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  • Jarring Sees No Danger to Peace Talks Despite the Crisis in Israel’s Cabinet

    Ambassador Gunnar V. Jarring was reported today as unperturbed over the stalled peace talks. A spokesman for the United Nations said the Middle East peace envoy was aware of the difficulties Israel’s Cabinet is encountering in its efforts to formulate a position in the peace talks that would be agreeable to all its members. The… More ▸

  • Ajcommittee Co-sponsors Center for Jewish Contemporary Studies in Mexico City

    The American Jewish Committee has announced its co-sponsorship of a Center for Jewish Contemporary Studies in Mexico City to further understanding of problems affecting Jews in various parts of the world. Working with the Committee will be the Bet-El Congregation of Mexico, in whose headquarters building the Center will be housed. Sergio Nudelstejer, director of… More ▸

  • Report Nasser, Nixon to Meet in October During UN General Assembly Session

    Egyptian Embassy circles said here today that President Gamal Abdel Nasser will meet with President Richard M. Nixon during the United Nations General Assembly sessions in New York in October. According to the Embassy officials, preparations for the meeting are being worked out between American officials and Egyptian diplomatic representatives in Washington. Egypt and the… More ▸

  • Report That Russians Plan to Establish Naval Base at Socotra Causes Concern

    Military circles here are taking seriously reports that the Soviet Union plans to establish a naval base on Socotra, a large, sparsely Inhabited island in the Arabian Sea, 200 miles east of Africa and 250 miles south of the Arabian peninsula. The island commands the shipping lanes between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf…. More ▸

  • Jewish Leaders Assail Lindbergh’s Views on Jews, Racial Superiority

    The publishers of “The Wartime Journals of Charles A. Lindbergh” indicated today that the public criticism voiced by some Jewish leaders over part of the contents of the yet unpublished book might serve to stimulate sales. Mrs. Hilda Lindley, director of public relations for Harcourt Brace Jovanovich told the JTA that the firm knew that… More ▸

  • Two Israeli Patrols in Belson Valley Attacked; Two Settlements Shelled

    Two Israeli patrols in the Belsan Valley were attacked with bazooka and small arms fire this morning from the east bank of the Jordan River. The fire was returned. There were no Israeli casualties. Bazookas and small arms were fired at Avivim and Margallth settlements in Upper Galilee last night from Lebanese territory. No casualties… More ▸

  • Three New Cholera Cases Reported; Health Authorities Trying to Find Source

    Israeli health authorities are trying to track down the source of a cholera outbreak which is spreading in the Jerusalem area. Three new cases were reported today, bringing the total for the past two weeks to 31. There have been no fatalities reported so far and one patient was discharged from the hospital Friday. The… More ▸

  • Thant’s Intervention on Behalf of Two Algerians Termed Pointless, Useless

    A Foreign Ministry spokesman said that no new note has been received from United Nations Secretary General U Thant concerning two high ranking Algerian nationals detained by Israel. The Algerians, Col. Khatib Jaloul and All Bel Aziz, were removed from a BOAC airliner in transit at Lydda Airport two weeks ago. The Ministry spokesman’s statement… More ▸