tonight with about 170 teen-age delegates in attendance. The youth leaders, who come from every state in the union, Canada and Great Britain, represent the organization’s more than 20,000 members. B’nai B’rith Girls–for high school age girls–is one of the major constituent divisions of… More ▸

  • Eban Addresses Un; Requests Guarantees for All Middle East States

    Israel’s support of the seven-power resolution on the Middle East now before the emergency session of the United Nations General Assembly was voiced here today by Ambassador Abba Eban, head of the Israeli delegation, addressing the Assembly session. At the same time Mr. Eban called on the United Nations and the Great Powers to: 1…. More ▸

  • UN Resolution Secures Israel’s Position, Dulles Tells Delegates

    Secretary of State John Foster Dulles yesterday assured the representatives of 20 Latin American members of the United Nations, who have expressed concern about Israel, that the Western-backed seven-power draft resolution now before the emergency session of the UN General Assembly was intended to secure Israel’s position. That became known here today from Latin American… More ▸