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  • Distinguished Audience Attends Sharett Memorial Lecture in N.Y.

    Arab intransigence and “indifference” of the great powers to peace in the Middle East drove the late Moshe Sharett to resign as Foreign Minister of Israel in 1956. This was asserted here tonight by Walter Eytan, Israel Ambassador to France, who had been a close friend and associate of Mr. Sharett. Mr. Eytan said that… More ▸

  • Israel Orchestra Revises Explanation of Resuming Wagner Music

    The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra responded today to sharp criticism of its original explanation for resuming performances of works by Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss by revising its explanation. In its initial explanation, published in a concert program at the beginning of the week, the orchestra management said it had decided to resume performances of the… More ▸

  • King Faisal Attacks Jews in Washington; Embarrasses U.S. Officials

    U.S. officials, hosts to King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, were surprised and embarrassed today by sweeping, high-pitched, and bitter anti-Jewish remarks by the king. King Faisal’s remarks came in response to questions addressed to him at a luncheon tendered in his honor by the Washington press corps. Defending the Arab boycott of U.S. firms trading… More ▸

  • Rabbi Rosenfeld Named Head of N. Y. Jewish Education Committee

    Rabbi Leonard Rosenfeld has been named executive vice-president of the Jewish Education Committee of New York, it was announced by J. Jacques Stone, president of the organization. He will succeed Dr. Azriel Eisenberg, who occupied this position since 1949. Rabbi Rosenfeld received his academic training at Yeshiva College and at the Bernard Revel Graduate School… More ▸

  • Israel President Honored in Uruguay; Cabinet Holds Special Session

    “Lasting friendship” between Uruguay and Israel was pledged here today by Uruguayan President Alberto Heber at a special meeting of the Cabinet, held in honor of Israel’s President Zalman Shazar. The Israeli President arrived here yesterday on the first leg of a six-week Latin American tour that will include state visits to Argentina, Chile and… More ▸

  • White House Aide Says U.S. Commitment to Viet Nam Applies to Israel

    The American commitment to Viet Nam’s defense is part of a philosophy that also applies to Israel and other states, Shimon Peres, a member of the Knesset, Israel’s Parliament, reported today following a talk with Walt W. Rostow, Special Assistant to President Johnson, Mr. Peres, Israel’s former deputy Defense Minister, met with Mr. Rostow and… More ▸

  • New Arab Group Stresses Opposition to Armed Action Against Israel

    A spokesman for the new Israel Arab Action Committee said today that the goal of the committee was “to demonstrate to Jews in Israel and to the public abroad that we are opposed to all attempts at armed action against Israel.” The spokesman, Rustum Bastouni, an architect and former Mapam member of the Knesset, Israel’s… More ▸

  • Jewish Agency Decides to Dismiss 1,000 Employes; Curtail Budget

    The Jewish Agency executive decided yesterday to dismiss gradually about 1,000 of its employes to save 15,000,000 pounds ($5,000,000) of its budget. The decision was taken at a meeting held to discuss the request made last week by Finance Minister Pinhas Sapir for curtailment of the Agency’s budget. Most of the members of the executive… More ▸

  • 2,800 Technion Students Go on Strike over Unresolved Dispute

    All 2,800 students in the Israel Institute of Technology went on strike this morning to protest an unresolved dispute in the Technion’s architecture faculty. The dispute involving issues of personality and different study programs, began three years ago. It came to a head this year when the Technion accepted one of the proposed study programs… More ▸

  • Israel to Award Oil Drilling Permits to Several Large Firms

    Israel’s Ministry of Development expects investments totaling $7,000,000 annually in the next few years, for oil drilling, the Knesset, Israel’s Parliament, was told today by Moshe Kol, the Cabinet member heading that Ministry. He said that one-third of the investments will come from foreign sources. He announced that several oil drilling licenses will be awarded… More ▸