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  • Arab UN Delegates Defensive in Aftermath of Kissinger’s Speech

    Arab diplomats at the United Nations were defensive today in the wake of Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger’s address to the General Assembly. They contended that the high price of oil is not the only culprit in the troubled world economy. Speaking with newsmen after Kissinger’s speech, Mahmoud Riad, secretary general of the Arab… More ▸

  • Alliance Israelite Opens Teachers’ Training Center in Jerusalem

    A new venture in education started this month in Israel with the opening in Jerusalem of a teachers’ training center by the Alliance Israelite Universelle and the Association of Jewish Humanities Instruction in Israel, it was reported by the American Friends of the Alliance Israelite Universelle. The opening of the Institute–which was called Kerem (Vineyard)–was… More ▸

  • Israel to Adopt a Wait and See Attitude Toward Jordan’s ‘freeze’

    Israel will adopt a “wait and see” approach to Jordan’s dramatic announcement yesterday of its suspension of participation in current Mideast peace moves. Qualified sources here today said their assessment was that this was by no means necessarily Jordan’s last word–nor was the tripartite Egypt-Syria-Palestine Liberation Organization declaration of Cairo Saturday necessarily President Anwar Sadat’s… More ▸

  • U.S. Rules out Meeting with PLO

    An official meeting between the United States and the Palestine Liberation Organization delegates at the United Nations General Assembly session in New York “is not logical,” the State Department said today. Department spokesman John King made the comment while declaring that the Department had “no substantive comment” on the Syrian-Egyptian-PLO accord reached Saturday in Cairo… More ▸

  • France, West Germany Call for Equitable Settlement in the Mideast

    France called today for a resumption in negotiations in the Middle East “so that an equitable settlement can be reached as soon as possible.” Addressing the General Assembly, French Foreign Minister Jean Sauvagnargues said that it is imperative that the momentum of peace continue in view of the “still precarious” situation in the Middle East…. More ▸

  • New Immigrant Housing Planned

    Some 2400 new housing units will be built for immigrants and veterans in Beersheba, Jewish Agency Chairman Pinhas Sapir told the Agency Executive. Sapir said some 1000 housing units will be delivered to immigrants by the end of next year. Beersheba’s Mayor told Sapir in a tour he conducted in the area that there was… More ▸

  • News Brief

    West Germany’s new Ambassador to Israel is to be Per Fischer, a 51-year-old senior official in the Bonn chancellery. Fischer will replace Jesco von Puttkamer, who is expected to go to Belgrade as Ambassador. More ▸

  • News Brief

    The ninth conference of European rabbis will take place in the Belgian town of Knokke Oct. 20-25. Eighty rabbis will attend. More ▸

  • Code Transmitted by Damascus Radio Was Basis for Series of Intended Terrorist Outrages

    A code transmitted through a Damascus radio news broadcast gave the green light for what was to have been a series of terrorist outrages against civilians in Israel over the Rosh Hashana holiday, security authorities disclosed today. That and other information on terrorist activities emerged from the investigation of two Arab youths who were arrested… More ▸

  • Pro-arab Propaganda Proliferating in German-speaking Countries

    The number of propaganda books explaining the “historical, legal and political background of the Middle East conflict from the Arab point of view” have increased considerably in German-speaking countries in recent months, Jewish sources reported here. The “Verlag Fuer Zeitgeschichtliche Dokumentation” (publishing house for present-day political documentation) in Rastatt, West Germany, has published a whole… More ▸