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  • Pope Paul Backs Vatican Liberals for Stronger Draft on Jews

    Pope Paul VI responded today to an appeal by a group of liberal cardinals attending the Ecumenical Council, and overruled a group of conservative prelates and Vatican officials who reportedly have been striving to dilute a draft declaration on Catholic-Jewish relations and freedom of conscience. An official source said that the Pope acted after 15… More ▸

  • Bonn Minister Reports Efforts Made to Get Scientists Back

    Dr. Hermann Hoercherl, West German Interior Minister, said here today that the Bonn Government had offered “financially interesting jobs” to West German scientists in Egypt to induce them to return to West Germany. The scientists are engaged in working on advanced weapons systems for the regime of President Nasser. The West German official, who was… More ▸

  • Pat Frank, Former J.t.a. Bureau Chief in Washington, Dead at 57

    Pat Frank, writer and newspaperman and former chief of the Washington Bureau of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, died here last night. He was 57. Mr. Frank, a highly regarded Washington newspaperman, left the Washington Times-Herald in 1937 to join the Jewish Telegraphic Agency as Washington bureau chief; He remained in that post during a crucial… More ▸

  • Argentine Ceremonies Fete Anniversary of First Jewish Colony

    The 75th anniversary of the arrival in Argentina of the first Jewish pioneers in 1889, and the creation of the first Jewish agricultural colony in Mosesville, Sante Fe Province, was feted in ceremonies there. Governor Aldo Tessio of the province, and Agriculture Minister Walter Kugler, lauded the valor and perseverance of the Jewish pioneers, and… More ▸

  • Three Brazilian Jews Among Teams Competing in Tokyo Olympics

    Three Jews are among the Brazilian taking part in the Olympics now underway in Tokyo, it was reported here today. They are Carlos Artur Nuzman, top volleyball ace; Samy Melinsky, volleyball trainer; and Luiz Daniel, goalkeeper of the Brazilian water polo team. More ▸

  • Treblinka Trial Defendants Tell Court How They Became Killers

    The 10 former $5 officers and guards on trial for the murder of 700, 000 Jews at the notorious Treblinka Concentration camp gave the court today their own accounts of the events leading up to their employment as members of the Treblinka staff personnel. Testifying in the second day of the trial, all of the… More ▸

  • Gestapo Officer, Eichmann Pal, Goes on Trial for Killing 3, 000

    Albert Rapp, the 45-year-old former Gestapo officer who headed the notorious special 7-A Nazi extermination squad, went on trial here today for the murder of 3, 000 Jews, Gypsies and Russians, many of them women and children, in the Klincy region of Russia during the Second World War. Rapp, who was a close friend of… More ▸

  • German Law Group Gets Many Complaints Against Hitler Apologist

    The Hannover Lawyers Chamber was today investigating widespread complaints against Gerd Heinecke, the defense attorney in the trial of the accused murderers of 7, 000 Jews, who told the court that the defendants were not malicious because Hitler believed he was fulfilling a “sacred mission” in killing Jews. Heinecke, meanwhile, filed suit against a newspaper,… More ▸

  • Hunters of Mengele Reported ‘hot on His Trail’ in Paraguay

    The London Daily Express reported today from Ascuncion, Paraguay, that the hunt was on again there for Dr. Josef Mengele, the Auschwitz “selection doctor” and that hunters of Nazi war criminals were “hot on his trail in Paraguay.” The report said that Mengele, who fled to Paraguay from Argentina in 1961, was under the protection… More ▸

  • New Order Saves Turkish Jews of Greek Origin from Expulsion

    The Turkish Ministry of Interior issued an order today which exempts Turkish Jews of Greek nationality from the Government’s directive of last March, ordering the expulsion of all Greek nationals living in Istanbul. The exemption, which applies to all “Greek nationals who are not of Greek origin, ” was announced just a few days before… More ▸