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  • 100 Protest at Soviet Embassy

    About 100 persons demonstrated across from the Soviet Embassy here today to mark the 11th anniversary of the Leningrad hijack arrests and to protest the continued imprisonment of the last two defendants, Yuri Federov and Alexei Murzhenko, both non-Jews. The demonstration also protested reports from the USSR that Viktor Brailovsky, a leading Soviet Jewish activist,… More ▸

  • Jerusalem Medal Given to German Envoy to Israel

    Mayor Teddy Kollek awarded the Jerusalem Medal to the outgoing German Ambassador to Israel, Klaus Schuetz, for his contributions to the development of friendship between West Germany and Israel. Schuetz spared no effort to deepen the friendship between the two countries and had developed special ties with Jerusalem ever since he served as Mayor of… More ▸

  • Simone Veil Addresses Holocaust Survivors

    Simone Veil, president of the Parliament of Europe and a former French Cabinet Minister, told a gathering of Nazi Holocaust survivors here last night that the thought of Palestine had kept alive a spark of hope in the hearts of the Jews in concentration camps during World War II. Veil, addressing a reception here before… More ▸

  • Peres Accuses Likud of Inciting Violence at Labor Rallies

    Labor Party leaders accused Likud today of deliberately inciting violence at Labor election rallies to frighten people away from them. Two of the worst incidents occurred last night. In Petach Tikva, a mob of youths shouting “Begin, Begin,” disrupted a rally for Labor Party chairman Shimon Peres, set fire to garbage cans and hurled rocks… More ▸

  • Reagans Greet Rabbi Kaplan at 100

    President and Mrs. Reagan have extended birthday greetings to Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan founder of the Reconstructionist movement on his 100th birthday. “Throughout the past century, you have spectacularly proven yourself as a dedicated scholar, teacher and, most importantly, as a spiritual leader who has touched countless souls in the American-Judaic Congregation,” Reagan said. “Indeed, your… More ▸

  • Two Political Parties with Uncertain Futures

    Although most political observers give the Independent Liberal Party (ILP) and the Poale Agudat Israel (PAI) small chance of garnering enough votes for even one seat in the tenth Knesset, both are determined to see the elections through. They represent opposite ends of the political and social spectrum. The ILP is social-democratic and vigorously secular…. More ▸

  • France Condemns Israel for Raid on Iraqi Nuclear Site, Demands It Pay Reparations

    France, which built the Iraqi nuclear reactor that Israel destroyed in an air attack on June 7, called in the Security Council today for Israel’s condemnation and demanded that Israel pay reparations for the destruction of the Iraqi plant. The French condemnation came at this morning’s meeting of the Security Council which has been debating… More ▸

  • Brailovsky Trial Opens Tomorrow

    The trial of Soviet Jewish activist Viktor Brailovsky will open Wednesday in the Lublinsky Peoples Court in Moscow at 10 a.m. Moscow time. This information was received by telephone from Moscow yesterday by Genya Intrator, chairman of the Canadian Committe for Soviet Jewry. Brailovsky, a cybernetist, is charged with crimes against the State and defaming… More ▸

  • State Department Repeats U.S. Had No Evidence Iraq Was Building A-bomb

    The State Department refused today to confirm that the United States shared Israel’s concern that Iraq was on the verge of building a nuclear bomb. Instead, David Passage, a State Department spokesman, insisted that the United States still sticks to the statement made when it condemned Israel last Monday that it had “no evidence Iraq… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Chief Rabbi Immanuel Jakobovitz of Great Britain has been knighted in the Queen’s Birthday List. Sir Immanuel, as he is now titled, is 60 and has served as Chief Rabbi since 1967. More ▸