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  • Bourguiba, Israel Peace Advocate, Boycotts Arab Summit Meeting

    The heads of 12 Arab states met in Casablanca this evening for the opening of a summit conference. But discussions on military plans against Israel and other matters began without President Habib Bourguiba, of Tunisia, who boycotted the meeting. Some reports said that he was boycotting the meeting because he received no guarantee that he… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Swastikas were found today to have been drawn at the entrances to the homes of two Jewish correspondents. Two were on the facade of the home of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency correspondent here, one had been drawn at the entrance to the apartment occupied by the Paris representative of the Israeli daily, Haaretz. More ▸

  • 800 Rabbis in Call for Zionist Enrollment on Eve of 5726 New Year

    More than 800 rabbis of the three branches of American Judaism–Orthodox, Conservative and Reform–from 44 states, signed a proclamation today, calling upon “our fellow-Jews throughout the United States to identify themselves with the program of the Zionist Organization of America through membership enrollment, as a vital service to the progress of Israel and the future… More ▸

  • Five Arabs Arraigned in Haifa Court As Alleged Spies for Syria

    Five young Haifa Arabs pleaded not guilty today to charges of espionage, when they were arraigned in the District Court here. The five, under surveillance since 1963, were charged with contacting Syrian intelligence agents in Cyprus and conveying information to them. The court ordered an adjournment of the trial until further notice, after hearing a… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Vandals smeared anti-Semitic slogans and swastikas on 12 tombstones in the old Jewish cemetery of Pretoria this weekend. The police are investigating the case. Among the slogans, scrawled in red paint, were “Hang All Jews,” “Hang Ben-Gurion,” and “Down With All Jews.” More ▸

  • World Jewish Congress Leader Lauds Aid to Jews by the Shah of Iran

    Samuel Bronfman, vice-president of the World Jewish Congress, and chairman of the WJC’s North American executive, sent a telegram today extending best wishes to the Shah of Iran on the 25th anniversary of the latter’s reign. The message stated in part: “We are deeply conscious of your dedication to human welfare as exemplified in many… More ▸

  • Israel Names Delegation to Forthcoming General Assembly Session

    The Israel Government today approved the guidelines and composition of the Israel delegation to the forthcoming session of the United Nations General Assembly, which opens on September 21. While Foreign Minister Golda Meir will head the delegation during brief periods, the permanent head of the delegation will be Israel’s chief U.N. delegate, Ambassador Michael Comay…. More ▸

  • News Brief

    Anti-Semitic slogans, including one stating “the Fuehrer was right,” were found by police today on several buildings in West Berlin. One of the defaced buildings was that of the headquarters of the West Berlin police. Despite determined efforts by police, no clues were found to the identity of the vandals. More ▸

  • ADL Survey Finds Progress in Civil Rights, Lag in Housing Laws

    Seventeen states enacted new civil rights laws this year, and eight strengthened existing ones, making 1965 “the most productive year ever,” according to a report on legislative developments made today by Dore Schary, national chairman of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith. The report, part of a continuing League survey of civil rights legislation, analyzed… More ▸

  • Israel Agrees to Pay $14,400,000 to Templars, German Christians

    Israel has undertaken to pay $14,400,000 in compensation to the Templars, a German Christian sect, for property taken over by the Israel Government, it was announced here today. The members of the sect, which today numbers about 1,500 persons, are descendants of a group that broke away from the Lutheran Church in Germany more than… More ▸