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  • Role of Nazi Activities in U.S. Probed at Njcrac Plenary Session

    Two experts in Jewish community relations expressed differing opinions on the significance of recent Nazi Party activities in the United States. But both Dr. Seymour Weisman, consultant for the Jewish War Veterans, and Soul Sorrin, director of the Milwaukee Jewish Council, agreed that undue attention by the media had greatly inflated public awareness of the… More ▸

  • State Department Refuses to Condemn Egyptian Anti-semitic Media Remarks

    The State Department today refused to condemn the Egyptian news media for anti-Semitic remarks that drew the fire of Israeli Premier Menachem Begin for creating “hatred and incitement to haired against the Jewish people.” Publicly, the State Department expressed “hope” that “the public exchange of views is behind us” and that both sides would “follow… More ▸

  • Part of Budapest Jewish Cemetery Being Expropriated by the Government

    The Hungarian government has decided to expropriate a large section of Budapest’s old Jewish cemetery of “Aszod.” The act will involve thousands of graves and monuments some dating generations back. The recently decreed order is the third expropriation move affecting old Jewish cemeteries in Hungary and some circles here believe that eventually all will be… More ▸

  • News Brief

    The Transport Ministry here ordered port managers to bar the entry of arriving Israeli ships so as not to add to the number of vessels already idled by a strike of merchant marine officers and seamen called four days ago to support demands for a 75 percent wage increase retroactive to 1976-77. There are at… More ▸

  • Announce Distribution of U.S. Delegates to World Zionist Congress

    The election committee of the American Zionist Federation, at a special meeting yesterday, officially approved the distribution of the 152 delegates from the United States to the 29th World Zionist Congress based on the results of the nationwide elections concluded last week. According to Moshe Kagan, election committee chairman, the distribution of the delegates is:… More ▸

  • Aaje to Probe More Effective Ways to Advance Jewish Education in U.S.

    The American Association for Jewish Education (AAJE) announced yesterday it has undertaken a comprehensive study of its program, structure and manner of operation as the national service agency for coordination, research and promotion of Jewish education in the United States. Arthur Brody, newly elected president of the AAJE, reported to the annual midwinter meeting of… More ▸

  • Failure to Ratify Canal Treaty Inimical to Jews in Panama, Latin America

    Rabbi Arthur Schneier, president of the Appeal of Conscience Foundation, warned today that the 6000-member Jewish community in Panama and Jewish communities elsewhere in Latin America might be victims of “turmoil and upheaval” throughout that continent if the U.S. Senate fails to ratify the Panama Canal treaties. Schneier, spiritual leader of the Park East Synagogue,… More ▸

  • Begin Says Military Committee Talks in Cairo Could Be Resumed Next Week

    Premier Menachem Begin won Knesset endorsement last night of his policies by a comfortable 59-9 margin, with 19 abstentions, after raising the possibility that the suspended Israeli-Egyptian military talks in Cairo could be resumed early next week. Begin conditioned that on the ending of what he termed anti-Semitic diatribes in the Egyptian press. The hopeful… More ▸

  • French Communist Party Newspaper Slams USSR on Shcharansky Case

    The French Communist daily L’Humanite today strongly defended the right of imprisoned Soviet Jewish activist Anatoly Shcharansky to have a French lawyer’s assistance in fighting the treason charges leveled against him and said the Soviet authorities’ denial of his request for counsel was “inadmissible.” Shcharansky was arrested last March and has been held incommunicado at… More ▸