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  • Israel’s View on Admission of Non-jordanian Troops to Jordan Pending

    Minister of Labor Yigael Allon, former general of the Israeli Army, warned in an address last night that introduction of non-Jordanian troops into Jordan “would mean war,” declaring Israel would “not permit such a change along its borders.” Emphasizing that in voicing this warning he was expressing his personal views, Mr. Allon added that Israel… More ▸

  • Soviet Editor Visits Agnon; Invites Him to Write for Magazine

    Aaron Vergelis, editor of Sovietish Heimland, the Yiddish language monthly published in Moscow, called on the Israeli Nobel Prize-winning author Shmuel Yosef Agnon today at the latter’s hotel suite where he is staying during his current visit to England. During his meeting here today, Mr. Vergelis asked Mr. Agnon to contribute a short story to… More ▸

  • U.N. Adopts 1967 Budget for Forces Stationed on Egyptian-israeli Border

    After receiving a warning from Secretary-General U Thant that further reduction of the 3,400-man strength of the United Nations emergency Force could lead to aggravation of the “disturbing signs” of trouble on the Egyptian-Israeli borders for which UNEF acts as a buffer, the General Assembly adopted this weekend the UNEF budget for 1967, as well… More ▸

  • Agnon Honored in Sao Paulo University at Special Session

    A special session honoring the Israeli Nobel Prize-winning author Shmuel Yosef Agnon was held under the sponsorship of the Hebrew Chair of Sao Paulo University’s department of Oriental studies. Addresses were delivered by Ben-Zion Tomer, the cultural attache at the Israel Embassy, and by Jacob Guinsburg of the Perspective Publishing House. More ▸

  • Ice-president Humphrey Reiterates U.S. Commitment to Israel’s Security

    Vice-President Humphrey reiterated here tonight the U.S. commitment to the preservation of Israel’s integrity. “Unfortunately,” he stated, there is great potential for conflict in the Middle East. But our policy is unmistakably clear, We will energetically oppose aggression there which could threaten the peace. As part of that objective, the United States is committed to… More ▸

  • Judge Fuld Heads Board of Directors of Jewish Theological Seminary

    Judge Stanley H. Fuld, Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals of New York, has been elected chairman of the board of directors of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, it was announced last night by Dr. Louis Finkelstein, chancellor of the seminary. Judge Fuld is active in B’nai B’rith and in other Jewish communal… More ▸

  • Dr. Goldmann Assured by German Chancellor on Combating Neo-nazism

    Chancellor Kiesinger assured Dr. Nahum Goldmann, president of the World Jewish Congress, during a conference here this weekend, that his government will do everything possible to combat the influence and growth of the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party and all other “enemies of democracy in Germany.” This will be done, the Chancellor said, by stabilization of… More ▸

  • 6,000 Nazi Security Officials Reported Under Investigation in Germany

    Six thousand Nazis of “senior” rank who had held responsible positions in the Nazi security office, are currently being investigated by squads of West German detectives, the Evening Standard reported here yesterday. The newspaper stated they are being probed for possible involvement in war crimes. Seventeen public prosecutors in West Germany met recently to consider… More ▸

  • Z.O.A. President Reports on Outlook of Neo-nazi Aims in Germany

    The prediction that anti-Semitism will not be the main basis for the growing neo-Nazi movement in West Germany, but that virulent hostility would emerge against Israel and against continued indemnification payments to victims of Nazism was voiced here today by Jazques Torczyner, president of the Zionist Organization of America who, returned yesterday from Europe. Addressing… More ▸

  • U.S. Government Urged to Seek Soviet Cooperation on Arab-israel Issue

    The American Government was urged to seek the cooperation of the Soviet Union to promote Middle East disarmament and an Arab-Israel peace in a policy statement adopted here today at a regional conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee at the Hotel Roosevelt. The Committee called for a “stronger and more dynamic U.S. policy… More ▸