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  • Several Thousand, Including Jewish Leftists, Hold Pro-palestinian Rally

    Several thousand people demonstrated here yesterday in favor of “Arab Palestine” and against King Hussein’s and General Nemeiry’s recent actions. The demonstration, which was called by the extreme leftist organization “Secours Rouge” (Red Help), was attended by French Left-Wing students and Arabs who reside in France. According to certain eyewitnesses, a small number of extreme… More ▸

  • Muskie Charges Administration Delaying Military Aid to Israel; Urges Policy Change

    Sen. Edmund S. Muskie charged today that the Nixon Administration was delaying “needed military assistance” to Israel in a “zig-zag” Middle East diplomacy of seeking “political leverage over Israel” and said it was “imperative” that the Administration “delay no longer” in selling Israel the additional Phantom jets which Israel has long requested. The Maine Democrat… More ▸

  • Leftwing Paper Changes Position on Palestinian Refugee Problem

    Nouvel Observateur, a leftist French weekly which has been consistently pro-Arab on Mideast issues, took the position for the first time today that a solution for the problem of the Palestinian refugees could be found through payment of financial compensation rather than forced repatriation. The weekly declared that such a solution was both adequate and… More ▸

  • Dayan Terms Transfer of Refugees ‘single Act’ Not Long-range Action

    Defense Minister Moshe Dayan stressed today that removal of refugees from some camps in the Gaza Strip was a “single act” necessitated by security reasons and in no sense a long-range action. Dayan made the comment in saying he disagreed with use of the term “thinning out” by Gen. Shlomo Gazit, the coordinator of activities… More ▸

  • Dayan: Israel Must Take Seriously Sadat’s Threat to Renew War Before Year-end

    Israelis should take “very seriously indeed” Egyptian President Anwar Sadat’s recent threat of launching war against Israel before the end of this year, Defense Minister Moshe Dayan declared last night in a televised interview. Noting that Sadat had already established a “record” of “shifting ultimatums,” Dayan argued that “in this case I think his threats… More ▸

  • West Bank Mayors May Be Allowed to Meet and Discuss Common Problems

    For the first time since the Six-Day War, mayors of West Bank cities and villages may be allowed to meet and discuss common problems, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency learned today from reliable sources. Their request for such a meeting was brought before the military authorities last week, and an answer is expected this week. All… More ▸

  • Sisco, Mrs. Meir Hold Discussion for Three Hours; No Conflict Reported

    A three-hour meeting today between Premier Golda Meir and United States Assistant Secretary of State Joseph J. Sisco was conducted in a “practical, open and friendly atmosphere,” according to so official communique. Foreign Ministry officials declined to discuss the atmosphere of the talks, but conceded that the word “frank,” not used in the communique, usually… More ▸

  • Security Forces Intensify Campaign Against Terrorist Bases in Gaza Strip

    Israeli officials reported today that a stepped-up campaign by Israeli security forces, aimed at terrorist bases in the Gaza Strip, was the probable reason for a complete absence of grenade attacks since an explosion last Friday morning at the Gaza branch office of Bank Leumi. The officials said that in the new tactic the units… More ▸

  • Group Established to Prevent Abuse of Rabbis by Congregations

    A 36-year-old New York Orthodox rabbi said today that the fledgling Independent Rabbinate of America, of which he is director, was created to function as a professional organization in seeking to prevent abuses of rabbis by congregations, rather than as a labor union. Rabbi L. Martin Kaplan, who now holds a pulpit here and who… More ▸

  • Former Soviet Jewish Prisoners Rally in Solidarity with Jews Still in USSR

    More than 100 Jews–all once held in Soviet jails for Zionist activities and now living in Israel–staged a demonstration at the Western Wall last night in solidarity with their brethren still in the USSR. The demonstration was held as Tisha b’Av, the day commemorating the destruction of the Second Temple 1901 years ago, came to… More ▸