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  • Argentine Court Frees Jewish Youths Who Fought Against Tacuara

    The Federal Court of Appeals today reversed a guilty verdict by a lower court against three Jewish youths who, while guarding a Jewish social club against attack by the anti-Semitic Tacuara group, fired at an unmarked car carrying special police agents. One police officer, Luis Angelica, was fatally shot in the incident, which occurred in… More ▸

  • Soviet Jewish Artist Issues Album Depicting Horrors of Auschwitz

    A Soviet Jewish artist, Zinovy Tolkachev, has published an album of lithographs called “Auschwitz,” depicting the horrors of that concentration camp, according to information reaching here today from Moscow. The introduction to the book, by a Soviet poet, Leonid Pervomaiski, called the prints “evidence for the prosecution.” Another Moscow dispatch reported that a monument to… More ▸

  • Other News in Brief

    Leaders of the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party, fourth largest to enter the West German elections to be held next Sunday, visited yesterday the graves of the Nazi war criminals executed after the Nuremberg trials, in Landsberg. At the cemetery, Franz Winter, a party organizer, said that “while the world thinks of Auschwitz and Belsen, nobody… More ▸

  • Jewish Theological Seminary Launches $35,000,000 Expansion Drive

    The launching of a $35,000,000 campaign for the expansion of the physical facilities of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, central institution of Conservative Judaism, was announced here today by Dr. Louis Finkelstein, chancellor of the Seminary. Albert A. List, a member of the JTS board of directors, will head the drive as national chairman…. More ▸

  • Vatican Council Resumes Today; Early Action on Jews Predicted

    The likelihood that the Vatican’s declaration on Jews will be voted on within a few days after tomorrow’s opening of the Ecumenical Council was indicated here today, following a press conference by Julius Cardinal Doepfner, one of the Council’s four moderators. Supporters of the document, which had been overwhelmingly approved at the last session of… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Several firms here have issued orders forbidding the use on their mails of the “swastika stamp,” which went on sale today. This stamp, one of the Battle of Britain Commemorative set, bears a swastika on a Luftwaffe plane being downed by an R.A.F. bomber. A non-Jew, Rev. Arthur Jackson, today called on his congregation to… More ▸

  • Edugational Project for Children Launched on Period of Holocaust

    A three-year research project on the teaching of the period of the Nazi holocaust to pupils in Jewish elementary and secondary schools has been undertaken by the National Curriculum Research Institute of the American Association for Jewish Education, it was announced today by Dr. Judah Pilch, director of the Institute. The project, which will culminate… More ▸

  • Bourguiba, Israel Peace Advocate, Boycotts Arab Summit Meeting

    The heads of 12 Arab states met in Casablanca this evening for the opening of a summit conference. But discussions on military plans against Israel and other matters began without President Habib Bourguiba, of Tunisia, who boycotted the meeting. Some reports said that he was boycotting the meeting because he received no guarantee that he… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Swastikas were found today to have been drawn at the entrances to the homes of two Jewish correspondents. Two were on the facade of the home of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency correspondent here, one had been drawn at the entrance to the apartment occupied by the Paris representative of the Israeli daily, Haaretz. More ▸

  • 800 Rabbis in Call for Zionist Enrollment on Eve of 5726 New Year

    More than 800 rabbis of the three branches of American Judaism–Orthodox, Conservative and Reform–from 44 states, signed a proclamation today, calling upon “our fellow-Jews throughout the United States to identify themselves with the program of the Zionist Organization of America through membership enrollment, as a vital service to the progress of Israel and the future… More ▸