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  • News Brief

    The Jewish National Fund of Canada announced that Harry and Wanda Zekeiman and their children, Alan, Barry and Clayton, all of Windsor, have established a project in Israel’s Canada Park in memory of Lt. Col. Johnathan Nothanyahu. The Israeli officer killed in the Uganda rescue mission. The project will also honor the Israeli forces who… More ▸

  • Warm Israeli Reception to Windup of the Security Council Session

    Israel reacted with unconcealed gratification to the windup of the UN Security Council’s debate on Israel’s rescue operation at Entebbe Airport in Uganda. The resolution by the Organization of African Unity calling on the Council to condemn the Israeli action was withdrawn at the last moment when its sponsors realized that the measure would fail… More ▸

  • Jwv Slams Mexico

    The Jewish War Veteran scored Mexico’s condemnation of Israel’s rescue operation in Uganda and said that Mexico’s stand was related to its anti-American attitude. Judge Paul Ribner, JWV’s national commander, said that the action by Mexican President Luis Echeverria was “unconscionable” and further strengthened JWV’s continued position urging tourists to “stay out of Mexico.” In… More ▸

  • Rodolfo Monfolo Dead at 99

    Funeral services were held at the Tablada Jewish cemetery Friday for Prof. Rodolfo Monfolo, an Italian-Jewish author and philosopher who died here at the age of 99. He had lived in Argentina since 1939 when he fled the Fascist regime in Italy. Prof. Monfolo was born in Sinigaglia, Italy and was educated at the University… More ▸

  • 10 Injured in Bomb Explosion

    Ten persons were injured when a home-made bomb exploded in a bus traveling from Kfar Saba to Tel Aviv this morning. Two of the injured were hospitalized and are in serious condition. Both are Arabs from the administered territories. The other injured were given first aid on the spot. Many of the more than 40… More ▸

  • Israeli Youths in Music Competition

    Some 50 teenage Israeli musicians are here to play their way to a world championship. The youngsters, 12-20, are the Kiryat Ono Youth Symphony Band, a group of consistent prize winners competing here in the International Youth Band Festival. Kiryat Ono is a modern Israeli city of 20,000 just outside Tel Aviv. Preliminary competitions began… More ▸

  • Jewish Agency Assembly; Decisions and Perspectives

    Members of the Jewish Agency’s Executives in Israel and the United States met for a joint session this morning to sum up and review the five days of hectic activity which ended last Thursday night with the closing of the Fifth General Assembly of the Jewish Agency. On the whole, the Executive members and other… More ▸

  • Solution Sought on Soviet Jewish Emigrants Who Do Not Go to Israel

    The problem of “Neshira” – drop-out of Soviet Jewish emigrants en route to Israel which has been topping 50 percent — was discussed here last Thursday at a top-level meeting of government and Jewish Agency leaders. A large communique, deliberately unrevealing on this sensitive matter, said all present had agreed to set up an eight-man… More ▸