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  • Dismissed Nyc Policemen Offered Job Opportunities in Israel

    Recently laid-off city policemen have been offered an opportunity to seek employment as police officers in Israel. At a meeting Tuesday jointly sponsored by the Shomrim Society, an association of Jewish police officers, and B’nai B’rith, alternative job options were outlined to out of work policemen. Yitzchak Friedman, director of employment services of the Israel… More ▸

  • State Department Assailed on Attitude Toward ‘hawk’ Missiles

    Sen. Clifford P. Case (R.NJ), a leading opponent of the transfer by the United States of 14 “Hawk” surface-to-air missile systems to Jordan, declared today that he is “deeply concerned” that the State Department is insisting that the views of the government of Jordan are final in the matter. This is a “shocking attitude.” Case… More ▸

  • News Brief

    AFL-CIO President George Meany today urged the House to support an amendment to the foreign aid appropriations bill that would eliminate U.S. funds to UNESCO and the International Labor Organization or to any UN development program activity administered by either of those groups. Both agencies have sought to oust Israel. More ▸

  • News Brief

    Israel Air Force planes attacked terrorist targets in the vicinity of Tyre in southern Lebanon late Thursday, in a mission to prevent terrorist attacks on Israel. More ▸

  • Golan Heights Settlers Confused, Uncertain About Area’s Future

    Uncertainty prevails among settlers on the Golan Heights and their supporters over the future of Israeli settlements there should the government be pressed into negotiating a new interim pact with Syria in the wake of the one just concluded with Egypt in Sinai. The confusion is compounded by seemingly contradictory statements emanating from official quarters… More ▸

  • Black Group Supports Israel Denounces Arab Boycott Actions

    The newly formed Black Americans to Support Israel Committee (BASIC) expressed "admiration" for Israel’s "democratic values" and "her impressive social achievements" in a statement of principles issued here today. The statement, endorsed by the more than 100 Black Americans prominent in many fields who comprise the Committee’s initial membership, condemned the anti-Jewish "blacklist," affirmed that… More ▸

  • Extreme Anti-israel Resolution Expected to Be Approved by Ipu

    The plenum of the Interparliamentary Union Conference will vote at its final session tomorrow on an extreme anti-Israel resolution adopted by the Soviet-Arab-Third World majority in the Conference’s political committee today. Tomorrow’s vote is expected to be a mere formality and passage seems virtually assured. The anti-Israel resolution was adopted by a vote of 27-9… More ▸

  • Police Units Guarding Oil Fields

    A special border police unit has been dispatched to the Abu Rodeis oilfields in southwestern Sinai to prevent irresponsible parties from interfering with the orderly transfer of the equipment and installations to Egypt, it was disclosed today. The oilfields are expected to be the first area evacuated by Israel under terms of the interim accord… More ▸