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  • Leftist Students and Educators Demonstrate at U.S. Embassy in Israel

    A group of leftist students and university lecturers staged a demonstration yesterday near the United States Embassy in Israel calling for an end to the war in Vietnam. A deputation was received by the press attache at the Embassy, who was handed a petition signed by some 80 “writers, artists and actors.” The press attache… More ▸

  • Negro Leader Appeals to Jews to Back Negro Cause Despite Anti-semitism

    A Negro leader in the fight for Negro rights said today that he was “deeply ashamed” of anti-Jewish feelings in the Negro community, but that ultimately, it is the raising of the standard of living in the Negro ghetto that will eliminate the Negro’s need for a scapegoat. The leader, Bayard Rustin, urged that “Jews… More ▸

  • Moscow Wants Tranquility on Arab-israel Borders, Diplomat Indicates

    Ambassador Joseph Tekoah, a member of Israel’s delegation to this year’s General Assembly, was given to understand yesterday by the Soviet Union’s highest-ranking diplomat in Washington that the USSR is interested in tranquility along the Israeli-Arab borders. Mr. Tekoah met with Soviet Minister Zinthuck, charge d’affaires of the Soviet Embassy during the temporary absence of… More ▸

  • New York Federation Seeks 1,000 Students for Summer Camp Counselors

    The Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York announced today that it was offering a career-building experience to 1,000 college students who wish to work, to serve their community and at the same time to become involved in an educational process by serving as counselors at summer camps. A special camp placement bureau was opened… More ▸

  • Israel Finance Minister Presents $1,700,000,000 Budget to Knesset

    The Israel Government will continue to apply the brakes to the economy in the coming fiscal year, in its pursuit of a more stable and more productive economy, but at a slower pace than at present, the budget presented to Parliament last night indicated. The budget was presented by Pinhas Sapir, the Finance Minister. It… More ▸

  • Flood Threatens Israel Settlements; Storm Destroys Houses in Safad

    The rains subsided in the country today, but some areas in the southern region were still in danger from flood waters continuing to pour down from the hills. Residents of the Bet Shikma settlement, who were evacuated two days ago during the heaviest rain and who were returned to the settlement yesterday morning, were evacuated… More ▸

  • Johnson’s Envoy Assures Israel of U.S. Aid for Water Projects

    Ellsworth Bunker, President Johnson’s special envoy on water problems, told the press today that the United States would support Israel in the development of water resources here. Mr. Bunker came to Israel to discuss with Israeli officials the much-delayed joint United States-Israeli project to build a $200,000,000 experimental nuclear plant to desalt brackish water. Mr…. More ▸

  • Ben-gurion’s 80th Birthday Celebrated by Jews in Argentina

    Argentine Jewish central organizations arranged a public meeting here yesterday in honor of former Israeli Premier David Ben-Gurion’s 80th birthday. Speakers included Tobias Kamenszain, president of the Buenos Aires Jewish Community, and Sion Cohen Imach, vice-president of the DAIA, the central representative body of Argentine Jewry. A youth choir presented a program. More ▸

  • Ambassador Comay Gives Israel’s View on U.N. General Assembly Session

    Despite some negative developments, mainly due to failure of the United Nations to tackle new approaches to the Arab refugee problem or to deal effectively with U.N. peace-keeping machinery, the 21st session of the General Assembly, which closed yesterday was “on the whole, a period of great satisfaction,” Ambassador Michael Comay, Israel’s permanent representative to… More ▸

  • B’nai B’rith Lodge Established in India; Functions Explained

    A branch of the B’nai B’rith has been established in India with Dr. Arie Schmetterling as president. Dr. Schmetterling, in an address to the Jewish community of Madras, explained the constitution of the new branch and reported on activities of the order, including those of the principal section in the United States. More ▸