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  • News Brief

    West Germany’s new Ambassador to Israel is to be Per Fischer, a 51-year-old senior official in the Bonn chancellery. Fischer will replace Jesco von Puttkamer, who is expected to go to Belgrade as Ambassador. More ▸

  • News Brief

    The ninth conference of European rabbis will take place in the Belgian town of Knokke Oct. 20-25. Eighty rabbis will attend. More ▸

  • Code Transmitted by Damascus Radio Was Basis for Series of Intended Terrorist Outrages

    A code transmitted through a Damascus radio news broadcast gave the green light for what was to have been a series of terrorist outrages against civilians in Israel over the Rosh Hashana holiday, security authorities disclosed today. That and other information on terrorist activities emerged from the investigation of two Arab youths who were arrested… More ▸

  • Pro-arab Propaganda Proliferating in German-speaking Countries

    The number of propaganda books explaining the “historical, legal and political background of the Middle East conflict from the Arab point of view” have increased considerably in German-speaking countries in recent months, Jewish sources reported here. The “Verlag Fuer Zeitgeschichtliche Dokumentation” (publishing house for present-day political documentation) in Rastatt, West Germany, has published a whole… More ▸

  • Lawyers Say New Wave of Officially-sponsored Anti-semitism is Rampant in the Soviet Union

    An international legal conference, made up of 43 eminent lawyers from 20 countries, has concluded that a new wave of officially-sponsored anti-Semitism is “rampant” in the Soviet Union. The two-day meeting here also concluded that the Soviet authorities were breaking their own laws in harassing persons who have applied for emigration visas, Israeli Supreme Court… More ▸

  • Jewish Agency Employment Fund Aids New Immigrants in Israel

    Three Jewish Agency funds for the employment of new immigrants have given out some $5 million in loans and grants in the first eight months of this year. One Agency fund of $25 million gave some $1.5 million in loans for 59 projects, which are to employ 118 immigrants. This fund approves loans directly to… More ▸

  • Allon Warns Israel Faces Most Severe Test in Current UN Session

    Foreign Minister Yigal Allon left for New York today to head Israel’s delegation to the United Nations after warning that Israel faces its most difficult and severe test at the 29th session of the General Assembly. Allon, who took off from Ben Gurion Airport at noon, was referring to the inclusion of the “Palestine Question”… More ▸

  • 12 Civilians Cited for Helping to Avert Terrorist Outrages

    Twelve Israeli civilians whose alertness and courage helped prevent serious terrorist outrages in recent weeks and months, were personally presented with citations by Premier Yitzhak Rabin last Friday. The Premier took the occasion to urge the public to remain alert to avert future tragedies. The 12 cited included Zipora Klein, of Petach Tikvah, who spotted… More ▸

  • Kissinger Tells UN That Conflicts Must Be Resolved Without Wars

    Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger declared today, “The urgent political responsibility of our era is to resolve conflicts without war.” Addressing the 29th annual session of the General Assembly, he told the 138 member nations that it was in the common interest of each of them “that local conflicts be resolved short of force… More ▸

  • Jewish Museum Planned for Warsaw

    According to information reaching here from Warsaw, the Jewish Historical Institute decided to reorganize and extend its exhibits of the holocaust into a full-scale Jewish museum, which will reflect “a thousand years of Jewish history in Poland.” This task could not be undertaken without the Polish authorities. The Polish government will decide upon the exhibits,… More ▸