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  • An Estimated 48 Sam Missile Batteries Moved into Truce Zone

    Israeli sources estimate that the Egyptians have introduced 48 SAM missile batteries into the Suez cease-fire zone since the Aug. 7 truce and have prepared enough launching sites to accommodate up to 1000 missiles. The estimate was calculated on the basis of the number of complaints of Egyptian cease-fire violations lodged by Israel with the… More ▸

  • Century-old Central Synagogue Designated Historic Landmark

    The century-old edifice of the Central Synagogue in New York has been designated an historic landmark of New York State in the National Register of Historic Places kept by the U.S. Department of Interior, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency learned today. The present building of the Reform congregation was begun in 1870 and completed two years… More ▸

  • One of Quietest Weeks Since Six-day War Along All Borders

    Only ten incidents, mostly minor ones, were reported along all borders during the seven days that ended last Sunday, a military spokesman reported today. He said it was one of the quietest weeks since the Six-Day War. He said four incidents occurred along the Lebanese frontier where Israeli forces continue to police the border area… More ▸

  • Jews Said to Have Proceeded Columbus to New World by 1400 Years

    Jews escaping the Romans landed in the New World some 1,400 years before Columbus, a Brandeis University professor claimed over the weekend. Cyrus H. Gordon, professor of Mediterranean Studies at the Waltham, Mass., institution, presented his findings to the North Shore Archaeological Society on Long Island. He said an inscription on a stone found in… More ▸

  • Dr. Goldmann: Inappropriate Now for Parleys Between Israelis, Palestinians

    Dr. Nahum Goldmann said today that he supports Premier Golda Meir’s position that the time is not appropriate for contacts between Israeli representatives and representatives of the Palestinian guerrillas. He said that although he himself had initiated the idea of such contacts, he changed his mind after the Jordanian civil war. “We all agree that… More ▸

  • Ted Kid Lewis (gershon Mendeloff), World Famed Boxer, Dies at 76

    Ted Kid Lewis, one of the top boxers of the 1920’s and a multi-title holder, died here today at the age of 76. Lewis, whose original name was Gershon Mendeloff, turned pro in 1909 and subsequently became British welterweight and featherweight champion in 1913, European welterweight and featherweight champion in 1914, world welterweight king during… More ▸

  • Cultural, Recreational Center for Orthodox Jews to Be Established

    Ramat Shapiro, a cultural and recreational center for Orthodox Jews to be established at the village of Beit Meir near Jerusalem, was described here today by Rabbi Jacob Vainstein, chairman of the Religious Council of Jerusalem and of the Ramat Shapiro public council. Rabbi Vainstein, who is enroute to the United States, told the Jewish… More ▸

  • Soviets Crack Down on Jews Seeking Emigration; Arrest Leading Activist

    An authoritative foreign source confirmed to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency today that Soviet authorities arrested earlier this month one of the leading activists for Jewish emigration rights. The activist is Ruth Alexandrovitch, 24, of Riga, who has signed several petitions on behalf of Soviet Jews seeking to leave for Israel. Reports on the arrest were… More ▸

  • 46 Congressmen Express Concern over Treatment of Soviet Jews

    A bi-partisan group of 46 Congressmen has expressed concern over the treatment of Russian Jewry in a letter to Soviet Ambassador Anatoly F. Dobrynin. The letter, made public today by Rep. Gilbert Guide, a Maryland Republican, referred to reports that Soviet Jews are denied the religious and cultural rights accorded other minorities in the USSR…. More ▸

  • Attitude of Palestinian Arabs Toward Israel Changed by Jordan Strife

    The Mother Superior of a convent in East Jerusalem discussed the attitudes of Palestinian Arabs toward Israelis here today and asserted that the recent civil war in Jordan may have been a “turning point” but whether for good or ill remains to be seen. Mother Aline, who is on sabbatical leave from the Ecce Homo… More ▸