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  • Szymon Gotesman Dead at 92

    Szymon Gotesman, who participated in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and was later active in the Zionist movement here after his arrival in Rio following the war, died last week at the age of 92. In pre-war days he was a well-known attorney in Cracow. He left that city during the war and joined forces with… More ▸

  • Begin to Present Album to Carter

    President Carter will receive an original album called “War and Peace” from Premier Menachem Begin when he attends the Camp David summit next week. The album, worth $2000, contains 20 original prints on the subject of war and peace painted by different renowned Israeli artists. It was edited by a former curator of the Tel… More ▸

  • Evron is No Stranger to Washington

    Ephraim Evron, the 57-year-old director general of the Foreign Ministry who has been named to succeed Simcha Dinitz as Ambassador to the United States Dec. 15, is no stranger to Washington. In fact, there is a story, probably apocryphal, that when Evron was appointed Ambassador to Canada in 1968 after a short time as the… More ▸

  • Israel Asks Poland to Defer Parley on Korczak Scheduled for Yom Kippur

    Israel may boycott an international conference in commemoration of Janusz Korczak, because the Polish authorities intend to hold it on Yom Kippur. Education Minister Zevulun Hammer suggested that such action be taken if the Poles refuse to change the date of the gathering. Furthermore, in a letter Hammer sent today to the Israel Janusz Korczak… More ▸

  • Rivlin Urges Decisive Response to the Jnf’s Five-year Plan

    Moshe Rivlin, chairman of the Jewish National Fund Directorate, concluded a nationwide tour by calling upon all “American friends and supporters of the Jewish State” to respond decisively to the challenge of the JNF’s new Five-Year Master Plan. The plan calls for the site development for 80 new villages, the construction of 2000 kilometers of… More ▸

  • Lebanon to Be on the Summit Agenda

    The United States, urged by some Israeli leaders to take action against the continuing assaults by Syrian forces against the Christian community in Lebanon, today for the first time linked next week’s summit conference at Camp David to the Lebanese situation. Without specifying that Lebanon will be on the summit agenda or agreeing that the… More ▸

  • Blum is Busy Preparing for Task As Israel’s Envoy to UN

    Prof. Yehuda Blum, who arrived in New York with his family last night, was busy at work this morning in his first day as Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations. His day was largely devoted to meetings with the staff of the Israel Mission to the UN and with consultations. In an interview with the… More ▸

  • Israel’s Economic Situation to Be Discussed at Special Cabinet Session

    The Cabinet will hold a special meeting Sept. 17 to discuss Israel’s worsening economic situation. The discussion will range over a wide variety of topics. First, is the budget, which, despite demands that it be cut to curb inflation, may have to be increased by IL 3 billion because of wage increases, considerable supplements to… More ▸

  • Israel California to Cooperate in Development of Solar Energy

    The Israeli government and the State of California are about to establish a joint fund for the development of solar energy. Yosef Bardi, director general of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, met recently with California Governor Jerry Brown to discuss cooperation on this project. Israel holds a world record in using solar energy. A… More ▸

  • New Department Approved by WZO

    The World Zionist Organization Executive established a new department this week, to be called the Department for Development and Services. It will be responsible for increasing the number of Jewish organizations which are part of the Zionist movement, spreading news about Zionism and Judaism on university campuses throughout the world, and being actively involved in… More ▸