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  • Dr. Globke Says He Made on Effort to Prevent Nazi Execution of Jews

    Dr. Hans Globke, for 14 years the top right-hand man to former Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, told a court here today that it was not his responsibility to take steps, during the Nazi regime, to prevent the execution of Jews. Dr. Globke had been a senior official of the Ministry of the Interior during the Hitler… More ▸

  • French Nazis Reported Listing Prominent Jews ‘for Future Action’

    A French Nazi group, calling itself the “Proletarian National Socialist Party,” claims that it now has 15 “cells” in France, is in touch with British and American Nazis, and is preparing to take over France and to attack leading Jews in that country, the New York Journal American reported today. A dispatch to the Hearst… More ▸

  • Israel Ambassador Eulogizes Chur Chill at U. N. Assembly Session

    Sir Winston Chur chill was eulogized in glowing terms here today by Ambassador Michael S. Comay, Israel’s permanent representative, who participated in a session of the General Assembly devoted to addresses honoring the memory of the late statesman. Mr. Comay pointed out that Winston Churchill had declared himself openly as far back as 1908 as… More ▸

  • N. Y. Rabbis Express ‘alarm’ over Federal Aid to Religious Schools

    President Johnson was lauded here today by the New York Board of Rabbis, largest group of Orthodox, Conservative and Reform rabbis in New York, for his program toward the building of “The Great Society” in all aspects of human welfare and for his immigration proposed to Congress, calling for revision of the present immigration law… More ▸

  • A. D. L. Reports Arab Anti-israel Propaganda Extended Against All Jews

    A report showing that the Arabs are conducting not only a campaign against Israel but also worldwide propaganda against Jews in general was issued here today by the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith. The report said that a sampling of the Arab press and radio showed anti-Jewish statements covering areas completely unrelated to their feud… More ▸

  • 20th Anniversary of Liberation of Auschwitz Marked in Holland

    Diplomatic representatives from five countries joined Dutch members of Parliament here last night in commemorating the 20th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, conducted by the Dutch Auschwitz Committee. Participating in the program were the Ambassadors from the United States, Israel, the Soviet Union, Poland and Czechoslovakia. More ▸

  • Secretary Rusk Ask Senators to Defeat Measure Severing Aid to Nasser

    The Administration went into action today in an attempt to prevent Senate adoption of an anti-Nasser amendment, voted yesterday by the House, which would sever further shipment of surplus commodities to Egypt. Secretary of State Dean Rusk this afternoon, aided by Chairman J. W. Fulbright of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, summoned a meeting of… More ▸

  • New Jersey Federation Organ to Drop Notices of Mixed Marriages

    After a full discussion of the subject by various bodies of the Jewish community, including the Rabbinical Advisory Committee of the Jewish Federation of Raritan Valley, a decision has been reached that the Jewish Journal, the Federation’s official organ should not publish notices of a marriage where one partner is not Jewish. The issue arose… More ▸

  • European Statesmen Urge Russia to Abandon Anti-jewish Policy

    The chairman and vice-chairman of the political commission of the Consultative Assembly of Europe, which opened its current session here today, called on the Assembly to urge the Soviet Union to ease its attitude toward Jews. Both stressed particularly the denial of cultural and religious rights to Russian Jewry and the refusal of the Moscow… More ▸

  • Pittsburgh Jewish Federation Sets $2,000,000 Goal for 1965 Drive

    An overall goal of $2,000,000 to be raised by the 1965 campaign has been set there by the board directors of the United Jewish Federation, with the minimum required fixed at $1,777,140. William Stark, campaign chairman and chairman of the goal-setting committee, presented the report adopted by the board. He said there were three principal… More ▸